Program Assistant – Greek Life

Program Assistant – Greek Life
Marquette University
Office of Intercultural Engagement
Graduate Assistant for Intercultural Engagement: Women’s and Gender Programming
General Description
The Graduate Assistant serves in an academic year appointment working approximately 10 hours per week and reports to
the Director of Intercultural Engagement. The GA is responsible for several on-going and short-term projects that advance
the vision of the Office of Intercultural Engagement. As part of a team of student affairs specialists, the GA is responsible
for planning, designing, and implementing women’s and gender educational programming. The GA assists in developing
strategies to address issues affecting the status of female college students and creating a culture of gender equity on
campus. The GA provides information, support, and referral on issues related to the unique needs of college women. The
GA assists in the implementation of multicultural and social justice education and works collaboratively with other
departments to address gender issues on campus. The GA is expected to undertake all responsibilities in a manner that
reflects the Catholic, Jesuit mission of the University as well as the principles of student development theory.
Specific Responsibilities
Assist with the development and implementation of social justice education and leadership opportunities for women
college students (including, but not limited to, Women’s Leadership Conference, Women’s Empowerment Dinner,
Seeds of Change, Women’s Voices United, National Women’s History Month, National Love Your Body Day,
Domestic Violence Awareness Month, International Women’s Day, etc…).
Assist with the development and implementation of programs and other leadership/support opportunities focused on
college women, multicultural competence, and inclusivity development to address issues of privilege, oppression,
intersections of identities (including but not limited to gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, class, etc…) for students in
various leadership positions.
Assist with the implementation of programs and initiatives that provide support and advocacy for women college
students; provide opportunities to help women students learn about their legal rights, how to file gender bias
complaint, and access campus/community resources.
Actively engage gender specific student organizations and assist with providing support to recognized student
organizations as they plan events. Attend student organization meetings/functions as needed.
Coordinate and maintain communication strategies for Intercultural Engagement (i.e. listserv updates, social media
management, website updates, etc.). Assist with the development and distribution of quarterly newsletter.
Assist with administration and supervision of the Center for Intercultural Engagement and its resources.
Provide on-site staffing and support for selected programs/events.
Assist with research, as needed, for the implementation of new programs and improvement of current programs.
Assist in assessment and evaluation efforts for women’s and gender initiatives and administrative processes,
developing evaluation strategies, collecting data, and analyzing results.
Serve as the Intercultural Engagement, Women’s and Gender Programs/Initiatives, representative and/or liaison to
university committees, task forces, etc., as well as community organizations, as assigned.
Participate in Division of Student Affairs meetings, committees, activities, and programs
 Period of employment: A nine- month period beginning August 1 - May 31 each academic year
 Currently enrolled (or acceptance for enrollment) in the Marquette University Student Affairs in Higher Education
graduate program.
 Preference will be given to candidates with at least two years of experience (including undergraduate experience) in
women’s and gender programming and/or social justice education/programming
Experience with and /or knowledge of student activities, program planning, and event management, and or leadership
Direct or related experience working with students from traditionally underrepresented populations (i.e. women
college students, students from underrepresented racial, ethnic and religious communities, students in the LGBTQ
community, and first generation students)
Demonstrates knowledge and ability related to social justice including, privilege and intersectionality
Strong oral and written communication skills; strong administrative and organizational skills
Commitment to values compatible with and supportive of Marquette’s mission as a culturally diverse, Catholic, Jesuit
Ability to function well in and contribute to a professional environment that promotes teamwork, collegiality,
communication and collaboration
Availability to work some nights and weekends when needed in order to ensure a quality student experience is an
expectation for the position
Remuneration: 9 tuition credits (4.5 per semester) and $7,825 tuition stipend for 10-month term.
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