The 8000 fire alarm system

The 8000 fire alarm system
The 8000 fire alarm system
The concept with unlimited possibilities
Fire alarm systems
The 8000 fire alarm system
Competence and responsibility
Our stars
Our concept—performance on demand
Made-to-measure configuration and design
esserbus®—safety plus flexibility
essernet®—concentrated intelligence
Forward-looking cost concept
It pays to have good connections
Safety plus
International presence and references
All about service
04 05
Competence and responsibility
Innovative fire detection technology using
products that set
standards. With
system solutions that
provide greater flexibility, cost-efficiency
and operating reliability. Systematic
safety, competently
Novar, provider of a complete range of ‘building services systems’, with the em-
planned and imple-
phasis on safety and security, communications and building control, has achieved
a leading market position with the ESSER product brand.
The 8000 fire alarm system
l For more than a quarter of a century the succcessful development of the ESSER product brand
has been characterised by competence, innovative
flair and consistent market and customer orientation.
More than 1,100 qualified employees carry out
research, development and production at three
locations to ensure comprehensive personal and
product safety.
In the field of fire detection technology, for example, Novar supplies an extensive range of products, all of which conform to the concept of full
system integration. A made-to-measure total fire
detection system can be created for every individual application by integrating appropriate
elements. The products are perfectly geared to
one another, so that they harmonise like the
members of a good orchestra.
06 07
Our stars
l Perfectly tuned to one another. Perfect in
themselves. Our series 8000 fire alarm control
panels coordinate all the activities of each individual ‘member’ of the safety system. These systems
are geared to practical situations and provide
exact performance to match demand. The loop
technology ensures a maximum of flexibility and
operating reliability. The modular construction
leaves room for future upgrades and ensures the
system is freely configurable. Versatile functionality and connectability to the latest detection technology. Cost-efficient in terms of operating and
follow-up costs.
Whether in stand-alone mode or as part of a complex system in the ultramodern essernet®, this versatile range of systems opens up a whole world of
opportunities when it comes to realising economical, made-to-measure, reliable, all-encompassing
fire protection systems for every type of building.
Just as individual as they need to be.
8000 M
8000 C
Can be combined with esserbus via spur loops
Networking of up to 31 control panels
Compliance with national and international
standards and regulations
Plain text display
Error diagnosis via PC, also remote
Simple installation and commissioning
Fire service key box and operating pad
Extinguisher system control via
standard extinguishing interface
Direct extinguishing system control via
bus-operated electrical control facilities
Modular construction
Freely configurable
Number of loops
The 8000 fire alarm system
Fire alarm control
panel for every purpose and every occasion. Progressive
system solutions,
whose components
harmonise perfectly
with each other. For
effective fire protection with a maximum
of flexibility and
Fire alarm control panel 8008
Fire alarm control panel 8000 M*
Fire alarm control panel 8000 C
The all-purpose, high-tech control
panel for large buildings.
• Up to 40 esserbus® loops
• Full redundancy through the use
of a second CPU
• For large building complexes with
more than 512 fire detectors,
e.g. hotels, industrial or office
complexes or hospital centres
The flexible, high-tech control panel
for medium-sized buildings.
• Up to 7 esserbus® loops
• Maximum flexibility for existing or
changing building requirements
• Multi-storey buildings with
up to 889 fire detectors, e.g.
commercial office buildings,
hotels, schools or small to
medium-sized industrial buildings
The economical, high-tech control
panel for smaller buildings.
• Up to 2 esserbus® loops
• Cost-efficient
• Compact
• Smaller buildings with up to 254
fire detectors, in which protection
must be provided for public
access areas and/or valuable
commodities, e.g. kindergartens,
small shops and offices, theatres
or residential care homes
* Up to 7 loops and 889 detectors or esserbus
-compatible devices can be connected to the
8000 M fire alarm control panel. In Germany, the VdS planning and installation guidelines
and DIN VDE limit the number of loops to 5 and the number of detectors to 512.
08 09
Our concept—performance on demand
Innovative control
panel and housing
concept means
solutions can always
be provided to
satisfy individual
demands—now and
in the future.
Complex wiring paths are avoided by opting for a decentralised structure.
The 8000 fire alarm system
l Modern fire alarm control panels and their
modular device structure always enable us to offer
our customers qualitatively outstanding products
in terms of economic efficiency and upgradability.
The compact size, many and varied functions and
upgrade options of the series 8000 fire alarm
control panels, together with their attractive
price-performance ratio, make them absolute
all-rounders for comprehensive fire protection.
All ESSER-brand fire alarm control panels are
based on the powerful and interrupt-tolerant loop
technology. The system philosophy behind all our
products allows us to create a perfectly coordinated fire alarm system at the project planning
stage and to adapt this system to any new
demands that may subsequently be made on it.
