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Exhibit A
BUDGET YEAR: 2014-2015
BUDGET ITEM NO: 15-621R & 15-626R
DIVISION HEAD APPROVAL: ___________________________________________
END USER REVIEW: ___________________________________________________
Vehicle /Equipment No.: 16-542 & 24-121
Make / Model: 16-542=2003 Freightliner FL60 _24-121=2001 International 2554
Mileage/Hours: 15-542= 9,131 Hours.__24-121=8,250 Hours._
_____________________VENDOR ONLY BELOW___________________________
VENDOR NAME: _______________________________________________________
VENDOR REPRESENTATIVE: ____________________________________________
VENDOR ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________
VENDOR PHONE: ______________________________________________________
All time limits stated in the purchase order shall be calendar days and are of the essence. Should the
delivery not be completed on or before the time stipulated, Liquidated Damages: It is mutually understood
and agreed that Vendor’s failure to deliver on time [the equipment] will result in damages being sustained by
County. It is also understood and agreed that the nature and amount of the damages will be extremely difficult
and impractical to fix; that the liquidated damages set forth herein are the nearest and most exact measure of
damages for such delay that can be fixed at this time; and that the liquidated damages are not intended as a
penalty or forfeiture for Vendor’s breach. Therefore, in the event that [the equipment] is delivered late, it is
agreed that County may, in its sole discretion, assess against Vendor liquidated damages in the amount of
cost equal to the daily rental rate of the equipment specified, [$225.00] per monitoring report for each day
until County has been provided with [the required equipment]. The liquidated sums specified represent a fair
approximation of the damages incurred by the County resulting from the Vendor’s failure to meet the
delivery date for which an amount of liquidated damages is specified. The County's right to liquidated
damages shall be in addition to and not instead of all other remedies available to County, contractually, in law
or in equity.
Should the successful bidder be obstructed or delayed in the work required to be done hereunder by
changes in the work or by any default, act, or omission of the County or inability to obtain materials,
equipment, or labor due to Federal government restrictions arising out of the defense or war program, then
the time of completion shall be extended for such period as may be agreed upon by the County and the
successful bidder.
Shall there be insufficient time to grant such extensions prior to completion date of the contract, the
County may, at the time of acceptance of work waive liquidated damages which may accrued for failure to
complete on time, due to any of the above, after hearing evidence as to the reasons for such delay and
making a finding as to the cause of same.
In the event that the successful bidder is on strike at the time of the award of the bid, the County reserves
the option to accept the first acceptable bid from a manufacturer that is not on strike.
Bidder may take exceptions to any part of this specification providing that a full and complete explanation
of such exception is included in the bid.
Bids on equipment considered equivalent to what is specified will be considered, provided that a full
description and specification for the alternatives are submitted.
Bidder to guarantee that various component groups, including but not limited to, engine transmission and
drive line-differential, to be compatible and allow the equipment/vehicle to perform in a safe and
satisfactory manner.
Capability for lockout must include an opening for a lock at the main disconnects switch and/or valves.
The valves shall be lockable after being bled. If the equipment, as supplied by its original manufacturer,
does not provide for this capability, it must be provided with the necessary hardware to meet these
requirement without compromising any safety or operational features of the equipment or machinery.
Additionally, any equipment or machinery offered shall include permanent labeling of all lockout points.
Bidder shall describe, as part of the bid submittal, a functional lockout tagout standard operating
procedure describing how equipment or machinery is to be locked out and where it can be tagged out.
The lockout devices needed to adhere to the standard operating procedure must be provided with the
equipment or machinery, and it should be included in the bid price. Vendor must comply with the above
standards, otherwise perspective bidders will be disqualified from this solicitation.
The specified equipment/vehicle will not be accepted for delivery unless a pre-delivery inspection has
been completed and approved by Public Works. To schedule a pre-delivery inspection appointment,
contact Mr. Frank V. Solano of Fleet Management Division at Los Angeles County Department of Public
Works at (626) 458-7307 between the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.
When the awarded vendor request department representation that requires out of state travel, expenses
other than meals and salary shall be paid by the primary vendor. When out of state travel is requested,
the awarded vendor must notify this office four (4) weeks in advance of the requested date. In addition to
any other meetings, a final inspection will be conducted locally.
Payment will not be made until the equipment / vehicle has been inspected and all terms of the
specification have been completed.
The discount clock does not commence until the equipment has been accepted at our facility.
The Department will notify the vendor if any discrepancies are discovered, and or when the equipment
meets specification requirements and is therefore accepted.
All invoices and billing shall be mailed to: Los Angeles County Department of Public Works Fiscal
Division, P.O. Box 7508 Alhambra, CA 91802-7508.
Vendor shall make all necessary applications and complete all transfer documents. The awarded vendor
to procure the CALIFORNIA exempts license plates.
The registered owner shall be shown EXACTLY as out-lined below, on all documents where the
registered owner is listed.
LA County Dept. Public Works
900 S Fremont Ave
Alhambra, CA 91802-1460
A Performance test at the expense of the bidder may be required for the purpose of final evaluation after
the bids are received, to determine that the operating requirements of the Department of Public Works
are met.
The date, time, site, and conditions of such test shall be selected by the Los Angeles County Department
of Public Works.
VENDOR SHALL INCLUDE IN THE BID PRICE (if requested), the cost of a revisit to the equipment
approximately thirty (30) days after it is placed in service. The revisit shall include the following:
Check all operating systems for proper operation and adjustment.
Check equipment visually for leaks and material defects.
Vendor shall notify the Department at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the revisits.
The following printed or CD-ROM Format shall be furnished with the vehicle upon delivery:
1 – Operator's Manual
2 – Complete Set of Maintenance Manuals
2 – Complete Set of Parts Manuals
1 – Warranty Book and/or Card
1 – Delayed Warranty Start Date Form
2 – Dealer’s Report of Sale per Vehicle
1 – Weight Certificate per Vehicle
1 – Invoice for Vehicle Received
The warranty period, terms and conditions, for this unit, and all provided accessories and attachments,
shall be equal to the manufacturer’s standard warranty, or one (1) full year from the date the unit enters
service with the County of Los Angeles (whichever is longer).
Coverage shall include warranty against defects in materials or workmanship including all necessary
parts, labor and transportation during the term of the warranty. This shall include vendor’s travel time to,
and from, the site of warranty work, shipping and transportation of all parts and labor required to honor
the warranty.
The unit(s) described in these specifications may be used by the Department in all weather conditions
under possible 24-hour a day operation. This service is acknowledged to be severe and to impose
extreme demands upon this unit and its components.
The supplier of any equipment pursuant to these specifications shall therefore be advised of the
possibility of severe work conditions in this service.
The unit shall be delivered with warranty documentation for the complete unit including all components
The County of Los Angeles will operate and maintain said equipment in accordance with the
manufacturer’s standard service manual, provided with the unit at time of delivery.
Service directives and updates to the contents of the manuals must be provided at no cost during the
warranty period.
The truck’s warranty shall be unconditional three (3) years 36,000 miles parts and labor from the date the
vehicle is placed in service. All other components shall be unconditional one (1) year, unlimited miles or
manufacturers standard warranty (whichever is longer) from the date the equipment is placed in service
The engine and its emission controls, shall meet all California requirements for five (5) years or 100,000
miles from the date the vehicle is placed in service. This shall include all parts and labor.
