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Digital • Analog • Converters • Switches
Sense • Measure • Control • Protect
single channel tachometers
DUAL channel multi-function
multi-channel overspeed
protection systems
handheld tachometers
From hydro electric power stations high in the Pyrenees to nuclear submarines at the bottom of
the ocean, JAQUET tachometer products are in service providing optimum solutions for measurement, control and that all important machine protection function.
Type tested and qualified for demanding applications, JAQUET products provide availability
with safety, because where the protection of valuable investments is concerned compromise
is out.
Whether single or multi channel, with simple or complex voting logic, we promise you the fastest reaction time, maximum security and optimum availability.
Please let us know how we can assist you in selecting the optimal product - or in creating a turn
key solution utilizing JAQUET’s complete measurement chain. Drawing on our tried and tested
experience, we can be sure to give you an immediate suggestion that matches your individual
requirements. We take pride in providing you with an efficient solution which also helps reduce
your total costs. Let JAQUET‘s expert application knowledge, long experience and top product
quality protect your investment.
We do it all - we do it now. We are ready for your signal.
JAQUET T400 series
JAQUET Dualtach T500
Product description
Single channel tachometers, with or without
display; 0/4..20mA converter & speed switch
in one; Relay and open collector frequency
DualTach tachometer with 2 frequency & 2 binary inputs; 2 analogue, 4 relay and 2 open
collector outputs; for complex measurement,
control and protection.
Typical applications
Engine start control and over-speed protection.
Engine + turbo speed.
Micro turbine EOST.
2 channel turbine monitoring and protection.
Turbo speed measurement. Universal speed
The JAQUET advantage
Dual turbo speed on V engines.
2 set points. Adaptive trigger. Fast response. 2 / 3 wire sensor monitoring.
Plug-able terminals. Accuracy 0.05% for set
points, 0.5% for analogue signals.
4 parameter sets each with 6
Configuration and status viewing via PC
Math function e.g. A/B, acceleration.
ABS, Lloyds and EN50155 approval.
Speed and direction provided when used
with JAQUET DSY sensors.
System Limits, a logical combination of
inputs / parameters e.g. speed > limit with
temp < limit as indicated by binary input.
Adaptive trigger. Fast response.
Accuracy 0.002% for limits, 0.025% for
analogue signals.
Configuration / status viewing via resident
software and Ethernet interface.
Lloyds approval.
2 / 3 wire sensor monitoring.
Frequency inputs
1; 0.01 Hz...35 kHz
2; 0.025 Hz...50 kHz
Binary inputs
1 for parameter selection or relay control
2 for parameter selection, commands or relay control
Parameter sets
4 x 6 System Limits
Analog outputs
1 change-over
4 change-over
Open collector outputs
1; isolated for frequency out
2; isolated for frequency x1, x2, x4 or
Sensor supply
14 VDC, 35 mA
2 at 14 VDC, 35 mA
Display / status viewing
5 digit LCD T411/412 only
via RS232 and supplied software
via Ethernet and resident software
10...36 VDC supply
- 90...264 VAC or 18..36 VDC
Special functions IN CHARGE OF SPEED
Math function
JAQUET MultiTasker T600
JAQUET Display D211
Product description
MultiTasker with 2 frequency, 1 analogue & 2
binary inputs; 2 analogue, 4 relay and 2 open
collector outputs; CAN bus and Ethernet interfaces; Event recorder and trip data-logger;
for complex measurement, control, protection and communication.
5 digit display option for T600.
Either direct cable connection of 1 display or
connection of 1...7 displays via Bluetooth®
master module and Bluetooth® enabled displays.
Typical applications
Engine + turbo speed + temperature.
Display of one or up to 7 T600 parameters
Dual turbo speed on V engines.
2 channel turbine monitoring and protection.
Safety critical applications.
CAN bus communications.
The JAQUET advantage
4 parameter sets each with 6
System Limits, a logical combination of
inputs / parameters e.g. speed > limit with
temp < limit as indicated by analogue input.
Direct PT100 connection.
Event recorder and trip data-logger.
Multiple displays may be used for different
parameters e.g.
Analogue value
Speed A / B
Speed channel A
Speed channel B
Math function e.g. A/B, acceleration.
Adaptive trigger. Fast response.
Accuracy 0.002% for limits, 0.025% for
analogue signals.
Configuration / status viewing via resident
software and Ethernet interface.
Lloyds approval.
2 / 3 wire sensor monitoring.
