Facts Carbon-Cover
• Carbon cover made of real high-tech fibers –
made in Germany
• Perfect all around protection for rear wall and edges
• Free access to all functions, keys and plugs
• No limitation on transmitting and receiving power through our
newly developed process of manufacture
• Remarkable 3D look in material, shape and precision
• Slip resistant surface
• Extremely thin wall thickness, under 0.4 mm at maximum durability
• Exact CNC treatment of key and camera gaps
• One-hand operation
• Business conforming
• Extra well-fitting
• Extremely light 11 grams
Product description
Our precise carbon covers are extremely thin, material de-
Another important item is the transmitting and receiving
pendent very light and functional protective covers made of
power. The extra thin carbon covers do not have any influen-
the presently best high efficiency fibers such as carbon,
ce on the transmitting and receiving power (no matter
aramide (Kevlar), vectran.
We achieve this by making use of the physical properties of
A special combination of fiber structure allows manufacture of
thinnest covers of one piece - the so-called monocoque which wraps around the smartphone like a second skin.
As known from Formula 1 or bulletproof vests, these
high-tech fibers take up extremely much energy in case of a
crash or under fire despite their very thin wall thickness - the
so-called impact behaviour - and offer a maximum protection
at minimum weight.
high-strenght carbon fibers in our newly developed process of
manufacture. These special properties result in a reduced
energy consumption during sending and transmitting.
Due to the discreet appearance and the minimalistic wall
thickness, our carbon cases are designed for daily use of the
design and quality conscious group of buyers.
The unremarkable and comfortable carrying in jacket or
These properties make the manufacture of extremely thin-
trouser pockets, the conformity in everyday business life as
walled and effective protective covers possible which preser-
well as the one-hand operation and receiving neutrality with
ve the design and recognition value of the
good protection of the smartphones are important to us.
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