New components are not incorporated until they
are needed and are always performance-related
and geared to demand.
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
This concept does not require any prefinancing of fire alarm system features and wiring that may be
needed for subsequent upgrades or expansion.
10 11
Made-to-measure configuration and design
l Perfectly tailored to individual requirements.
Exceptional quality. The right fire alarm control
panel for made-to-measure system design. All
planning advantages are there from the start, as
well as the assurance of flexibility to accommodate future changes. Whether comprehensive fire
protection has to be provided for a complete building immediately or whether capacity for future
expansion is needed, free configurability and
modular design are systematic from us. These
are the requirements that bring economic benefits
and yield savings in time, personnel, materials
and costs.
A change of function or a subsequent restructuring of an
industrial building can be easily realised with a flexible
ESSER-brand fire alarm control panel. Our loop and
control panel technology allows an existing fire alarm
control panel to be quickly and optimally adapted to the
new requirements.
In this variant there are open-plan offices on the first and second floors
and a storage area on the ground floor.
The 8000 fire alarm system
Always the right decision for the individual
requirements of a
specific building.
The fire alarm control
panels from Novar are
designed for different
categories of buildings but they all
satisfy the same high
standards of safety
After restructuring there are individual offices and meeting rooms on the 1st
and 2nd floors and the ground floor has been converted into a showroom.
12 13
esserbus®—safety plus flexibility
esserbus®—the spinal
cord of the fire protection system. Ensures reliable operation even if a detector
fails. For fast, problem-free commissioning. For economical
and simple mainten-
Circuit break
Complete operating
reliability manages short
circuits, cable breaks,
sabotage or device malfunctions.
A comparison of cable lengths
Example 1
achievable with
industrial standard
Example 2
not achievable with
industrial standard
The maximum length of an esserbus®
loop is 2 km, twice the industry standard.
The esserbus® provides assurance in the
planning and installation phase as well
as maintaining capacity for future extensions.
The 8000 fire alarm system
l Comprehensive safety can be realised quickly
and reliably at any point. The ideal basis for a fire
protection system.
esserbus® delivers all the benefits of loop
technology: maximum operating reliability and
the greatest possible flexibility when it comes to
planning and alterations. The decentralised intelligence of the detectors and built-in isolators reliably prevents the failure of a complete system.
Planning alterations or future upgrades can be
implemented without difficulty at any point on
the system.
esserbus® efficiently and flexibly solves the problems of complex fire protection systems extending
over several storeys or buildings several kilometres apart.
The total number of esserbus®
devices can be easily increased
at a later date to a maximum of
127 per loop. The esserbus®
transponder concept is used to
install controls and additional
inputs where needed, with a
minimum of wiring.
esserbus®-PLus—the measure of all loops
l The new esserbus®-PLus is a major step
meanings. In an alarm the esserbus®-PLus pro-
towards facilitating controlled evacuation of build-
vides both the control signals and the operating
ings in line with the degree of urgency. Moreover it
power to the alarm devices. They operate at the
is the most economic and safe solution for oper-
same performance levels that previously needed
ating alarm devices on a loop.
separate control circuits from the fire alarm control panel to the alarm device or a separate power
In contrast to previous practice, alarm devices on
supply. The esserbus®-PLus therefore enables
the esserbus®-PLus are fully integrated onto the
savings to be made in material, time and costs,
open circuit-resistant esserbus . They are there-
as it is no longer necessary to install numerous
fore directly addressable and can be programmed
cables and transponders.
to produce a variety of alarm signals with different
Loop wiring with esserbus®-PLus.
The 8000 fire alarm system
Stub line wiring.
Loop wiring.
The cost-efficient networking of sensors and activators on the two-wire loop minimise
the amount of wiring needed. Radial spurs can be created from any point on the loop
without the need for additional components, delivering further cable efficiencies while
all devices on the spur remain addressed.
16 17
essernet®—concentrated intelligence
l A combination of flexibility and high performance. Safety module linkage. The essernet® links
several computers and other display and alarm
units to create a non-hierarchical network. For economical and convenient monitoring of large-scale
building complexes.
It is possible to operate the essernet® with a wide
range of cable types, depending on local conditions. Up to 31 users can communicate in the network. Due to the modular structure, all changes
(e.g. extensions) can be programmed rapidly and
easily from a single point.
Synergy and symbiosis: both fire and intruder
alarm control panels can be combined and communicate over the same essernet® and display
their messages on a joint display and operating
panel for integrated hazard alarm systems.
Distances in the essernet®
With the aid of telecommunications cables
and a data rate of 62.5 baud, distances of
up to 700 m between users can be bridged.