Shall be warranted for three (3) years or 36,000 miles of operation for defects due to defective
workmanship or materials. This warranty shall include all parts and labor needed to repair any
component listed in the warranty.
The equipment covered by these specifications shall be new and complete with all standard equipment
and accessories. Any item or accessory not mentioned in this specification, but required for operation of
the unit, must be itemized and included in the bid. Any component identified as standard equipment must
be furnished at no additional cost.
The equipment shall conform in all respects to the Division of Industrial Safety Orders Cal/OSHA and
California South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). Plus any other pertinent regulations.
Bidder is required to furnish proof of certification/compliance at time of receipt of chassis or
equipment to the outfitter or dealership. NO EXCEPTIONS.
This equipment shall meet or exceed noise emission limits applicable to Federal and Cal / OSHA
requirements for operators on (8) hours operation without hearing protection.
All separate units shall be installed and connected for operation.
Bidder shall furnish complete information on the equipment to be furnished. Information must include
published literature indicating all standard and optional features.
Only new, current production models will be considered.
To describe a Dump Truck, Conventional cab, 33,000 Lb. GVWR,
(variable output turbo) Turbo Diesel powered meeting EPA and ARB
or Current emission requirements. To include functions features and
accessories, as specified.
The unit must be equipped with (4X2) and, an installed bumper
mounted Push-Frame, Double Acting swing Snow Plow, a Slide in,
hydraulically driven, Swensen or Department approved equal; “V”Box Granular Material Spreader unit.
Unit must be powered by the cleanest available EPA / ARB 2015 or
current emissions compliant Diesel engine technology.
Diesel Engine:
A California Air Resourced Board (CARB)
Approved 2015 or current emissions compliant Diesel engine with
both NOX and Particulate emissions reduction technology.
Cross bed tool (through) box, approximately 24 inch wide by 32
inch high by 95 inches long.
Frame mounted tool box, approximately 24 inch wide by 20 inch
high by 18 inch deep, mounted curb side.
Fuel Tanks: Two (2) each, all Steel, Chassis Factory installed,
integrated step tanks, approximately 50 gallon capacity per side.
Approximately 100 gallons Total fuel capacity.
A Slide under (rub rail) ladder to enter the dump bed.
Load trapping system, electrically operated pull tarp.
An installed, removable, push frame mount and a 10 foot by 30
inch high, rock and snow plow blade. Double acting swing type.
Reference: SEE Wausau R3010H or Department approved equal.
In addition, vendors shall provide and mount an R400 or equal Long
Drive off push Frame with Hitch.
Approximately 5-cubic yard capacity premium steel dump
One (1) ea. Modular, 10 Foot long, Slide in, hydraulically driven,
“V”- Box Granular Material Spreader unit with in cab controls,
mounting accommodations and dry break connectors.
Engine Driven, Variable displacement Load sensing, hot shift
PTO coupled to a front mounted hydraulic pump to supply all
hydraulic circuits including but not limited to: Dump, Hoist, Blade lift
and swing, Material Spreader functions. Installation must allow for
control of all hydraulic functions while the truck is being driven.
The Completed unit must be designed as a complete Dump Truck
with plowing and material spreading systems, with all components
designed to function together as a safe, complete and ergonomic
Conventional cab chassis with a GVW Rating of 33,000 lbs.
Wheelbase of approximately 170 inches.
Two (2) Axle chassis, with dual rear wheels.
Cab to Axle (CA) dimension: approximately 102 inches, to allow for
necessary cab clearance.
The wheelbase and CA dimensions shall be compatible with the 5
cubic yard dump body and Tool (through) box dimensions and
weight distribution needs.
Extended front frame rail "horns" to accommodate the engine driven
PTO and Hydraulic pump installation.
The frame shall be reinforced to support the additional load of the
plowing assembly:
The frame shall be a heat treated “C” channel with an inverted “L”
reinforcement with the following minimum specifications:
Section modules shall be 18 inch minimum.
R.B.M. shall be 2,000,000 in/lb. Minimum.
There shall be no change in the dimensions or RBM from the front of
the bumper to the rear of the frame. No exceptions.
Chassis shall have factory installed trailer towing package to
include Electrical connector wired for trailer brakes.
Only 2015 or current Federal EPA and California State (CARB)
emission regulation compliant Diesel engine technology will be
acceptable. Engine must be certified to 2015 or current emission
levels for particulates and grams per brake horse power (g/BHP)
Offers not certified to 2015 or current compliant emission
requirements will not be considered. No exception.
The Diesel engine shall be equipped with a combination of EGR Nox
reduction and Active, non-cumulative, sulfur tolerant, Diesel exhaust
after treatment that has been approved for sale in California under
the 2015 or current emission reduction requirements. The
Department will be using Low Sulfur Diesel fuel.
Current model year In Line, six (6) cylinder, Direct Injection, turbo
diesel, four cycle, engine. Equipped with two stage turbo chargers
with an intercooler and an after cooler.
2015 or current Compliant diesel emissions rating.
Variable output Horsepower Rating: 350 HP, Minimum @ 1,800
Variable output Torque Rating: 1,100 Lb. Ft. Minimum @ 1,400
The engine shall to utilize emission control technology and be
certified as compliant by the CARB for 2015 or current emissions
Wet sleeve cylinder liners to allow for a complete rebuild of the
engine "In Frame".
The engine shall be equipped with an engine compression
brake (AKA "Jake" Brake). The compression brake must be the
engine manufacturers installed, driver controlled, engine
compression brake.
The compression brake must be compatible with the chassis ABS
system. Brake rated up to 325 BHP of braking power.
Coolant overflow and recovery system.
Engine Block Heater: Unit shall be equipped with one (1) factory
installed 115 Volt AC Shore power connection to maintain engine
core temperature.
The Engine must be certified by the California Air Resources Board.
Engine shall be equipped with an automatic 5 minute idle shutdown
and must also be integrated in to the emissions system to allow for
any required regeneration cycle as required for emissions system
The engine shall meet EPA 2015 or current emissions limits
without the use of Urea.
Engine may be equipped with an installed Diesel Oxidation Catalyst
DOC with a Diesel Particulate filter DPF after-treatment device, if
required, to meet 2015 or current emissions requirements. The
Device must be compatible with the engine and approved by the
OEM manufacturer.
If the system includes selective catalyst reduction (SCR), then the
unit must have a manufacturer installed diesel emissions fluid tank
(DEF) adequate to require service during normal maintenance
intervals for the application.
Electronic, Variable response, two stage, Turbo charger with
titanium compressor turbine.
Electronically controlled, Electro-Hydraulic, high pressure fuel
Maintenance free, closed crankcase ventilation system.
Steel pistons.
Six (6) Bolts per cylinder for improved head gasket integrity.
Roller cam followers for longer valve and cam shaft life.
Head: 24 valve design for lower emissions.
Replaceable Valve seats and guides.
Single unit 32 Bit ECM with diagnostic ("J-Buss") connector. ECM
must be compatible with the exhaust after-treatment systems.
10 Groove serpentine belt.
High ratio water pump pulley for better cooling at lower RPM’s.
