Aventage MusicCast 7.2 Channel Audio/Video Receiver

Aventage MusicCast 7.2 Channel Audio/Video Receiver
Aventage MusicCast 7.2
Channel Audio/Video
MSRP: $749.95
WEIGHT: 28.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Yamaha
The AVENTAGE Advantage
Craftsmanship in engineering design. The AVENTAGE
line of high-performance AV receivers is based on the
audio design concept of providing a massive, fullbodied sound for movie sound effects and the
accurate reproduction of music sources. By expertly
harmonizing traditional and advanced technologies,
every factor that affects sound quality, from materials
and parts to construction, layout, vibration damping
(unique foot) and “fine-tuning” the sound, is handled
with no other thought than to achieve the best
possible audio quality. As a result, every AVENTAGE
model has the ability to reproduce the most subtle
details of high-definition sound, so that listeners can
enjoy a truly high-class sound studio experience at
MusicCast allows you to access your digital music
library, streaming music services and Internet radio,
as well as Bluetooth sources, your TV sound and external sources attacheMultiroom audio. MusicCast
makes it easy to bring music to every room in your home wirelessly with playback controlled by a
simple app. Start with a MusicCast capable AV receiver in your main entertainment room for the
ultimate home theater experience, then add MusicCast speakers, sound bars or Hi-Fi components in
other rooms wirelessly.d to your AV receiver, such as a Blu-ray disc player or CD player.
AVENTAGE provides a full-bodied sound for movies and preproduction of music sources
AVENTAGE has the ability to reproduce the most subtle details in HD sound
MusicCast - wireless, multi-room audio streaming controlled by an app
MusicCast streams different or the same music in each room.7.2-Channel Dolby Atmos and
DTS:X multi-dimensional sound
9 Speaker terminals with Intelligent Amp Assing for Zone 2
Aluminum front panel and Anti-Resonance technology wedge
4K Ultra HD pass-through at 60 frames per second
Bluetooth in and out
AV Controller app lets you control various functions from a smartphone or tablet
Built-in Wi-Fi allows a wireless connection to your router
Virtual CINEMA FRONT reproduces 7-channel surround sound from only two front speakers
Extra Bass amplifies bass tones in the main room and other systems in other rooms
YPAO Reflected Sound Control analyzes room acoustics and calibrates
Compressed Music Enhancer restores compressed digitally compressed music
6 HDMI In and 1 Out
USB Input
5 Analog audio input and 1 output
AM/FM Tuner
Headphone jack
Rated output power: 110W
Dimensions: 17.38”W x 6.75”H x 15”D
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