Global Direct | 21938 | Installation guide | Global Direct 21938 Installation Guide

STYLE#: 21938
Careful unpack all lamp parts from the carton.
1. Take the lamp carefully out of the Carton,and place it on a flat surface.
2. Be sure the power to the installation point is power off.
3. Turn the inner-threaded turning counter-clockwise and move the
coupling upward. (Picture 1)
4. Move the metal cap upward to allow space for glass ball. (Picture 2)
5. Slide the Glass Ball to allow the clips fit into the glass. (Picture 3)
6. Rotate the Glass Ball to allow the clip from other end fit
into the glass. (Picture 4)
7. Put the metal cap downward to touch with the glass top. (Picture 5)
8. Turn the inner threaded turning clockwise until tightened (Picture 6)
9. Swing the fixture body ring to reach with evenly gapped. (Picture 7)
10. Now you can enjoy your beautiful fixture. (Picture 8)
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