60 Watt Fuel Heater, for starts in cold weather.
Top loading fuel filter with fuel/water separator.
Fuel filter change interval: 1,100 Hours minimum.
Fuel filter restriction indicator.
Factory equipped with “on board diagnostic ports" for the engine
and transmission.
Oil capacity: 30 quarts, minimum.
Oil filter to be spin on, full flow type filter.
Oil change interval 550 hours, minimum.
Starter to be heavy duty rated.
The exhaust system shall meet 2015 or current EPA requirements
for both particulate matter and nitrogen oxides (NOX) reductions.
The passenger entry shall be fully protected from heat by a vertical
exhaust heat shield.
Air Cleaner shall be two (2) Stage dry type with Alternate Air
source, with selector. Utilizing Interior (under hood) air, for snow
plowing operations
Unit shall include factory installed engine diagnostic module with
engine status display.
For low oil pressure and high temperatures, automatic (de-rate)
ramp-down feature controlled by included on board, electronic,
engine diagnostic module.
Vocational type large area radiator.
The Vocational radiator shall provide adequate cooling under all
operational conditions with the Snow Plow installed.
Note that a "Stationary Grille" is required for this snow plow
Heavy Duty Radiator 1,300 Square inches frontal area,
minimum, with a 32 quart capacity.
Viscous, thermally controlled, fan coupler.
Coolant to be Long Life Coolant (Red).
Coolant change interval: 12,000 hours minimum.
Electric engine Block Heater, factory installed.
Charge Air cooler, to cool the pressurized (Turbo) intake air.
Location forward of the radiator.
Electronically controlled, automatic, Six (6) speed wide ratio
transmission with PTO port accommodation.
Transmission equipped with a PTO port.
Transmission must be programmable for shift energy management
and optimized for this snow plow application.
Reference: Allison 3000 RDS, Close Ratio, Automatic transmission,
compatible with configuration and rated to 33,000 lb. GVWR, Or
Department approved equal.
The gear ratio selection or programmable shift optimization must
provide both good gradeability under maximum GVW and operation
up to 65 mph with the specified engine.
The unit shall be equipped with an engine driven PTO. If the engine
driven configuration is determined to be unavailable, the
transmission shall be equipped with PTO mounting provisions,
compatible with the Hydraulic demands of the unit.
For the selected PTO arrangement, the PTO drive must be hot shift
clutch coupled to a load sensing, live hydraulic pump to allow
continuous running control of the plow and sander, while the truck is
in motion.
All shafts shall be tubular with splined Slip yoke ends and needle
bearing universal joints. The joints shall be a minimum of Spicer
1710 HD series or equal.
An Engine Crank Driven, axial piston pressure and flow
compensated, load sensing hydraulic pump. SAE Type C Two (2)
bolt Mounting flange.
Pump Ratings: 4,000 PSI Maximum and 3,500 PSI continuous.
Flow Rating to 45 GPM at 1,800 rpm. Severe Duty rated with a high
pressure outboard Teflon shaft seal to protect it from salt spray.
O-Ring housing seals.
Pump shall be hot shift activated, P.T.O clutch activated and
compatible with the demands of the hoist, Plow and Spreader
The pump shall have 6.00 Cubic inch displacement. Axial piston
pump, Force America No. (FASD45-L) or Department approved
50 Gallon Minimum, All steel dedicated hydraulic tank. Equipped
with a spin on 50 micron, replaceable return line filter and shutoff
valve for servicing.
Manufacturer’s rated capacity not less than 14,000 lbs. GAWR.
Manufacturer’s Dual rated capacity of 23,000 lbs. GAWR.
The drain plug shall be magnetic.
Arvin Meritor (Rockwell) or Department approved equal.
The final ratio must allow a minimum cruising speed of 65 MPH.
Front: Semi-elliptic steel leaf springs with a minimum combined
ground rating of 14,000 lbs.
Front Shock Absorbers: Two (2) 1.375 inch bore shock absorbers.
One on each side of the front Axel.
Rear suspension: Shall not be less than 23,000 lbs. combined
ground rating, two stage variable rate radius leaves. The springs
shall be loaded in the center and shall not require spring eyes and
shackles for mounting at each end pin type retention.
The truck shall be equipped with power steering.
Reference: Ross TAS 55 series steering gear box, Ratio 20.4 to 1,
or Department approved equal.
Heavy duty full air brake system to meet current DOT requirements,
Equipped with a four channel Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS).
System shall include Anchor-lock double diaphragm air chambers,
operating Rockwell S-Cam or equal brakes with Rockwell Q-Plus or
equal brake shoes and hardware with Rockwell automatic slack
Minimum brake lining sizes shall be:
Front: 15.0 inch by 4.0 inch.
Rear: 16.5 inch by 7.0 inch.
All brake lining must be non-asbestos.
Automatic slack adjusters shall be included on all wheels. The rear
axle shall be equipped with emergency / parking brake with an
isolated tank and double diaphragm chambers.
The unit is to be wired to accommodate electric trailer brakes.
The rear brake cans shall face forward or be protected from damage
when backing. If protected the steel plate shall be 3/8 inch with
slotted access openings.
The unit shall be equipped with a spring activated parking brake.
Compatibility of the exhaust retarder and braking system must be
Independent, belt driven, approximately 18 CFM, water cooled,
engine oil lubricated, air compressor. Supplied from the engine air
The System shall be equipped with a heated air dryer, replaceable
cartridge, Bendix AD-IS or equal.
All air tanks shall be equipped with automatically actuated drain
Illuminated air pressure gauge with audible low air alarm system,
mounted on the instrument panel.
11R22.5H, Goodyear, G124 or equal
All Season tread front 11R22.5
Rear tires must have a Mud and Snow (M+S) tread block design.
Tires properly mounted and high speed balanced. 10 lug white
painted ISO Steel wheels 22.5 X 8.25 inch rims.
Ventilated Rims: A minimum of five (5) vent slots per rim.
Tire and wheel capacity by axle: Approximately lbs. 12,000 front
and 21,000 lbs. rear.
Unit shall be equipped with aft, full (Yellow Colored) mud flaps and
fore ½ flaps. Rear flaps equipped with steel center eye and top
hook for paver compatibility. Installed to meet code requirements.
Rubber Wheel chocks with a storage pocket compartments shall be
Mud flaps shall be free of Commercial logos.
Factory installed 12 volt negative ground system.
Alternator, 160 Amp Delco heavy duty minimum, with a minimum 40
amp output at 600 rpm.
Three (3) batteries, Group 31, maintenance free batteries. Batteries
mounted in a lockable metal battery box.
Note: There is a requirement for an electric Block Heater to be
supplied from shore AC power, listed in the “Engine” specification.
Note: This unit is assigned to Plowing duty and as such, needs
incandescent lighting to prevent frost over of the lighting fixtures and
Directional lights, all four corners.
Four (4) each, Red Incandescent, Stop Turn and Tail lights.
Reference: "Trucklite."
Two (2) each, Automatic - Backup lamps.
Two (2) each, aft facing, gate post mounted, vertically oriented, oval,
amber, capacitive discharge strobe lights flush mounted in rubber
Aft center mounted, three (3) red incandescent marker “ICC triad”.
Trucklite sealed units, or equal.