Frequency inputs
2; 0.025Hz...50kHz
Analog input
1 active or passive 0/4..20mA or PT100
Binary inputs
2 for parameter selection, commands or relay
Parameter sets
4 x 6 System Limits
Analog outputs (current / voltage)
4 change-over
Open collector outputs
2; isolated for frequency x1, x2, x4 or status
Sensor supply
2 at 14 VDC, 35 mA
Configuration / status viewing
Via Ethernet and resident software
D211 - 5 digit LCD (optional)
90...264 VAC or 18..36 VDC
Special functions
Math, creep detection, direction
About T500 /T600 System
The T500 and T600 series take tacho-meters
to a higher level.
Both feature a System Limit capability that
allows the logical combination of input parameters to form an alarm or trip command.
In the case of T500 that could be
Speed 1 > X AND
Speed 2 < Y AND
Binary 1 active
Or in the case of T600,
Speed 1 > X AND
Temperature via Pt100 < Y
JAQUET FT3000 standard
JAQUET FT 3000 customized
Overspeed protection system, designed for
SIL 3 applications. 19” rack only.
Standard 1 (STD01): 3 channel with 2 out of
3 voting; Analog card; comms card.
Standard 2 (STD02): 3 channel with 3 x 1 out
of 1; Comms card.
Overspeed protection system, designed for
SIL3 applications.
Main turbine
Main turbine
Boiler feed pump
boiler feed pump
Turbine compressor monitoring and protection
turbine compressor monitoring and protection.
OVErspeed protection
Product description
Typical applications
Multi-channel modular systems in 19” or 24”
Especially suitable for retrofit applications.
The JAQUET advantage
Cost effective standardised systems.
Systems matched to specific application.
10 ms trip response time.
10 ms trip response time.
On-line testing.
Trip chain control card for combining trips
from other sources within the SIL3 environment.
Hot module exchange.
Easy configuration and status viewing via
PC software.
Redundant 24 VDC power supply.
Direction discrimination.
Possibility of monitoring 2 or 3 shafts in one
Direction discrimination.
On-line testing. Hot module exchange.
Configuration and status viewing via PC software.
Qualified for use in nuclear applications.
Wide range of power supply options.
CSA certified.
Up to 9 + 9 channels
STD 01 / STD 02
Per channel
Frequency inputs
3, 6, 9 *
1 Binary inputs
4 isolated with programmable assignment
4 isolated /
4 isolated /
2 non-isolated
2 non-isolated
Relays: alarm
3 alarms per channel
27 *
2 out of 3
STD 01: 2 STD 02: none
12 *
1 out of 3
STD 01: none STD 02: none
12 *
1 out of 1
STD 01: none STD 02: 2
12 *
Analog outputs / current
STD 01: 3 STD 02: none
27 *
Speed re-transmit
On-line testing
Via internal signal generators
As in STD 01/02
As in STD 01/02
Integrity monitoring
PSU’s, sensors, channel to channel
As in STD 01/02
As in STD 01/02
Configuration / status viewing
Via PC software
As in STD 01/02
As in STD 01/02
* depending on
JAQUET speed sensors - OEM or customized
JAQUET speed sensors are designed to endure the most demanding ambient conditions and
are used in a multitude of applications e.g. turbochargers, hydraulic motors, diesel and gas
engines, turbines, pumps and compressors, just to name a few. Our platform approach enables
us to take an appropriate sensing technology and package it in either one of our huge array of
existing housings or in something matched to your specific requirements.
Need a high temperature helicopter turbine sensor or a railway traction control sensor that
delivers tooth frequency x 16 from the first tooth? Consider it done! We are ready for the next
JAQUET standard, industrial speed sensor line
The GreenLine family is the standard line of industrial speed sensors and control modules from
JAQUET TECHNOLOGY GROUP. These sensors and tachometers provide solutions for speed sensing and control applications both for end users and small OEM’s. 50 plus sensors are available
with VR or Hall technologies with cable or connector interfaces. Sizes range from 3/8"-24 and
M10X1 to 3/4"-16 and M16X1.5. Sensor capability ranges from zero speed to high frequency
detection and all units have sealed sensing areas to prevent liquid intrusion. Also available are
direction sensing units and hazardous location versions for both North America (NEC, CEC) and
Europe (ATEX).
JAQUET pole wheels and pole bands
JAQUET pole wheels and pole bands represent the highest quality of target technology and
complement the chain of speed measurement. Please refer to the pole wheels and pole bands
brochure for further information.
JAQUET Handheld tachometers
To complete our speed measurement portfolio - JAQUET also offers handheld tachometers.
JAQUET HO 100 Optical Tachometer uses precision optics and reflective tape to measure the
RPM of rotating devices such as fans and gears.
JAQUET HM 100 Contact Tachometer uses convex and concave attachments to measure RPM.
It also has a built-in wheel to measure the linear surface speed of moving devices such as conveyors and treadmills.
