A Guide to the Parent Portal

A Guide to the Parent Portal
A Guide to the Parent Portal
Welcome to the parent portal. The parent portal provides parents and carers with up to date
information regarding your child(ren)’s progress at school. The purpose of this guide is to show the
various features that are available to you within the Parent Portal
The Parent Portal can be accessed from all up to date web browsers such as Windows Explorer,
Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari. You will need to ‘enable popups’. This process is
different for each browser and is usually determined through your settings menu.
Mobile access is currently not supported.
Access to the Portal
The portal can be accessed from the College website. Click on the Parents Menu and choose ‘Parent
Portal’ from the top of the list. Alternatively you can access the portal by following the link:
The Notice Board and Quick Links Menu
When you first login you will be taken to the Notice Board and access to the Quick Links Menu on
the right hand side of the screen.
The Quick Links Menu provides you with access to a number of other screens.
Noticeboard will take you back to the screen you started with.
Student Profiles takes you to information regarding your child(ren).
Change Password allows you to reset your password.
Show my details allows you to make changes to your contact details.
Online Classroom will take you to Moodle, the College’s online learning environment.
School Calendar provides up to date information regarding College Events as well as student
assessment information.
The navigation
buttons take you to windows you have recently had open, but
clicking the right mouse button and selecting Back is possibly the most effective means of returning
to past screens.
The new window
Portal windows at a time.
A Guide to the Parent Portal
button opens a new home screen if you want to view two or more
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Student Profiles
The student profile provides a snapshot of your child(ren)’s school life.
Upcoming Tasks – for Senior School Students
This section lists assessment tasks that your child(ren) will be doing soon. The due date, the details
and semester weighting are all shown.
Recent Tasks Results – for Senior School Students
This shows results of assessment tasks that have recently been completed. The task details,
semester weighting, average task result and ranking are all shown. If there is a task not listed that
you would like to view you can choose ‘Click here to see history for all tasks’ to select tasks from
earlier on in the year.
Academic Reports
This section provides links to past semester reports. These reports are stored as PDF files and can be
viewed with Adobe Reader. This can be freely downloaded from http://get.adobe.com/reader/.
Please note that at present the colour front page of the report is not included in the downloaded
version. If you wish to obtain this colour version then please contact the College and this can be
arranged for you.
Awards Received this Year
For Senior School this section shows bronze, silver or gold awards received in Academic, Cocurricular or Service & Character sections.
Further work is being carried out to enable Junior School Parents to review Certificate of Excellence
and Light of the Cross Awards. We hope to provide this function in 2013.
A Guide to the Parent Portal
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Disciplines & Notifications Received this Year
This section shows disciplinary entries that your child(ren) may have received this year.
Recent Absences
This section shows recent absences, whether these absences were for part of a day or a full day, the
date of the absence, the reason given and whether this absence has been verified by a carer.
Verifying Past Absences
You will also be able to enter a leave reason retrospectively. We request that you use the Parent
Portal for entering this information in preference to methods used in the past such as explanatory
notes or emails.
All reasons for absences must be entered within 7 days of each absence. NSW law requires an
Unexplained Absence to be recorded after 7 days have passed. There are three options:
1. Sick (your child was unwell and therefore unable to attend school);
A Guide to the Parent Portal
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2. Sick – medical appointment (your child was not at school as they attended an appointment
at a doctors, or some other form of medical practitioner i.e., dentist, speech therapist, etc.);
3. All other leave; in this instance a reason needs to be given so we can code the leave
correctly. For the majority of leave not related to sickness, an Exemption form should be
submitted to the Principal before the leave is taken. In practice this field should only be
used when the leave is unplanned and an exemption form was not able to be submitted
View Timetable
This link will show your child(ren)’s school calendar.
The school calendar is date specific rather than generic and therefore events that your child(ren) is
involved in such as excursions will be shown on this timetable.
Unclicking the ‘event’ filter will allow you to see just the underlying class timetable.
You can choose other calendars to view from the drop down menu at the top left of the calendar.
The school calendar will show you a calendar of all school events. The assessment and events
calendar shows dates for assessment tasks pertaining to your child(ren).
A Guide to the Parent Portal
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View Attendance Details
More detailed information of recorded attendance can be found on this page:
A detailed period by period record of attendance can be displayed within a range of inputted dates.
By clicking on any particular period’s attendance icon you can gain further information: the class
attended, who recorded the attendance etc.
A Guide to the Parent Portal
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Online Learning – for Senior School students
Online Learning provides access to the College’s Learning Management System. Nowra Anglican
College uses the Moodle (an abbreviation of Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning
Environment) e-learning software platform for this purpose.
Every Senior School course offered by the College has an online learning space for teachers to
provide resources and activities and for students to communicate with their teachers and fellow
While all students have access to the courses they are enrolled in, parent access at present is
limited. Some courses, however, provide guest access and this will allow you viewing rights to these
courses. If guest access is not allowed, please contact the teacher of that course and ask for guest
A Guide to the Parent Portal
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Changing your Password
It is recommended that you change your password on a regular basis to maintain security. This can
be done from the quick links menu.
Simply enter your old password and your new password, confirm this and save.
Show my Details
This area allows you to update your contact details as well as your child(ren)s medical details.
To update your contact details, make the necessary changes and then click Send Changes. This will
not automatically update your details. Notification of your intent will be sent to the College
It is extremely important that the College has medical information pertaining to your child(ren) that
is up to date. To update your child(ren)’s medical information, scroll through the form updating any
fields that are necessary.
A Guide to the Parent Portal
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When you have completed the changes click Send Changes at the bottom of the page. Notification
of your intent will be sent to the College.
A Guide to the Parent Portal
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