Five (5) recessed cab clearance lights.
License plate frame and light.
All rear and clearance lights shall be recessed to protect them from
All lights shall be hermetically sealed units mounted in rubber 2 ½
inch diameter “Truck-lite” 10205 grommets or equal.
The vehicle shall be equipped with a high intensity Amber LED, four
corner beacon light, utilizing low amperage draw, high intensity
amber LED’s.
Beacon to be DOT, title 13, compliant for use on the highway.
LED’s to be rated for 100,000 hour life.
Mounting location: The beacon shall be mounted to the center of
the Dump Body Cab Shield, within a self-leveling cradle mount.
Beacon unit shall be individually fused, and wired utilizing weather
tight locking connectors.
Three (3) of the four sides of the beacon are to contain eight (8)
each, LED light heads, with the fourth aft facing segment to contain
a 12 LED light head. All LEDs shall be rated "High intensity" Amber
with a programmable flash pattern capability.
Cover dome shall be Clear Amber HIP polycarbonate lens, sealed
for moisture resistance & title 13 compliant.
Beacon unit Specifications: 12” Long X 10” wide X 4” height, 12 Volt
DC, .5 Amp Average Amperage draw per module with a 5-year LED
warranty. Units shall meet SAE Class and Title 13 requirements.
Reference: Public Safety Equipment Inc. "LED PRIZM DUOBEAM"
Model No. PDB48AHPWLH Or Department Approved Equal,
permanent cab shield cradle type mount.
Beacon shall be permanently mounted, on top and in the center of
the dump body cab shield. Mounting shall be cradle type allowing a
level projection of the beacon even when the dump body is raised.
Two (2) each, Fender mounted, Auxiliary Plow lights, with factory
wired circuit and switch in the cab. Lights to include a high and a
low beam with amber flashers. Placement to maximize visibility
around the plow area.
Factory wired switch and circuit run through the firewall for plow
Single switch plow light activation with chassis lamps override.
Note: Plow lights control set up will require a Plow Lights / headlamp
override control to cancel chassis headlight functions when the Plow
lights are activated to improve visibility in snow.
One (1) each, rear facing, broad beam, Work Flood Light.
Ultra Beam AS 200 Xenon light or Department
Approved Equal, with fixture, vibration resistant pivoting base mount
with four point attachment bracket. 7.64”H X 6.4”W X 6.52”D, 12
VDC w/ weather tight connector. Installation to include wiring and in
cab, lighted rocker switch. Switching for all work hazard lighting to
be Master Switch controlled and co-located in a “Wired Right” or
equal switch panel.
The Sander unit shall be equipped with two (2) each, wide area
flood/work light fixtures, with adjustable swivel mounting base.
Mounting shall be on the forward outside corners with weather tight
locking wire terminal connectors. The disconnect plugs are required
to allow easy removal of the sander unit from the bed of the truck.
Circuit to be switched in the cab.
All hazard lighting must be activated utilizing a central switch
panel. “Wired-rite” Or Department Approved Equal system.
Panel to contain 20-amp fused switches and a 2-Staged
Backlighting strip for easy switch identification. Each fused
output pre-wired with color-coded GXL wire.
Conventional closed galvanized steel cab with tinted safety glass
Maximum BBC 101 inches.
Cab width 70 inches, minimum.
Drip rails over doors.
Engine shall not protrude more than 4 inches into the cab and the
dump controls shall be mounted between the front seats and extend
no more than 10 inches from the rear wall of the cab, allowing 38
inches for Department installed equipment.
Factory installed windshield wiper / washer system.
Total of three (3) speed settings, two (2) speed continuous with a
third intermittent wipe setting.
The wiper motor is to be serviceable from the exterior of the cab.
Seating, with shoulder restraints to accommodate two (2) adults.
Plow and Dump control console to occupy the middle position to the
right of the driver.
Driver and passenger seat shall be fully adjustable “Bostrom
lavaliere” air ride seats or Department Approved equal.
Approximately 21 inch diameter steering wheel.
Two (2) inside sun visors.
Two (2) Cup Holders.
Arm rests and map pockets on both cab doors.
Factory installed Air conditioning and heating system with defroster.
Speedometer with trip meter.
Dual, Air pressure Gage, with audible low air warning.
Oil Pressure Gage.
Fuel Level Gage.
Engine Coolant Temp.
Transmission temperature gage with warning light.
Air cleaner restriction gage.
Hobbs Hour meter, oil pressure activated, dash mounted in view of
the seated operator, or Department approved equal.
Engine ECM status module.
All gauges, lighted and dimmer controlled.
Two (2) Grab handles for entry on both sides of cab,
handles shall be constructed on 1-inch steel, 9 inches high and
3 inches wide and shall attach to the top of the ”Boyco” type
roll to the cab shield. Grab handles shall be installed
diagonally for easier gripping. Grab handles shall be painted
yellow. The exact mounting position shall be determined at
time of pre-build meeting.
Maximum ground to step height 18 inches.
Non-slip protection on all steps.
All steps shall be painted yellow.
Steering wheel (center button) activated.
Dual Two-tone electric horns.
Two (2) Cab mounted Air Horns with Snow Covers.
Factory installed AM-FM-CD-MP3 Port radio with factory Bluetooth,
installed with speakers and antenna.
One (1) 10 lb. Dry chemical fire extinguisher, class-10 ABC,
securely mounted to the cab, easily accessible.
One (1) set of (3) each Bi-directional, reflective, emergency hazard
warning triangles, within a mounted containment case.
Factory headlights on warning.
Dome light, glove compartment light to be door and manually
actuated switch.
Two (2) Grab handles for entry on both sides of cab.
12 VDC power Tap socket.
Installed auxiliary plow lights, mounted on the front fenders with dual
intensity selection.
Full coverage rubber floor covering with two (2) each removable
Rubber floor mats.
Heated, West Coast Style, Stainless steel, installed to Factory
specifications and appropriate to the vehicle configuration with a
combination flat/convex sections for full visibility.
A look down parabolic mirror mounted above the passenger window
must be included. Mounting must be on stainless steel and
reinforced to withstand vibration.
The truck shall be equipped with a painted steel Box structure front
bumper. The plow mounting must be integrated into the bumper
structure. The bumper shall have pre drilled holes for the license
The cowling shall be a fixed grille type. The cowl must also have
access panels on both sides (A “Butterfly” cowl.) Plow compatible
Cowling, allowing service access to the engine with the plow
Single, one (1) piece, tilt hood must be a factory optional
fiberglass cowl with butterfly access integrated fender wells (a
Fixed Grille Type) allowing Plow-Frame installation.
The hood configuration must allow complete service access to
the engine with or without the mounted plow blade.
The Dump Body assembly shall include an integrated, compatible,
power arm, electrically operated, tarpaulin load covering system
compatible with all load configurations and compliant with DOT and
DMV regulations.
Automatic, Electric Power Tarp with installed tarp arms and
protective tarp storage cover.
The truck shall be equipped with a pass through tool box mounted
directly behind the cab with solid steel mid-shelf and a perforated
12 gauge steel floor.
Approximate cross box dimensions shall be:
Height: 32 inches.
Width: 24 inches.
Depth, full width across the unit: 96 inches.
