Directions for Follow the Path

Directions for Follow the Path
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Directions for Follow the Path
In Follow the Path, players throw a die or draw a card to move a marker along a curved “path.” Follow the
Path games may also have names like Going to the Zoo, Trip to Outer Space, Race to the Finish, or Trip to
the Ice Cream Store. The objective is to reach the destination (or end of the path) first.
MAKING THE GAME To make the game, draw a curved path on the inside of a colored file folder or on a
poster or piece of tag paper (for example, 9" x 12" or 11" x 18"). Divide the path into approximately twenty
spaces. You can glue or draw pictures of interest around the path and make an interesting “finish” box at
the end (for example, the zoo, the moon, a finish line, or the ice cream store).
In each space on the board, write or glue a letter, picture, word, or word part as appropriate. Provide three
or four game pieces such as colored markers or small, plastic animals. To generate movement along the
path you will need a die or block with a 1, 2, or 3 on each side. Two alternatives to using the die or number
block are:
• Make a set of cards using the Deck Card Template included in this binder. The cards would have letters,
pictures, words, or word parts that correspond to those on the board. When a player draws a card, he
moves to the space with the corresponding letter, picture, word or word part.
• Make a set of number cards using the Deck Card Template. When a player draws a card, he moves the
number of spaces indicated on the card.
If you use either set of cards, you might include cards for “take an extra turn,” “go back one space,” “go
forward one space,” or “miss a turn.” The cards and pieces can be kept in a sealable plastic bag inside the
file folder if you make a file folder format.
PLAYING THE GAME To play the game, each player shakes the die, lets it fall, and moves the
corresponding number of spaces. If players are drawing cards, they draw the next card in the pile, read it
aloud, and move to the next corresponding space. The player might also have to perform some action (such
as saying the next letter of the alphabet, reading a word and saying the beginning or ending sound, looking
at a picture and clapping syllables, and so on). The player who gets to the end of the path first wins the
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