Liebherr Produktdatenblatt

Liebherr Produktdatenblatt
Front Clearance
Unit Dimensions
Liebherr CS 2061
Freestanding/Semi Built-in
Assuming centerline
Overall height can be increased by 1-1/2" (40 mm).
A. 3-9/16" (92 mm)
D. 24-1/4" (616 mm)
B. 79-13/16" (2027 mm)
E. 58-5/8" (1489 mm)
C. 35-13/16" (910 mm)
F. 39-1/2" (1003 mm)
When installing CS 20 units into a row of cabinets or wall units, use these dimensions to achieve a custom
look with the cabinetry.
Consider the necessary clearance for the top door hinge with CS 20 units.
Cabinet Opening Dimensions
Ventilation Requirements
The appliance can be used freestanding or semi
built-in. If semi built-in, consider the cabinet opening
dimensions specified below.
Minimum opening height for the single door
36" models (CS 2060 / CS 2061) is 80".
Do not install the shutoff valve for the water
supply behind the
Water line opening
Water supply line
Free length at least
31 - 1/2" (800 mm)
The position of the electrical outlet can be within the grey
shaded areas or above the appliance.
The requirements for water supply and electrical outlet
are the same for both applications.
With 24" depth cabinets, the water line opening must
be in the location as shown as there will not be room
to route a water line behind the appliance for risk of
pinching. Also, for this cabinet depth the electrical
outlet cannot be behind the unit or the unit will not be
able to be pushed all the way back into the opening.
With cabinets deeper than 24" there is room to fit the
pipe behind the appliance and the wall so there are no
requirements for the water line lead out position.
CS 20 appliances dont need any ventilation openings in
the cabinet. The required airflow is directed through the
toe kick area.
It is important to use the provided cover grille for the
ventilation opening. This opening must not be covered
with a cabinet base.
Freestanding/Semi Built-in
The latest 36¨ single door CS 2061 offers
nearly 20 cubic feet of capacity allowing it to
hold a substantial amount of groceries while
meeting all food storage demands. The
products expansive and uninterrupted shelving
easily accommodates oversized platters and
containers. While the spacious upper drawer
serves as the perfect space for keeping meats,
cheeses and dairy; two additional deep
drawers are ideal for conveniently storing fresh
fruits and vegetables.
Gallon holders and additional storage racks
permit space for all sizes of beverages and
sauces to maximize use of space. The
self-closing double freezer drawers feature
well-appointed and easy grasp stainless
steel handles for a contemporary look as
well as ease of use.
Freestanding/Semi Built-in
German Engineering: Our superior products offer
premium quality, cutting edge design and innovative
features that fit your busy lifestyle. Exclusive
components and materials, along with the latest
production processes, ensure energy efficiency and
performance for years to come.
Energy Star: Liebherr refrigerators help produce
less energy waste and greenhouse gas emissions
with the goal of having the least damaging effect on
the environment, while offering solutions that help
consumers conserve energy.
DuoCooling: The dual refrigeration system creates
optimal conditions in both the refrigerator and
freezer which lengthens the shelf life of food items
for a healthier lifestyle. This technology also
preserves the flavor and texture of foods since
there is no transfer of unwanted air, moisture or
food aroma between the two compartments.
SuperCool/SuperFrost: Simply quick chill
and/or freeze fresh groceries to preserve
optimum freshness and seal in flavors, textures
as well as maintain essential vitamins and
SuperQuiet: Noise is kept to a minimum with
virtually silent, speed controlled compressors and
a low-noise cooling circuit; while also ensuring
exact performance, energy efficiency and
SuperQuiet operation.
GlassLine: The elegant yet tough GlassLine
shelves are scratch resistant and easy to clean
as well as dishwasher safe. The space-saving
shelves are designed for organization and are
completely adjustable to suit your needs and the
contents of the refrigerator. Additionally, the
lighting shines through for a brighter interior.
LED: Distinctive LED light columns are integrated
into both sides of the compartment liner. Inside the
columns are numerous cool LED lights that ensure
uniform lighting throughout the interior.
Gallon Storage on door: A Liebherr is designed
to fit more cubic feet of your everyday life. The
durable yet elegant GlassLine door racks easily
accommodate a large supply of milk or juice on
Electronic Display: Our intuitive electronic touch
control panel ensures all functions are easy and
convenient to use as well as guarantees that the
settings selected remain accurate and constant.
19.4 (552)
13.4 (382)
6.0 (170)
399 (181)
3.1 (1.4)
7.9 (3.6)
79 13/16" / 35 13/16 / 24 1/4" (202.7 / 91 / 61.5)
80" / 36" / 24" (203.2 / 91.4 / 61)
* Energy Cost will depend on utility rates and use. Estimated energy cost based on a national average electricity cost of 12 cents per KWh.
** Noise output – according to EN 60704-3
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CS 2061
Energy consumption
in 365 days kWh
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost in US $
Total capacity cu.ft. (l)
Refrigerator comp. cu.ft. (l)
NoFrost Freezer comp. cu.ft. (l)
Shipping weight lbs. (kg)
Climate rating
Sound rating dB(A)
Ice cube output lbs. (kg) / 24h
Ice cube stock lbs. (kg)
Door hinges
Outside dimensions
in inches (cm) H/W/D
Cut out dimensions
in inches (cm) H /W/D
Energy supply
Voltage V/Hz
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