The box shall be equipped with recessed doors with full length piano
rod type hinge.
The doors shall be equipped with rigid spring loaded door holders
for holding the doors in the open position.
The doors shall be hinged vertically at the front.
All doors shall be equipped with “D” type weather stripping.
Recessed three point latches with tee handles and equipped to
accept a Best lock key core.
The box shall be mounted to the truck frame with welded, full width,
steel sheer plates, 24 inches long by 10 inches high of 10 gauge
Reinforcement plates of 6 inch by 6 inch, 10 gauge steel extending
from each end of the 24 inch dimension shall be welded to the tool
box and the sheer plates. The sheer plates shall be attached to the
truck frame with 7/16 inch grade 8 bolts, four (4) per side minimum.
One (1), tool box, 18 inches deep by 20 inches high by 24 inches
long of 12 gauge steel. Including one (1) horizontal shelf and three
divided compartments below the shelf.
Bolted to the frame on the curb side of the unit, 15 inches forward of
the rear wheels.
The tool box must be sealed and lockable, weather tight against
water and dust.
Total of six (6) tube type shovel and broom holders; mounting
locations to be determined at pre-build meeting.
Approximately 5 cubic yard, water level capacity, reinforced steel,
dump body with cab protector.
The configuration offered should afford the lowest practical bed
height. A crossmemberless bed design with a self-supporting
abrasion resistant (AR) steel floor is desired along with the lowest
practical mounting for the hoist frame assembly.
Rear body overhang - 10 inches maximum.
Dump Body Dimensions (all dimensions are approximate):
Length, inside: 120 inches
Width, inside:
84 inches
Height Sides:
18 inches
Height front bulkhead:
40 inches
height tailgate: 18-20 inches
height of rear post hinges: 22 inches
Sides and front of bulkhead to have a full “Boyco” type roll.
10 gauge high-tensile steel.
Dump angle shall be 50 degrees.
Two (2) full length Longitudinals constructed of 6 inch 12.5 lb.
structural “I” Beam steel and shall transfer the load to the frame at
not less than three load bearing areas of the sub-frame. Load
bearing areas shall be located at the front center and rear of the
sub-frame, no load shall be carried by the body hinge pins. NO
Total Load bearing area per longitudinal shall be approximately 72
square inches. Longitudinals shall rest on wood cushion strips.
The distance between the bottom of the dump body and the top of
the frame rail shall not exceed 12 inches.
Sides and front of bulkheads shall be of 3/16 high tensile steel and
have a full “Boyco” type roll. Substitutions will not be accepted.
Sides shall be welded 100% at all seams.
Body shall have heavy duty corner posts and heavy duty boxed type
braces, three (3) per side, constructed of 10 gauge hot rolled steel.
Tapered running boards with 60 degree angle, constructed of 1/4
inch hot rolled steel.
Dump Bed floor shall be a single piece and meet the sides with a 3
inch curved radius constructed of 1/4 inch 110,000 psi minimum
yield T-1 or AR 400 steel. No other seam welds in the floor will be
The floor shall be connected to the sides and front by a three (3)
inch curved radius tapering up to seven (7) inches above the floor,
constructed of one (1) piece of 1/4 inch, 110,000 PSI minimum yield
T-1 steel, type-A. There shall not be any welds in the floor of the
bed, except at the attachment with the sides, which will be
Cab shield, 12 inch (extending over the cross bed tool box)
constructed of 3/16 inch high tensile steel. It shall slope upwards
approximately 10 degrees. The corners shall be reinforced to the
bed. Cab shield shall comply with California Industrial Safety Orders
Article 10, Section 1591 (F).
Dump body shall be equipped with rope tie down hooks, totaling 12,
with four (4) on each side of the bed and tailgate. Locations shall be
evenly spaced on the underside of the bed.
"D" Ring anchors aligned with the Sander for securing the forward
end of the sander, to the dump body with binders.
The body shall come equipped with two (2) wheel chock blocks and
chock block holster with safety chains, which shall be located above
the left rear wheels. The chock block holsters shall be triangular in
shape and completely secure the blocks and chain when stowed.
The chock block holster shall not interfere with the body prop
All flat fillet welds shall have three (3) passes.
All welds perpendicular to the body longitudinal shall be vertical
“Uphill” type welds.
The unit must be equipped with snow chain hangers, two (2) Each
adequate to store standard chains, with locking cover plates, located
on the left and right side, forward and clear of the rear wheels.
Reference: Pro-Tech or Department approved equal.
Tailgate shall be a double acting, “two (2) way”, with spreader
chains set up.
Tailgate shall have an outer frame (top, bottom and ends) of a 2 ½
inch Boyco type roll. There shall be two (2) Heavy duty boxed type
braces equally spaced between the two ends. The tailgate shall be
constructed of 10 gauge high tensile steel. The heavy duty braces
shall be constructed of 10 gauge hot rolled steel.
Lower tailgate hinges shall have a locking hood below the pivot to
prevent the tailgate from falling off when disengaged from the upper
NOTE: Lower gate locks shall accept a spreader unit mounting bar,
to aid in securing the V-Box Spreader to the Dump Bed. The tail
gate will be removed for spreader operations.
The tailgate, when lowered into the horizontal position, shall be flush
with the body floor. No exceptions.
Tailgate control shall be electric solenoid, air operated with a guard
switch on the instrument panel. Operating cylinder shall be Air to
unlock and spring tension to close, MGM or equal. Operating
cylinder shall have a 1, 1/4 inch shaft and an 8 inch stroke.
All hardware shall be heavy-duty.
Dump body hinges shall have two (2) individual side plates for each
of the two (2) body longitudinals. Each plate shall be steel ½ inch
thick by 5 inches wide. Height of plates shall be a minimum of six
inches or compatible with the height of the longitudinal. Shaft
bearing shall be ½ inch thick steel, each side of each block.
Bushing 3 ½ inch long, 3/8 inch wall, shall support a 1 ½ inch
machined steel non-cast solid shaft pin. Hinges shall have rear
accessed grease fittings on each individual hinge with full lube
Shall be dual safety braces with a cross brace to support the body in
a raised position.
Prop braces shall be constructed of 2 inch X 3 inch .250 wall
thickness rectangular steel tubing.
Braces shall be 40 inches long minimum.
A full length cross shaft connecting both prop braces together of 1
inch solid 4130 ASTM alloy approximately 42 inches in length.
Cross brace must be aligned, welded and penetrate both sides of
the tubing brace on each side of the truck frame to ensure unison
lifting from either side of the dump truck.
The prop shall be harnessed on both sides of the truck frame with
sheer plates, 8 inches wide X 11 inches long, 1/4 inch thickness
Attachment of the sheer plates shall be accomplished with (4) Grade
8 Bolts, each plate.
The outside ends of the cross shaft shall pierce an additional 1/4
thick plate approximately 8" X 8". Both the inner and outer plates
shall be welded together by means of a 4" X 4" X 3/8 inch structural
angle apexed down and mounted below the brace. They shall form
a lower pocket for the body prop braces. All welding shall be 100
percent on both sides and at each end of the structural angle.
The outside ends of the cross shafts shall have a solid 100 percent
welded collar bushing cap for constant alignment.