JAQUET HC 100 Combination Set provides each of the two mentioned above.
and T600 SERIES
T500 & T600: Limits for limitless applications
T500 and T 600 allow you the freedom to choose the
functions or system configuration that best match
your application.
As well as being replacements for previous generation tachometers they can process multiple sensors
data including frequency and binary inputs.
Want to know when a trip occurred? Could really do
with more gear teeth than space allows? Need to
swap between different parameter sets? - No problem - the T500 DualTach and T600 MultiTasker provide the solution.
Uniquely, the T500’s and T600’s also enable you to
logically combine decision parameters from more
than one sensor or command to create control signals.
System Limits for simple configuration of complex solutions
System Limit structure confirguration is easy. You
don’t have to waste time thinking about parallel and
serial wiring, or inverting and double inverting of
signals just to get that signal you need. Just concentrate on the value and/or signal you need and define
a System Limit for it.
As shown in the example on the left:
A need for a TRIP as soon as machine turns faster
than 300 rpm and there is no emergency stop coming in on binary 1.
After that, just assign this System Limit to a relay and
define its behaviour.
T500 & T600 configuration
The configuration software is stored in the T500 & T600
itself. So you never have to think about software version
- it will always work with the firmware.
The software allows:
• Fast and user friendly parameter set up.
• Access to stored parameters.
• Normal file handling and printing or parameter
• PC display of measurement, relay and alarm
• Password protection with 3 levels
All you need is an Ethernet terminal, a crossed Ethernet
cable (not included) and an internet browser (no internet
access needed).
T600 - with optional display D211
To display measured and calculated values of the T600 Multitasker. A special
mode allows you also to display the status of the binary in and outputs. The
displayed values are selected with the buttons on front panel.
A LED indicates the status of the T600.
Bluetooth® version
The communication goes over Bluetooth ®. One Bluetooth® Master D201 has
to be connected to the T600. After that up to 7 displays D211.11 can be used
to display independently different values of that T600 MultiTasker.
Type and part numbers
Bluetooth® version:
Bluetooth® Master:
Cable version
The display is connected to the T600 MultiTasker by cable.
Communication and power goes over this cable.
Type and part number:
Technical Data
5 digits LCD
Auto range or defined dot position
Displayed values:
All input values, math values and current output values incl. unit
Displayed status:
Active control, relays, open collectors, binary
inputs, CAN
Separate unit for front panel mounting
95 x 48 x 86mm
Blue tooth:
Class 1 (100 m in open field)
Power Supply:
18…36 VDC
Display: D211.10
Cable 6m
JAQUET TECHNOLOGY GROUP offers the world’s most versatile and advanced range of solutions for the detection, measurement, diagnosis and management of rotational speed.
Our industry and application specific expertise ensures that you will achieve an optimum
solution. Completely matched to your individual requirements, meeting key industrial
standards and certifications, our products help boost the performance of your machinery
while reducing cost of ownership.
Typical industries served
• Automotive and truck
• Aerospace
• Diesel / Gas engines
• Hydraulics
• Railway
• Turbines
• Turbochargers
• Industrial machinery
Products – speed sensors
• Various technologies
• Standard, custom and OEM models
• For demanding applications, e.g. 300,000 rpm, temperature up to 320 °C / 600 °F,
high vibration, shock to 200 g, etc.
• GreenLine speed sensors for general applications
• Ex models for hazardous areas
• Pole bands and target wheels available where needed
Products – systems
• Multi-channel overspeed protection systems
• 1–2 channel measurement, protection and control modules
• Engine diagnostic systems
• Redundant speed measurement and indication
Special project examples
• An automotive linear movement sensor
• Integrated power and torque measurement for display and gearbox control
• Naval spec. turbine protection for nuclear submarines
• Speed measurement in turreted, tracked vehicles
Quality management and standards
• Quality management: TS 16949 and ISO 9001, ZELM ATEX 1020, KWU
• Sensors: GL, KWU, TÜV, ATEX, EN 50155 ,NF F 16-101 102 , ABS, EMC
• Systems: IEC 61508 SIL 2 and SIL 3, API 670, GL, TÜV, KWU, EX
• Environmental: RoHs - EU directive 2002/95/EC
• Efficient and professional service - JAQUET TECHNOLOGY GROUP is headquartered in
Basel, Switzerland and has subsidiaries in Belgium, China, Germany, the Netherlands,
United Kingdom and United States along with a worldwide distributor and end-user
service network.
• Flexible production quantities; from 1 to millions per project
• Reduction of total costs by intelligent and cost-effective solutions
• Fast turn around time
JAQUET North America, Inc. • 1601 East Bay Drive, Suite 3 • Largo • Florida 33771
Tel + 1 800 655 1424• Fax + 1 800 663 8706 • [email protected] • www.jaquet.com
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