If twisted-pair data cables are used, dis®
tances of up to 1,000 m can be bridged,
31 Teilnehmer
31 users
even at a data rate of 500 kbaud. Up to
two repeaters can triple the distance
between users and if glass fibre and the
appropriate converter are used, distances
of up to 20 km between two users are
The 8000 fire alarm system
The essernet® is the
cost-efficient safety
network for large
buildings and complex requirements.
The essernet® micromodule—
the basis for creating a
network of up to 31 devices.
Repeaters can amplify the
signal even over a distance
of kilometres.
The I-Y(ST)Y telecommunications cable is an economical
alternative to the standard
The joint fire and intruder alarm operating and display panel.
18 19
Forward-looking cost concept
Versatile software
tools, such as TEDIS
remote diagnosis,
reduce maintenance
costs, which make
up almost 50% of
the total costs of a
fire alarm system.
Cost per detector point over the entire lifespan
The diagram shows that the greatest potential for savings is in the area of maintenance.
The 8000 fire alarm system
l Lower costs, higher quality. This is formula for
success. We have taken a close look at the price
of a fire alarm system throughout its entire operational life. The result: maintenance costs are the
major factor, accounting for almost 50% of the
total cost.
For this reason we have developed a cost reduction concept for all maintenance providers and fire
alarm control panel operators. A wide range of
suitable tools were developed. High-performance
aids such as TEDIS (Tele-diagnosis system) have
been consistently introduced, as well as installation and commissioning measures. This makes our
fire alarm control panel especially cost-effective
for maintenance providers and operators, from the
initial investment in hardware to their subsequent
installation, operating reliability and all-round
External devices
Max. 1 km
Max. 1 km
Max. 1 km
Max. 2 km
esserbus® transponder
Remote diagnosis permits simple, centralised status monitoring right through to the sensor level.
20 21
It pays to have good connections
l The more complex an alarm system becomes over
time, the more important it is to collect all important
information at one location. The events registered at all
control panels are focussed by the WINMAG hazard
management software in a clear, user-friendly and
meaningful manner. With its active control options,
WINMAG also offers the user the option of initiating
suitable measures immediately. WINMAG thus facilitates
the targeted prevention of any further risks.
Alongside dynamic graphics, tables and imaging at
several operator panels, WINMAG provides video overlays, so that you can view live pictures of the hazard
scene. WINMAG’s modular design makes it both economic and flexible. Depending on the user’s requirements,
the necessary modules are simply added on. As it has
an open system architecture and is freely programmable, it can be optimally adapted to local circumstances.
The result is always a made-to-measure, cost-efficient
8000 C
esserbus® transponder
A cost-effective coalition of standard, diagnostic and analogue detector technology
using esserbus® transponders or 4-group fire alarm panel module.
The 8000 fire alarm system
The most economically efficient solution
involves the integration of older detector
series as well as the
flexible WINMAG
management system,
the Gateway to the
integration of older
panels, and the
essernet® interface
to bridge large distances.
Indicating and operating panel
for integrated hazard alarm systems
IAP 5008
RS-232/TTY, 19.2 kBd,
max. 1,000 m
Serial ®
FACP 8000 M
WINMAG: events on the whole network at a glance.
WINMAG control post
management system
1 km
1 km
8000 C
8000 M
UZ 3008
UZ 3007
UZ 4908
UZ 3010
‘Former’ generation computers
Gateway bridges the generation gap, incorporating older controllers into a modern system.
l Investments with long-term value. The concept
For example, the esserbus® transponders can
of incorporating ‘former’ generation computers
connect conventional detectors with high-tech
into new systems is made simple reality using
9200 series detectors. Thus fire alarm control
Gateway. The integration of an older panel gener-
panels offer planning assurance over decades
ation in the essernet through the Gateway there-
while always remaining abreast of the latest tech-
fore presents no difficulties.
The 8000 fire alarm system
Indicating and operating panel
for integrated hazard alarm systems
Serial essernet® interface
FACP 8000 M
FACP 8000 M
Via a factory-integrated RS-485 interface,
max. 1,000 m cable length; with a modem
connection, almost any distances are possible
essernet® interface
FACP 8000 M
The serial essernet® interface bridges long distances without difficulty.
l Long distances; short paths. The serial
It integrates especially complex connections to the
essernet® interface can connect remotely located
8000 fire detector system in a technically superior
control panels reliably via modems, facilitating
but simple manner.
convenient operation of the total system.
24 25
Safety plus
All-round emergency
protection. Extensive,
active fire protection
is possible with a
wide range of control
options. Fire can be
controlled and prevented from spreading, thus reliably
limiting the damage.