The upper body sockets shall be a 4" X 4" X 3/8 inch thick structural
angle apexed up. They shall weld to the outside web of the dump
body longitudinals, on each side. They shall be welded 100 percent
on all contact surfaces with the longitudinals and shall not be welded
to any point on the bottom of the dump body floor. No exceptions.
The braces shall have over center cam plate stops on each brace to
position them into exact alignment with the upper body sockets.
Side holsters shall be attached to each side of the frame to allow the
braces to rest alongside the frame when the body is down.
The body prop assembly shall be capable of supporting the dump
body with a maximum payload, No exceptions.
When in use, the body prop assembly shall allow the dump body to
be set in place, down on the sockets at a minimum 28 degree dump
angle. No exceptions.
Prop braces shall be painted bright yellow enamel and shall be
placarded indicating usage and function on the outsides of the
The hydraulic system shall be an electric over hydraulic control set
up with fully proportional control input.
Valves shall be compatible and manufactured by the same
manufacturer as the proportional hydraulic controls.
The controls for both the plow and the dump hoist shall have a
center thumb detent activation lock to prevent unintended activation
by an inadvertent bump of the control stick. Activation must be
protected by a positive thumb center button (detent) atop the control
Note: Hydraulic spreader controls shall also be cab mounted,
adjacent to the driver’s seated position. The V-Box spreader controls
shall be dial type hydraulic control with infinite flow rate variability.
Shall be a low-mount design. Mounting height from the top of the
truck chassis frame to the floor of the dump body shall not exceed
11 inches, maximum. NO EXCEPTIONS.
The hoist system shall include stabilizer arms. All moving points of
the sub-frame, stabilizer arms and hinge pins shall have lubrication
fittings (Grease Zerks). Permanent rear cylinder “back-stop” angle
shall be installed at the rear hoist sub frame to contact rear lift arm
assembly at 50 degrees dump angle.
Hoist shall incorporate a full length steel sub frame of 4 inch by 3
inch by 5/16 inch structural angle. The hoist frame shall be attached
to the truck chassis with three (3) sheer plates on each side. Sheer
plates shall be 3 inch by 3 inch by 5/16 inch thick. Attachment shall
be by two (2) each ½ inch grade 8 bolts in each sheer plate.
Hinges shall be minimum 7 inches long by 2 ½ inches wide with 3/4
inch diameter hinge pin shafts.
Dump hinges shall be integral to the hoist sub frame; hinges shall be
block and pad, bottom attachment type.
Shall be hydraulic telescopic type double acting (pressure up /
pressure down type).
Cylinder bore 7 inches minimum.
Stroke 20 inches.
Cylinder displacement 800 cubic inches.
Piston head surface area: Approximately 40 square inches.
Piston rod shaft 2 inch diameter minimum.
Piston rod shall act directly on lift arms and lift links.
All internal surfaces shall be finish honed.
Bearing surfaces shall be metallic with a maximum tube to bearing
clearance at the packing gland of .0025 inch, too control flex.
Cylinder internal retaining devices shall be concentric with the bore
of the tube.
Cylinders which require retaining ring groves shall not have a grove
depth in excess of 40 percent of the finished wall thickness. Grove
width shall not exceed 125 percent of the finished wall thickness.
Cylinder packing shall be supported at the base of the adaptor by
100 percent surface contact.
All cylinders shall have adjustable packing nuts with locking screws.
Cylinders mounted above the top flange of the truck frame or subframe, shall have the fill port positioned at the top of the outer
cylinder tube, below the internal retaining device.
An air bleed device shall be provided. It shall be recessed or
otherwise protected from external damage.
The top cylinder pin shafts to be 1, 1/4 inch diameter minimum.
Shall be a minimum 50 gallon tank capacity. Adequate to supply all
hydraulic circuits on the completed unit. Exact capacity must allow
for full function of all installed hydraulic components with a safe total
volume and thermal reserve capacity.
Reservoir shall have a shielded, sight glass, fluid level and
temperature indicator.
The tank shall be constructed of 10 gauge steel minimum, with two
10 gauge baffles permanently installed in the interior.
The reservoir shall be equipped with an accessible bottom sump.
The suction and recirculation lines shall be from the sump. No
The filler shall have 10 micron screens. The cap shall be vented
and have a dip stick.
The reservoir shall be equipped with 10 micron suction and return
filters, both to be a replaceable cartridge type.
Fully Proportional Joy Stick Controls on a console in the cab to the
right of the driver. Controlling both power up and power down
function of the dump body.
Unit shall have an integrated automatic body raised alert with
audible and visual warning to the operator that the body is raised.
The hoist control shall be spring loaded, requiring constant force for
movement, applied by the operator, to raise or lower the dump body.
All control functions shall have permanently engraved placarded
identification plates per California Code of Regulations Title 13,
section 1251. No paper type labels will be accepted.
The hoist must operate freely under all loads at all angles of lift, for
easy load spreading control.
The system shall utilize an electric over hydraulic system with
adjustable electronically actuated spool valves. All valves shall be
programmable for rate.
Note: spreader control valves shall be hand knob flow control
hydraulic and shall be located within the cab. They must be
pedestal mounted, behind the Plow and Dump hoist controls.
All control functions shall have a permanently engraved identification
plates per California Code of Regulations Title 13, section 1251.
Paper decal type labels will not be accepted.
All flexible lines used in the system shall be SAE 100 R2, no
All fittings shall be high pressure with a 3,000 psi minimum working
pressure rating. No exceptions.
The minimum I.S. dimension shall be the same as the minimum I.D.
of the hoses.
Reference: 10 foot wide by 30 inch high, double acting hydraulic
swing with lift.
The mounting hitch shall be a reinforced, bumper mounted, push
frame assembly compliant with the Plow assembly manufacturer’s
Plow (Moldboard) height shall NOT exceed 30 inches.
Hitch is to be a low profile, quick mount type hitch.
The Hitch and lift ram assembly shall be configured to allow the
engine cowl to open fully.
Hitch shall be all welded construction with reinforcing gussets, angle
cross ties and reinforcements. Plow forces must be transferred to
plates, with formed flanges, securely bolted to the truck frame.
A single lever release mechanism for removal of the plow blade
The unit shall be equipped with a straight edged, double acting
swing (reversible), reinforced, spring trip, snow blade, 10 ft. wide X
30 inch height with a single point release from the push frame
The Blade must be self- leveling. The blade lift leveling may be by a
floating stainless steel aircraft grade cable through a center lift ram
mounted, double jib wheel. Allowing the blade to self- level.
A reinforced (ribbed) steel 30” high mold board, smooth rolled, one
piece, of 10 gauge thickness. Two (2) sets of dual trip springs
protecting the plow. Nine vertical reinforcing ribs ½” thick X 3" wide.
Dual Cutting edge - Reversible ½" by 6" X 10 ft., long life
replaceable “ Kennametal Carbide Edged Blades”, fronted by a 1"
X6"X10' long life steel blade.
Mold Board configuration: Straight edge, semicircular, curved face
with snow deflector across the top.
Lift - Approximately 15"
Plow (only) weight Approximately 1,500 lbs.
Hinge points – (4) each at 1 inch.
Outside Hinge Spread - Approximately 85"
Cast Steel Caster Wheels two (2) ea. – Approximately 8” with screw
jack adjustment.
