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IN1404 and IN1404XT
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The IN1404 and IN1404XT are full-featured video and RGB scalers that combine digital
video decoding, advanced video scaling, and a 4-input A/V switcher into a single product.
The IN1404XT also provides seamless switching and a twisted pair output.
Video Menu: Allows manual adjustment of brightness, contrast, color, hue,
sharpness, gamma, noise filter, and comb/trap filter settings.
These scalers use sophisticated digital video decoding and scaling technology to convert
a composite video, S-video, interlaced or progressive component video signal, and RGB
signals (at various scan rates and resolutions) to standard VGA and HDTV resolutions
and refresh rates.
Input Menu: Allows input settings and video adjustments to be configured for
each input signal. We recommend that you adjust the IN1404 output settings first.
Extron CPM101
Connector Plate
Make sure that there is no power connected to the
scalers, and that the power button is off.
1. Place/install the IN1404/XT at the desired location.
Make sure that the unit is seated on a flat surface
or is securely installed in a standard 19”
equipment rack using the rack ears provided
2. Connect the video and computer video sources to
the appropriate IN1404/XT input(s). Any of the four
inputs can accept either a composite video signal
or an S-video signal. Inputs 3 and 4 can also
accept component video, progressive component
video, RGBHV, RGBS, or RGsB signals.
Output Menu: Allows for control of output parameters such as output resolution,
sync format, size, refresh rate, blue screen, reset output settings, and position.
Advanced Menu: Provides access to advanced actions such as factory reset,
user memory, baud rate, delimiters, system information, and RS-232 settings.
Installation and Cabling
Read the instructions carefully before initiating the
installation procedure.
Audio Menu: Allows manual adjustment of the bass, treble, and balance settings.
Extron VTR001 MAAP
Twisted Pair Receiver
Front Panel Operations
Receiv er INPUT
11CM Receiv
Pair Receiv
VTR00d Pair
A/V UTP Cable
(up to 500')
Video/RGB Scaler
All video and audio adjustments, setup functions, and switching operations can
be performed through the front panel or via RS-232 serial controls. The following
is a brief description of the front panel options for the IN1404 and IN1404XT.
Input Select: The large buttons labeled 1, 2, 3 and 4 are used to select the
desired input. To make a selection, press and release the desired Input Select
button. A green LED will light underneath the button to indicate the selected
input. To switch to another input, press and release another numbered Input
Select button.
Video Camera
3. Connect the audio signals to the appropriate IN1404 stereo audio inputs.
4. The IN1404 features a 5-BNC output and a 15-Pin HD output for easy connections to
a variety of scan rate compatible displays.
5. Connect the IN1404 stereo audio output to the audio system’s input (mixer, amplifier,
powered speakers, etc.).
6. If desired, connect a control system, computer, or other serial command source to the
RS-232 remote connector.
7. Connect power to the IN1404 using the IEC power cable (included).
8. Turn on the video sources, the IN1404, the data display device(s), and the audio
output equipment (if applicable).
9. Using the front panel controls or RS-232 commands, adjust and store the parameters
for each input source.
It is very important that you set each input for composite video, S-video,
component video, progressive component video, or RGB operation as
appropriate to match the format of the input signal.
Blank: The Blank button can be used at any time to show a blank screen on the
display device. Press and release the button to engage blanking (the green LED
underneath the button will illuminate), and press and release it to disengage. The
blank button has no effect on input 3 or input 4, which are configured as passive
Freeze Frame: Allows users to freeze the video signal and display a still image.
Press and release the button to engage the function (the green LED below the
button will illuminate), then press and release again to disengage. The freeze
frame button has no effect on input 3 or input 4, which are configured as passive
Volume: The volume buttons are used to regulate the level of the audio signals
routed through the scaler. Use the arrow volume buttons to increase or decrease
the audio level for the current input. Press and release a button to raise or lower
the volume level by one step, or press and hold a button to change the level
continuously. The IN1404 saves the volume levels for each input automatically.
Mute Audio: Mutes the audio for the selected input. Press the button to engage
(the green LED below the button will illuminate), and press it again to disengage.
Menu Buttons: The remaining buttons on the front panel (Menu, arrow buttons,
and Enter) are used to access and adjust the on-screen menu displays.
10. Set the output resolution and refresh rate to match your display device / installation
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