Structured Cabling Solutions for CCTV and Surveillance

Structured Cabling Solutions for CCTV and Surveillance
for CCTV and
NetClear ESS
Safety and
The Path to IP starts here…
Traditional CCTV systems required proprietary software and hardware
platforms and point-to-point transmission over coaxial cable. Today video
surveillance systems are evolving from analog-based systems to an Ethernet
IP-addressable system over a standards-based fiber and copper structured cabling
network. Selecting a reliable end-to-end cabling system will assure real world
performance for today and tomorrow’s electronic safety and security systems.
NetClear ESS
Safety and
It simply works better.
Berk-Tek, a Nexans Company and
Ortronics/Legrand have assembled a
complete portfolio of end-to-end structured
cabling systems for security applications
with the NetClear ESS solutions. NetClear ESS
cabling solutions have evolved out of years of
co-engineering experience in the LAN/enterprise
environment to address the unique challenges
of today’s intelligent security applications.
NetClear ESS solutions encompass both
fiber and copper-based systems and are
tailored to meet the requirements of any
security application or environment.
Total Solutions Made Easy
Beyond cable and connectivity from
Berk-Tek and Ortronics/Legrand, NetClear
ESS solutions integrate physical support
systems, such as cabinets and open
racks, as well as pathways systems from
Wiremold/Legrand and Cablofil/Legrand.
The combination of Berk-Tek, Ortronics/Legrand
and a team of best-in-class affiliates
provides a completely integrated solution
able to support legacy analog technology as
well as provide for future migration to IP-based
systems. Simply spec it, install it, forget it.
… and ends with total integration.
The best solutions for today integrate tomorrow's technology. The most efficient
scenario is when each data, voice and video device can speak the same language
and use the same or parallel network infrastructure principles. NetClear ESS IP
solutions can utilize copper, fiber, or a combination of both to deploy cameras and
other building automation devices over one common IP-addressable platform.
NetClear ESS
Total Fiber
and Copper
IP Solutions
The Whole Picture:
Fiber and Copper
NetClear ESS fiber optic solutions include
a wide range of multimode and singlemode cables and connectors, which are
ideal when longer distances and elevated
bandwidths are essential. Fiber optic
cable is immune to environmental
electrical elements, such as EMI, RFI
and lightning-induced transient voltages.
Fiber optic cabling is the preferred
media in network backbone between
telecom rooms and are terminated
IP Copper and Fiber Solution
into secure fiber panels. From there
multiple horizontal runs over either
copper or fiber cable to the cameras are
specified by distance and environment.
Fiber to the camera requires transceivers
for media conversion over to copper
patch cords directly to the device.
Only NetClear ESS offers Berk-Tek's unique
two-fiber indoor/outdoor, loose tube, tight
buffer construction cable, newly designed
for security cameras. Or for powering
cameras over one cable, our hybrid cable
features fiber together with copper
conductors in a Siamese construction.
Distributed power, or PoE (Power over
Ethernet), data and video signals can
be transmitted over the NetClear ESS
premium Category 6 UTP cable solution.
This advanced technology provides the
ability to power the camera reliably
using the same cable as the video, and
even PTZ (power, tilt, zoom) signals.
For security networks that include video,
access control, video analytics, and other
physical security applications, a NetClear
ESS IP solution provides the infrastructure
to ensure transparent integration.
The biggest hurdle on the path to a total IP-addressable system is
converting from legacy analog, and often proprietary signaling to IP-based
digital signaling. Installing a standards-based structured cabling system
will allow for a seamless transition.
NetClear ESS
for Analog
A NetClear ESS structured cabling solution
eases this transition by supporting legacy
analog cameras over an unshielded twisted
pair (UTP)-based cabling system. A NetClear
ESS Category 5e UTP-based structured cabling
system is a cost-effective solution that allows
you to use your existing camera investment.
Through balun technology, NetClear ESS for
legacy analog CCTV designs converts
unbalanced signals over coax to a balanced
signal over UTP cable, which will allow for
future migration to an IP-addressable device.
Analog Solution
Benefits of UTP over coaxial cable
• Lower cost of materials
• Reduced cable installation and
termination time
• Reduced conduit and raceway due
to smaller diameter cable
• Multiple functionality delivered on one
cable (power/video/data)
• Balanced signal eliminates possibility
of ground loop
Augment your current analog investment with newer IP technology
to create a hybrid scenario. Installing a UTP-based structured cabling
system can provide the ability to implement new, intelligent security
devices, while offering a balance between performance and price.
NetClear ESS
for Hybrid
CCTV Solutions
Best of both worlds
The recommended cabling solution for a
hybrid installation is enhanced Category 6
cable to support high-definition video and
advanced analytics. By selecting a solution
comparable to the existing data and voice
network, a parallel Category 6 network becomes
scalable for total IP, and also saves initial
costs by utilizing the same product sets and
installation practices as today’s I.T. network.
Hybrid Solution
Benefits of Standards-compliant
IP-based network
• Increases accessibility to video storage
and viewing
• Allows pro-active data analysis
• Reduces installation and operational costs
• Scalability for future IP-based applications
Berk-Tek, A Nexans Company
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Tel: 800-BERK-TEK; 717-354-6200
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NetClear ESS Structured Cabling Solutions
for Electronic Safety and Security
IP Solution
IP Solution
with PoE
Associated Devices
NetClear ESS
Fiber Solutions
Analog Camera with Balun
NetClear ESS
for Hybrid CCTV
Adventum™ Indoor/Outdoor
Loose Tube Riser/Plenum
Fiber Optic Cable
Digital Camera
LANmark™-1000 Enhanced
Category 6 Copper Cable
Clarity® 6 Category 6 UTP
Patch Panels
Premise Distribution
Tight Buffer Riser
PoE Midspan Injector
Clarity 6 Category 6 Patch Cords
OptiMo® Multimode Adapter
Panels and Patch Cords
OptiMo FC Series
Rack-mount Cabinets
NetClear ESS Physical
Support Solutions
Cable Management Systems—
Mighty Mo® Cabinets, Racks
or Homaco® Racks
Wiremold Metal and
Nonmetallic Raceway
Cablofil® Wire Mesh Cable Tray
and Underfloor Systems
IP Solution
Clarity 6 Category 6
TracJack® or Series II®
Workstation Modules
NetClear ESS
for Analog CCTV
Hyper Plus Category 5e
Copper Cable
TechChoice 5e Modular
110 Patch Panels
TechChoice 5e UTP Patch Cords
TechChoice 5e
Workstation Modules
NetClear ESS Total
IP and Distributed
Power (or PoE)
Clarity 6 Category 6 Patch Cords
Clarity 6 Category 6 TracJack
or Series II Workstation Modules
LANmark-2000 Premium
Category 6 Copper Cable
Clarity 6 Category 6 UTP
High-Density Patch Panels
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