Top of Moldboard stiffener - Approximately 3" X 3" X 3/8
The plow blade must be equipped with vertical, bright high visibility,
clearance marker rods at each blade tip, visible to the driver while
The blade must be equipped with a bolt on curb guard, blade
protector, mounted on the base of the blade at both ends.
The blade must be equipped with adjustable heavy cast runners for
proper blade support and height adjustment.
The upper portion of the mold board shall be equipped with a full
width stiffener.
The push frame and mold board actuating assembly and trip
assembly must protect the front bumper and frame from contact with
the mold board.
The front bumper of the truck shall be \swept/ back outside of the
frame rails, to prevent contact with the swinging mold board
The plow hydraulic system must be equipped with “Brunnings flushfaced, dripless, “dry-break” quick disconnect hydraulic lines to allow
for quick clean removal of the plow blade and swing cylinder
The blade removal must be accommodated by a single lever release
Two (2) jumper hydraulic lines must be provided for use when the
blade is not installed to assure no leaks or damage in case of
accidental activation of the hydraulic system.
The blade controls shall be cab mounted single lever swing and lift
control, mounted to the right of the operator within easy reach.
Four (4) way Plow Control stick marked for left/right and up/down for
plow functions, double acting, lift and swing.
Lever must incorporate a thumb lock detent button to prevent
accidental plow motion.
Control must include the ability to raise lower and swing left or right,
with a float position for plowing without down force on the blade.
The blade shall have a double acting hydraulic swing cylinder
allowing equal swing arc, left or right.
The Long Push-frame, Hitch, lifting ram, Mold Board and spring trip
assemblies must all be protected from corrosion by a Powder Coat
Paint Process and finished in the Manufacturers standard color(s).
Valve knobs shall be electronic over hydraulic flow control. They
shall be located adjacent to the driver’s seat within the cab.
Spreader controls must be pedestal mounted within reach of all
operators while the truck is being driven.
All control functions shall have permanently engraved identification
plates per California Code of Regulations Title 13, section 1251.
Paper decal type labels will not be accepted.
All flexible lines used in the system shall be SAE 100 R2, NO
All fittings shall be high pressure with a 3,000 psi minimum working
pressure rating. No exceptions.
The minimum I.S. dimension shall be the same as the minimum I.D.
of the hoses.
Hose Sizes:
Suction Lines:
3/4 inch I.D. Minimum.
Pressure Lines:
3/4 inch I.D. Minimum.
The unit shall come equipped with a Hoist warning (red) light and
buzzer, activated when upon hoist extension.
Hoist must be a minimum class 40 and must be advertised in the
NTEA classification chart for dump truck hoists. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Hydraulic oil pressure at maximum lifting capacity of 12 tons and
shall not exceed 1,850 PSI. No exceptions.
The hoist manufacturers certified rating for the hoist shall exceed the
maximum load by 20%. A copy of the manufacturer’s written
certification for the lift shall be submitted upon delivery of vehicle.
All components of the dump hydraulic system used on this truck
shall be of the same manufacturer or supplied by the same
manufacturer as used in the current NTEA classification chart for
this class of hoist. No exceptions.
Shall be electronically controlled and fully adjustable for rate. The
valves bank shall have an additional (spare) spool for the capability
of expansion. The valves shall be closed centered and load
sensing. Valves shall be mounted, outside and behind the cab
between the frame rails.
Valve capacity shall not be less than 30 GPM @ 3,500 PSI
The ladder shall be a Slide-under (Rub Rail) design, 24 inches high
by 18 inches wide. The ladder shall extend approximately 24 inches
below the floor of the truck body.
Ladder shall be painted yellow, exact color shall be determined
at time of pre-build meeting.
It shall be constructed of 5/16 inch by 2 inch side flat bars with three
(3) rungs constructed of 1, 1/4 inch steel bar. A positive latch shall
secure the ladder in the up position when not in use.
The ladder assembly must have a fourth step built into the side of
the dump body allowing access into and out of the bed.
The V box spreader must be a hydraulic circuit operated unit with a
reinforced box brace structure, capable of containing a full load of
granular material in addition to the stress of being bound with four
ratcheting Chain Binder tie downs to the Dump Body.
Binders: Four (4) each of the V box unit load binders are to be
included. The Body of the V-Box must have four (4) binder
attachment hard points, aligned with four (4) heavy Duty "D-Rings
welded to the rub rail, to secure the sander unit within the Dump Bed
of the truck.
The Spreader unit must have a hydraulically driven spinner, to be
supplied by a PTO driven Hydraulic circuit from the Load sensing
axial piston Hydraulic Pump.
V-box material spreader shall be capable of hauling and spreading
free-flowing granular materials from a minimum width of four (4) feet
to a maximum of forty (40) feet. This unit shall consist of a steel
body, discharge/feed conveyor, spinner disc, power drive, and all
components necessary to make a complete operating unit. The
manufacturing and production of this unit shall be of the best
commercial practices and only materials of the finest quality shall be
Reference Make/Model: Swensen Granular Material Spreader, EV100 with Hydraulic drive motor, or Department approved equal.
The spreader hopper shall be constructed of 10-gauge hi-grade
steel with a double-crimped top edge forming a 2-inch section for
greater rigidity. The hopper body length shall be not less than 10
feet with 2 feet of longitudinal overhung for supporting the spinner
The outside width of the hopper shall not be more than 84 inches
with the overall height not greater than 48 inches. The capacity of
the hopper shall be approximately 5 cubic yards water level full. The
body sides shall have not less than forty-five degree pitch to insure
free-flow of material to conveyor. The body longitudinals shall be
manufactured of 7-gauge steel.
The channel cross stills are manufactured of 3 inch X 4 inch channel
iron that ties the lower edge of the longitudinal to each side support.
These cross supports shall be wide enough to allow the hopper box
to be mounted on various width truck frames or slide into a dump
box. A 6 inch X 9 lb. wide flange “H” beam shall be elevated 3
inches above the top-edge of the hopper, thus providing a
longitudinal brace and hinge point for the top screens.
There shall be a 2-inch X 2 inch angle iron welded from the “H”
beam to each side for additional side support.
The body and conveyor longitudinal shall be electrically welded into
a rugged solid unit with a continuous weld between the outside joint
to prevent a pocket for rust. A screw-type gate jack-ruler shall be
provided at the rear of the hopper to allow for accurate discharge.
There shall be 10 gauge formed side supports that extend the full
side angle height spaced on approximately 2-foot centers. A heavyduty lift hook shall be provided at each corner. The rear endplate
shall be reinforced inside and supported outside to give it maximum
strength. A mounting hardware kit shall be provided to safely secure
the hopper to the truck.
The conveyor system shall be of the chain-barflite type running
longitudinally with the body feeding material to the feed gate
opening. The overall conveyor width shall not be less than 24
To protect the chain link strands, the top edge of the longitudinal
shall be formed down over the strands exposing only the drag bar to
the material. The conveyor floor shall be of flat design and
manufactured or replaceable 3/16 inch steel and roll over edges.
The gearbox shall have hardened and ground bronze gears
mounted on a 1-1/2 inch diameter drive shaft and supported on
tapered roller bearings. These gears shall be machine-cut and
mounted in anti-friction sealed bearings and running in oil. The
gearbox ratio shall be 50:1 or 25:1.
