Double sided tape or glue stick - 2B pencils

Double sided tape or glue stick - 2B pencils
Photography 136: Visual Art Work Books
- a hardbound sketchbook or as a green alternative consider recycling an old hardbound book and either painting over or pasting over
existing content in the pages.- this to be used for all concept development and idea gathering, word play and general idea stockpiling
and management, this can become a very valuable personal resource, personal because no two are the same,
peoples interests and vision is unique and is constantly changing. Ideas can be reworked and reused, used as jumping off points for
further creative distillation- use everything- polaroids, ideas, sketches, notes observations. The point of having this is it a reflection of
who you are and how you see the world. It is process oriented and ever changing.
- 1 black 3 ring binder for class notes
- Double sided tape or glue stick
- 2B pencils
- Kneadable eraser
- Ultrafine permanent sharpie pen
- A stainless steel ruler
- Snap off blade style knife or scalpel.
- Cutting surface (can even be an old sheet of matboard or masonite)
- 4” brayer
- Package of brown or white 9x12 envelopes for storing reference materials
before they are put into your workbook
- Large pad of heavy cartridge or bristol paper 11x14 in size
- Roll of green painters tape
- Rubber or nitrile gloves or good quality rubber gloves
- Apron or smock or old cloths that you don’t mind getting paint & Ink on
- Bottle of India ink
- Large bottle of acrylic matte GEL medium
- small bottle of acrylic matte medium
- Large bottle of acrylic white gesso
- Small bottle of Liquitex clear gesso (don’t buy another brand)
- Small Bottle of Black gesso or small can of flat latex paint
- Package of Prisma coloured pencils
- Assorted set of Acrylic paints (student quality are fine)
- Brushes for acrylics and ink (try Michael's or the dollar store)
- Foam brushes 1” 2” 3”( buy a package from Hardware store or dollar store)
- Small foam rollers & handle for house painting
- Bottle of “Weldbond” glue (get at a Hardware store)
- Old toothbrush
- Rolls of paper towel or rags
- Makeup sponges (dollar store)
- Hot glue gun
- Carandache water soluble crayons
- Water soluble pencils, Acrylic Inks,
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