In emergencies, targeted lift control can prevent people from putting themselves
in life-threatening situations.
The 8000 fire alarm system
l Detect and report. Control and activate. Systematic fire protection depends on more than just
detection. This is why a wide range of control
options is provided in the total 8000 fire alarm
system. This starts with elevator/lift control in
case of fire, includes the automatic sealing of fire
doors and the active deployment of on-site extinguishers.
The spectrum of control options is wide. All
ESSER-brand fire alarm control panels are provided with digital inputs for control systems. Technical alarm modules designed for the collection,
transmission and control of every signal from a
technical alarm create a significant link to other
building service areas in many applications.
Immediate sealing of automatically controlled fire
doors prevents the spread of smoke and fire.
Practical example 1
Extinguishing area 2
Group 2
Dampingalarm button stop button down button
Group 1
Fire alarm control panel
Fire alarm and extinguishing
computer 8010
medium container
esserbus ®
esserbus ® transponder
Mechanical weight
Max. 8 extinguishing
Fire alarm and extinguishing
computer 8010
Group 1
Dampingalarm button stop button down button
Group 2
Extinguishing area 1
l The loop-compatible fire alarm and extin-
guishing computer for tackling fires directly where
guishing panel 8010 sets new standards in terms
they occur.
of cost-effective and flexible operation. An integrated solution using electronic extinguishing sys-
In this application each extinguishing area is con-
tem control provides cost-efficient answers to both
trolled via an 8010 fire alarm and extinguishing
simple and complex questions of fire protection.
panel. Both extinguishing areas have automatic
and non-automatic detectors connected to an
A perfect system of safety
acoustic alarm. However, both extinguishing areas
The 8008 fire alarm control panel with the esser-
use the same extinguishing medium container.
bus and its associated 8010 fire alarm and extin-
The 8000 fire alarm system
Practical example 2
l The different types of alarm signal, for example
sports arenas or other venues. What all these build-
in a 4-storey hotel, inform the guests and staff of
ings have in common is the fact that the average
the level of danger and can aid controlled evacu-
visitor usually has little or no knowledge of the
location’s layout and in an emergency is totally
dependent on guidance systems for his or her
In emergencies, time-controlled alarm signalling
escape. Complex building evacuation plans can
helps with the orderly evacuation of streams of
be easily realised with the esserbus®-PLus,
people and avoids panic. This is especially true of
addressable warning devices and their variably
large building complexes such as major hotels,
programmable warning tones.
airports, railway stations, shopping malls and
28 29
International presence and references
l Quality is a word that gets around. High performance is in global demand. Our excellent,
worldwide reputation for producing quality products and individually tailored systems is reflected in our collection of international certificates of
approval and our long list of references.
Our 8000 C, 8000 M and 8008 fire alarm control
panels have all been tested and approved to the
European standard EN 54 (part 2, controllers and
part 4, power supply units).
The detector series 9100 and 9200 are also certified to EN 54. This makes Novar a supplier with
national and international approvals for its entire
range of fire protection products.
Fan Yu city hall in
Guangdong, China.
Bekchatow power
station, Poland.
Technically demanding and far-reaching projects are being implemented throughout
the world with our fire alarm technology. This success is due to our innovative and
adaptable products and the excellent technical support we provide to our partners in
finding the optimal system for each individual application.
The 8000 fire alarm system
International certification and prestigious references
underline the fact that
Novar is one of the
best addresses when
it comes to cuttingedge fire protection
Zurich-Kloten Airport,
Fire alarm systems with worldwide approval.
30 31
All about service
For Novar, partnership
and service mean
customer service.
We support our partners from planning
and project design
right through to the
successful completion
of the project. Our
long experience and
know-how guarantee
our partners the succcess they demand.
The wise use of media:
information, training, planning and work support with the most
suitable media. Printed, digital, on CD-ROM or the Internet from:
The 8000 fire alarm system
l An ear to the market. Fulfilling customer
wishes. In competitive markets, service is a
major contributor to success. Service should
be supplied, as it were, as a part of every
product or system. This is why, for us, the term
service has wide implications.
It includes the joint development of buildingspecific systems, the telephone hotline, the
provision of information on the Internet or technical help and sales support. And it goes without saying that we are always ready to listen to
any suggestions our partners may make.
Our service staff provide a comprehensive
network of technical expertise at home and
abroad—always ready to support our planners
and installers in word and deed.
Classroom: we are at the disposal of our customers at all times with a full range of support
services, including marketing support.
The computer-supported self-learning program for FACP 8000.
All the training courses given
in Germany are also available
to our international partners.
After all, highly qualified staff
and partners are essential
when dealing with quality
32 33
The 8000 fire alarm system
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