The drive and idler sprockets shall be 6 tooth drop-forged steel
sprockets keyed to the 1-1/2 inch diameter drive shaft and 1-1/4 inch
diameter idler shaft. Both conveyor shafts shall have heavy-duty,
dust-sealed, self-aligning ball bearings equipped with grease fittings.
A heavy-duty idler adjustment assembly shall provide 3 inches of
adjustments for proper conveyor chain tension.
The Idler sprockets must have a spring tensioned Jam relief
assembly. The spring tension assembly for the chain sprockets
should allow a foreign object (a stone) to be jammed through the
chain and sprocket interface without damaging the chain.
The conveyor chain shall be heat-treated 2.25-inch pitch selfcleaning, pintle-type 7/16-inch pins and tensile strength per strand of
21,000 pounds. The chain shall utilize a ¼ inch X 1-1/2 inch X 183/4 inch crossbar welded on both the top and bottom to every other
chain link making an overall width of twenty-two inches (22-3/8
inches). The crossbars will be positioned on approximately 4.5-inch
Unit shall include installed spreader hydraulic circuits with a
hydraulically driven spinner. The distributor disc shall be at least 18
inches in diameter made of 7-gauge abrasion resistant steel and
have six replaceable formed 7 gauge carbon steel fins. This disc
shall be mounted on a cast iron replaceable hub connected directly
to the hydraulic motor. The material shall be guided from the
conveyor to the distribution disc by means of an adjustable 10
gauge material deflector. This deflector shall control the spread
pattern from left to right by controlling where the material drops on
the disc. The entire spinner assembly shall be manufactured of not
less than 10 gauge steel. There shall be four (4) spinner baffles, one
front fixed, two side, and one rear. Baffles shall be adjustable
without needing tools.
The conveyor chain shall be driven through the worm drive gearbox
by a low speed, high-torque “orbital type” hydraulic motor. This
motor shall be directly coupled to the gearbox and protected from
the elements by cast iron housing. The spinner disc shall be driven
by an independent low-speed high-torque “orbital type” hydraulic
motor. This motor shall be directly coupled to the spinner-hub, thus
eliminating any extra extension shaft or bearings.
The top screens shall be constructed of 3/8 inch rods welded to form
a 2.5 inch square mesh which is framed by a combination of ¼ inch
X 1-1/2 inch flat steel and 2 inch angle iron with the edge supports
reinforced by ¼ inch X 1 inch flat steel bars. The screens shall be
manufactured in sections that are not over 45 inches wide. Each
section shall be easily removable by using the “drop and lock” type
hinge. Screens utilizing hardware that may vibrate loose will not be
The Spreader controls shall be cab mounted, infinitely variable,
electronic, hydraulic, rate controls. Pedestal mounted and
ergonomically placed, not to interfere with dump or plow operating
Hitch mounted to a full steel plate, reinforced to frame, hitch plate.
Hitch shall be painted “RED”
Heavy-duty pintle type, with air opened plunger. The hitch shall be
mounted to the hitch plate. The lower side of the opening shall be
located approximately 30 inches, + ½ inch, above the road surface.
The hitch shall have a minimum capacity of 12,000 lb., vertical load
and 48,000 pounds pull capacity.
Holland model PH625 with manual plunger cushion, or Department
approved equal. Specifications and parts list for the hitch must be
included with the truck upon delivery.
Two (2) heavy-duty, steel safety chain “D” rings shall be securely
mounted to the rear hitch plate and located on either side of the
Trailer light connection shall be a “Cole Hersee”, 7-way Model
12063 or equal, attached within 24 inches of center, near the trailer
hitch and wired per ATA standard color code with stop turn and tail
light. All wiring and lights must comply with ATA Electrical
LOAD MAN SCALE or Department approved system must be
installed notifying the operator of an overweight condition.
The unit shall be equipped with a tamper proof alarm System. The
alarm shall be set to an agreed upon weight determined by both the
County and manufacturer. The perimeters shall be determined prior
to completion of equipment.
A backup warning device, instantaneous, electric, designed for
severe service. The device shall comply with SAEJ994 and
California Code of Regulations, Title 8, section 1592, Warning
82-107 dB (A) variable "ambient noise sensing" output feature to
soften the alarm in quiet areas and increase the output as ambient
noise levels increase.
Reference: ECCO Backup alarm, Model SA901or Department
approved equal.
A fully integrated, automatic backup camera, with in cab display.
The closed circuit (back up) camera/ monitor shall be a full color
system. Camera aft oriented and (center) mounted to the hitch
frame, 25 inches from the ground.
The camera mounting shall be protected from damage with a steel
mounting can with a protective ring or brow. The monitor shall be
securely, center mounted in the cab area, visible to the operator.
Camera shall have full color capability and infrared illumination, IR
Display to be a full color, in cab mounted, flat panel display for
visibility at an angle. Display panel size rated at 7 inches minimum,
flat panel.
Backup monitoring system must be installed and hard wired to
backup lamp circuit. A backing detection system, detecting fixed or
moving objects within 10 feet of sonar sensors and alerting the
driver by voice how far away the nearest object is.
System shall utilize echolocation sonar technology to resist
interference from dirt and debris on the sensors, which is
appropriate for this application.
Voice distance alert to the operator.
Detection, from 12 inches out to 8 feet.
Accuracy to within + 2 inches.
Sensors capability shall be unaffected by obscuring phenomenon
like: fog, snow, smoke and darkness.
Furnished complete and functional with fitted Installation, to include:
Three (3) Aft Mounted Sensors. Installed per manufacturer
guidelines. Sensor brackets, allowing underbody mounting.
All required cables routed through an automotive grade split loom
sheath. Speaker, mounted, with volume adjustable slide switch 12
Volt DC, reverse circuit wiring, installed to chassis OEM terminal
Microprocessor unit, mounted securely in a sealed water tight Box.
Galvanized steel brackets, quantity as required for the installation.
Ground Wire.
Three (3) Year Warranty.
Bak-Talk III or Department approved equal.
Information Reference,, by American Dealer
Services Inc. (888) 325-5756
Furnish all lights wiring reflectors fenders mud guards and flaps
required by the State of California Vehicle Code.
The dump body must be equipped to meet NHTSA requirements for
marking perimeter at the side and rear. Equipped with a 2" wide
alternating block pattern of red and white Scotchlite or equal
reflective DOT certified Tape.
The chassis shall be factory finished in an OEM bright white.
All fabricated parts of this equipment shall be thoroughly cleaned of
all weld splatter, slag, and other foreign substances prior to prime
All inside non-exposed panels of the dump body shall be cleaned
and primer coated, prior to assembly. This shall include welded
assemblies. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Truck cab, wheel rims and Dump Body, to be painted manufacturer's
pure white.
Under chassis reservoirs and fuel tanks, to be treated with corrosion
inhibiting gloss black finish.
Deliver the vehicle to:
Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
Equipment inspection office
11282 Garfield Avenue
Downey, Ca 91782
Telephone: (626) 869-9312
Frank V. Solano
Power Equipment Specification Writer
Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
900 So. Fremont Avenue
Alhambra, California 91802
Telephone: (626) 458-7307
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