GE 11281 Use and Care Manual

Power Failure
Night Light Guide
-Carefully read all instructions before using this night light
-Do not use outdoors
-No serviceable parts - DO NOT DISASSEMBLE
How to use:
1. After removing the night light from the package, unfold the retractable blades, and plug the
night light into a wall outlet and let charge before initial use. Make sure the outlet allows space
for the night light and does not cause it to come in contact with bed coverings or other materials that could potentially cause a fire hazard. Also make sure the night light is not placed in an
area where the photocell on the bottom of the night light will be covered up. It is recommended
to charge the night light at least 12 hours before utilizing the flashlight or power failure feature.
2. After night light is fully charged, do the following:
A. Unplug the night light from the wall. If the light on the night light is “ON”, then the night light’s Power Failure/Flashlight mode is “ON”. If the light on the night light is off, then the Power Failure/Flashlight mode is “OFF”.
B. Before plugging the night light back into the wall, press the button on the front to have the Power Failure/Flashlight mode turn “ON” or “OFF” as determined by “a” above. The night light function will work, when plugged into a live outlet, regardless of whether the Power Failure/Flashlight mode is “ON” or “OFF”.
NOTE: If a power outage occurs, the night light will cease to work as a night light and will only work in the Power
Failure/Flashlight mode. If you want the night light to automatically turn “ON” during a power outage you NEED
to make sure the Power Failure/Flashlight mode is “ON”.
3. The night light will automatically turn “ON” in a dark room and will automatically turn “OFF”
when there is enough light in the room.
4. To use the night light as a flashlight:
A. Remove from the wall and fold the retractable blades inside the unit.
B. If light is “ON”, use as normal. To turn “OFF”, push button once. If the
light is “OFF”, push button once to turn “ON”.
5. When the Flashlight/Power Failure mode is “ON” and the night light is removed from the wall
or there is a power outage, the night light will turn “ON”, and will last as long as the life of the
rechargeable battery.
6. To recharge the night light’s batteries, plug the night light back into a live outlet and let