High Level Hybrid Bipolar Preamplifier +40 dBm IP3

High Level Hybrid Bipolar Preamplifier +40 dBm IP3
High Level Hybrid Bipolar
Preamplifier +40 dBm IP3
50 to 500 MHz
These amplifiers were originally developed for NASA and represent the best in Silicon Bipolar Transistor (SBT)
amplifier design available today. The use of hybrid combined medium power SBT’s provide high dynamic range
and give better reliability than single stage amplifiers. These amplifiers have moderate gain to provide a higher
system dynamic range. As always, Angle Linear guarantees unconditional stability of every preamplifier we make.
Units can be supplied with internal low pass filters (7 section), 0.25 db loss, -55dbc at 2nd harmonic, -75 dbc at 3rd
Specify any 50 MHz band, example, Part number HY1318BNE = 130 to 180 MHz or HY1015BNE = 100 to 150
MHz. Gain will be higher at lower end of segment by < 2db.
typical specifications:
Frequency band
50 to 100 MHz
100 to 150 MHz
150 to 200 MHz
200 to 250 MHz
250 to 300 MHz
300 to 350 MHz
350 to 400 MHz
400 to 450 MHz
450 to 500 MHz
Gain (db)
Gain +/- 1.5 db over any 50 MHz segment
Noise figure: 2.0 dB +/- 0.3 db
return loss in & out: >18 dB
Output: IP3 +40 dBm or better
IP2 +55 dBm or better
Out Comp pt: 1 dB >+28 dBm
Units operate from +12.0 to +16 VDC.Internal voltage regulator allows for operation up to +28 VDC but an external
dropping resistor is recomended for voltages above +16VDC. Each amplifier has it’s own independent bias current
regulator. External and internal high voltage transient suppressors provide 40kV, 1 micro sec. pulse protection.
Outout intercept will be reduced with voltages lower than 13.4 VDC. DC current requirement is typically 130 mA at
+13.8 VDC. Filtering on the DC terminal provides >80 dB attenuation from 25 MHz to several GigaHertz.
Construction is rugged: an irridited aluminum enclosure with stainless steel hardware throughout. Twenty four
screws attach the covers and give maximum shielding for the most hostile RF environments.
Connectors (tri-metal) have ptfe (Teflon) dielectric with gold pins and are available in type N , TNC & SMA.
Dimensions: 3” x 3.5” x 0.9”. Mounting and connector cinfiguration/positions give maximum versatility for rack
panel shelf mounting: “E connector” mounting (end) shown, “T” denotes top mounting for higher density packaging
(similar to our standard PHEMT (GaAs FET) preamplifiers). These amplifiers are also available in our line of
receiver multicouplers. Specify operating voltage.
P/N example: HY4050BNE, Hi level bipolar, 400 to 500 MHz, end mounted connectors.
Maximum continuous input power +14 dBm Operating temp & storage = -20 to +70 degrees C
Add LP suffix for low pass filter and specify highest pass frequency needed.
Connectors: N = N, T = TNC, S = SMA. “E” suffix = end mounted, “T” suffix = top mounted
Contact Angle Linear for other frequencies
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