Microsoft OneNote2007 Page | 1 Microsoft OneNote 2007

Microsoft OneNote2007 Page | 1 Microsoft OneNote 2007
Paperless Solutions: Microsoft OneNote2007 P a g e | 1 Microsoft OneNote 2007: Exploring the Possibilities of Digital Ink Course Objectives Pre‐requisites Upon completion of the course, users should be able to: Fall 2010 At the end of this session, participants will be able to take notes in either digital ink or typewritten form, organize material, and search for content. Microsoft OneNote 2007 is a part of the Office 2007 suite of software. If you do not have the Microsoft Office 2007 suite installed, please visit Corrigan hall, room 29.  Define the organizational structure of OneNote 2007 o Pages o Sections o Notebooks  Enter notes via digital ink (handwriting) – this requires a Tablet PC  Enter notes via the keyboard  Record audio  Insert images  Insert content from the Internet  Search for content within OneNote 2007  Share content with other users o OneNote to PDF o OneNote to Word Paperless Solutions: Microsoft OneNote2007 OneNote 2007 OneNote 2007 is an Information Gathering (note taking) application. OneNote 2007 Organizational Overview:  Notebooks  Sections  Pages Page(s) exist within a Section. Section(s) exist within a Notebook. Taking Notes P a g e | 2 Digital Ink 
OneNote 2007 is optimized for TabletPC Users 
The Writing Tools toolbar (View menu  Toolbars  Writing Tools) 
You can start writing with the Digital Stylus anywhere on the screen Text 
Fall 2010 Click anywhere on the screen to start typing Paperless Solutions: Microsoft OneNote2007 P a g e | 3  OneNote 2007 can record audio via the built‐in microphone on the laptops Audio  The audio toolbar (View menu  Toolbars  Audio and Video Recording)  Click the microphone to start recording  Click the stop square to stop recording  An audio file will be embedded into the current OneNote page Images There are two ways to include images from the web in OneNote 1. By Clicking on the image, dragging over to the OneNote window, and Releasing, the image appears with the URL of where the image came from. 2. Right‐click on the image, select Copy, and then Right‐click, select Paste will just paste the image into OneNote. Fall 2010 Paperless Solutions: Microsoft OneNote2007 Web Content P a g e | 4 Web Content When searching the web, often there is a piece of information that we would like to copy for future use or reference. When you copy & paste into OneNote from a web browser, OneNote automatically includes the URL to the web page from where the content originated. Search Searching for Content The built‐in search function is an extremely powerful tool for quickly locating specific information. The Search field is located in the upper right corner of the screen. You are able to search specifically in: 
Sharing This Section This Section Group This Notebook All Notebooks Sharing Content There are two main methods for sharing content created in OneNote: Fall 2010 Paperless Solutions: Microsoft OneNote2007 P a g e | 5 1. File  Publish as PDF 2. File  Send To  Microsoft Office Word Additional Resources Learn about the basics of using OneNote 2007
(Microsoft Training)‐us/training/get‐to‐know‐onenote‐2007‐
RZ010264077.aspx?CTT=1 Demo: Set up a OneNote Notebook (Microsoft Video)‐us/onenote‐help/demo‐set‐up‐a‐onenote‐notebook‐
HA010186011.aspx Top tips for OneNote2007 (Microsoft Video)‐us/onenote‐help/top‐tips‐for‐onenote‐2007‐
HA010195143.aspx OneNote 2007 Tips and Tricks: (Microsoft Video) Personal Usage and Collaboration Fall 2010 
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