Neuphonix Mk2 Specifications Sheet.indd

Neuphonix Mk2 Specifications Sheet.indd
A big sound for your biggest space, whether playing the latest
blockbuster movie or an album to rock the room. The Neuphonix
Mk2 can handle the power, cooly, calmly, without taking up too much
With a sculpted front baffle designed to improve clarity, the
Neuphonix Mk2 is a 3-way design featuring four custom-designed
130mm bass drivers, each with oversized magnets.
An extensive crossover network - featuring only low tolerance, high
grade components - beautifully matches the 130mm dedicated
midrange and the high grade 26mm ring radiator tweeter, delivering
an extended frequency response to 40kHz.
A scalloped grille subtly augments the acoustic benefits of the baffle
and adds extra style to an already streamlined design. The rear of the
cabinet features a brushed aluminium terminal plate and gold plated
brass binding posts.
Complete the look with your choice of premium cabinet finishes.
Elegance is in the details.
For the ultimate sound experience at home, play it through Krix.
Deep, effortless bass
Power, impact and finesse
Design details that deliver
Neuphonix Mk2
Frequency Range
35Hz - 40kHz (in room response)
Power Handling
50 - 300 Watts RMS recommended amplifier power
88dB (2.83V / 1m)
Nominal 6 Ohms (minimum 4.9 Ohms)
Low Frequency Drivers
4 x nominal 130mm (5”) coated paper cones. 26mm (1”) voice coil wound on high powered aluminium former provides enhanced linearity. Oversized magnet for low distortion
Mid Frequency Driver
1 x nominal 130mm (5”) coated paper cone. 26mm (1”) voice coil wound on high powered aluminum former, using copper
shorting ring and oversized magnet for low distortion
High Frequency Driver
26mm (1") dual concentric diaphragm with wave-guide centre plug for controlled directivity. Non-reflective dual chambered
magnet structure with copper shorting ring to lower distortion
Enclosure Type
Dual chambers - sealed midrange chamber with bass reflex main chamber. Rear vented with internal and external flaring
Input Terminals
Dual gold plated bi-wire binding posts (bi-wireable, bi- ampable)
1046mm high x 225mm wide x 405mm deep (including grille)
30kg each
ADELAIDE | 14 Chapman Road, Hackham, SA, 5163, Australia T +61 8 8384 3433 F +61 8 8384 3419
[email protected]
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For the ultimate movie experience. Ensuring perfect timbral matching with the Neuphonix Mk2, the Epicentrix
Mk2 centre channel speaker features identical, high grade components with vertical mid and high frequency
driver alignment, ensuring a seamless soundtage of crystal clear dialogue and bone-crunching effects.
Black Ash
Atlantic Jarrah
ADELAIDE | 14 Chapman Road, Hackham, SA, 5163, Australia Cola
Neuphonix Mk2 Specifications Sheet-002
T +61 8 8384 3433 F +61 8 8384 3419
[email protected]
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