UTM Office Gateway
ith growing the Internet technology, the
security threat is also accompanied with
the advantage development. Simple function
gateway will not be powerful enough to protect
the internal resource. Now the AirLive RS family
offers you a new fully security solution in one
device, RS-3000, administrator can simplify
the installation of network environment, and
utilize the budget as well to enrich the intranet
construction design, to improve the work more
VPN Policy
Anti-Virus for filtering Email
Embedded with Clam AV of Anti-Virus engine, the mail contents and
attached file will be scanned for the virus before to be passed to recipient.
The virus pattern can be checked for updated regularly, or administrator
can also update the pattern manually. All the updated process is free of
Anti-Spam for incoming Email
Embedded with fingerprint, Bayesian Anti-Spam systems, and ability
to verify the valid sender account or address, the RS-3000 provides a
powerful function to filter spam mail, and the simple managed page to
facilitate the configuration.
Mail Training system
The spam mail or ham mail can be imported to RS-3000 in order to improve the rate of mail analysis.
5F, No.96, Min-ChuanRd, Hsin-tien City, Taipei, Taiwan
IDP (Intrusion Detection Prevention) system provides the ability to
detect and block the Internet hacker’s attack. The packets of Internet
services (such as HTTP, FTP, P2P, IM…) can also be filtered by the AntiVirus engine.
IPSec and PPTP VPN Servers
With VPN service, the branch office or Internet user will be able to
access internal resource more easily and safely. Besides, the IPSec VPN
trunk function offers a continual VPN connection between offices when
the primary VPN tunnel is failed.
Application Blocking
The new function of Application Blocking not just support to block IM and P2P connection, it can
also block several application connections such as Webmail, Video/Audio, Game, Tunnel and Remote
Control applications.
Application Blocking List
Application Type
Instant Messaging Login
MSN, Yahoo, ICQ/AIM, QQ/TM2008, Skype
Google Talk, Gadu-Gadu, Rediff, WebIM, AliSoft, Fetion
Instant Messaging File
MSN, Yahoo, ICQ/AIM, QQ, Google Talk, Gadu-Gadu
Peer-to-Peer Application
eDonkey, Bit Torrent, WinMX, Foxy, KuGoo, AppleJuice
AudioGalaxy, DirectConnect, iMesh, MUTE, Thunder5
GoGoBox, QQDownload, Ares, Shareaza, BearShare
Morpheus, Limewire, Kazaa, Clubbox
Video / Audio Application
PPLive, PPStream, UUSee, QQLive
exPeer, qvodplayer, Funchion, PPMate
Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Hinet, PChome, URL, YAM
Seednet, 163/126/Yeah, Tom, Sina, Sohu, QQ/Foxmail
Game Application
GLWorld, QQGame
Tunnel Application
VNN Client, Ultra-Surf, Tor, Hamachi, Hotspot Shield
Remote Control Application
TeamViewer, VNC, RemoteDesktop
10jqka, Dzh, Qianlong, Pobo
* New updated list will be announced in AirLive website without further notification
5F, No.96, Min-ChuanRd, Hsin-tien City, Taipei, Taiwan
Policy QoS and personal QoS are available in RS-3000. The difference
between them is that Policy QoS can limit the bandwidth per specific
user or service, but personal QoS will restrict the bandwidth to all the IP
address with same bandwidth limitation. When administrator configures
Policy QoS and personal QoS simultaneously, RS-3000 will restrict each
personal useful bandwidth within the Policy QoS range..
User Authentication
Internal users must pass the authentication before to access Internet
resource. The users’ database can be stored at local device, RADIUS
server or POP3 server.
WAN Load Balance
RS-3000 provides multiple load balance types to enrich the useful bandwidth and balance the
multiple WAN connecting usages. The load balance types include Round-Robin, by Sessions and
by Packets. Meanwhile, administrator can also select by Source IP or by Destination IP type of load
balance mode, to prevent the disconnection because of the limitation of specific servers, such as
banking system or Internet on-line game server, that are not allowed to be accessed by a computer
with multiple IP addresses.
Server Load Balance
Within Virtual server function, RS-3000 allows a real IP address mapped to 4 private IP addresses.
The balance mode works as Round-Robin.
Multiple Subnet
Multiple subnets are allowed to be configured simultaneously in LAN environment, if so,
administrator can divide different subnet based on departments, and secure the information to be
accessed by inhibited users.
5F, No.96, Min-ChuanRd, Hsin-tien City, Taipei, Taiwan
- Processor: Intel IXP 425, 533MHz
- Memory: 16MB Flash, 128MB DRAM
- Power: 100 ~ 250 VAC
- Power consumption: 80 Watts
- Dimension: 440 x 237 x 43 mm
- LAN: 1 x 10/100 Base-T Ethernet RJ45 port
- WAN: 2 x 10/100 Base-T Ethernet RJ45 port
- DMZ: 1 x 10/100 Base-T Ethernet RJ45 port
- RS-232: DB-9 port for checking system or
reset the factory default
Mail Security
- Anti-Virus for incoming email
- Anti-Spam for incoming email
- Mail Training system to improve the analysis
- License free to update virus pattern
- IPSec VPN server
- Up to 50 IPSec VPN Tunnel
- IPSec VPN Trunk
- PPTP VPN Server
- PPTP VPN Client
- Policy based VPN
- Upstream and Downstream Bandwidth Control
- Define Guaranteed and Maximum Bandwidth
- Limit bandwidth by IP and/or by Application
- 3 tiers level of priority
- Personal QoS to limit the bandwidth per
source IP
- User Authentication based on Local database,
RADIUS server or POP3 server
- Up to 100 local users
- Anti-Virus for HTTP, FTP, IM, P2P…
- License free to update IDP signature
- Pre-defined and customize IDP signature
LAN Support
Content Blocking
DMZ Support
- URL Blocking
- Java Scripts, ActiveX, Popup and Cookie
- Download or Upload Blocking by file type
Application Blocking
- Automatically or manually updates
Application Signature
- IM Login
- IM File Transfer
- Peer-to-Peer Applications
- Video/Audio Applications
- Webmail
- Tunnel Applications:
- Remote Control Applications:
5F, No.96, Min-ChuanRd, Hsin-tien City, Taipei, Taiwan
- NAT mode
- Multiple Subnet
- NAT mode and Transparent mode
Management and Maintenance
- Web-based management
- Firmware upgrade
- Export or import the config file
Virtual Server
- Mapped IP
- Multi Virtual Server
- Server Load Balance
WAN Support
- Dynamic IP
- Fixed IP
- Load Balance and Fail-over
Environment Specification
- Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 60 ℃
- Operating Humidity: 5% ~ 95%
Ordering Information:
UTM Office Gateway
5F, No.96, Min-ChuanRd, Hsin-tien City, Taipei, Taiwan
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