IrisAccess - ID Travel AG

IrisAccess - ID Travel AG
Biometric Systems for Secure and Rapid Access
Biometric technologies use unique
physical or behavioral characteristics for
high confidence human authentication.
They are more reliable than other easily
compromised identity options that rely on
something one knows or carries. There
are more readily measurable
characteristics in the iris, the visible
colored ring around the pupil, than in other
Like snowflakes, every human iris is entirely unique and is not influenced by genetic
inheritance (DNA). The possibility of finding two identical irises lies in the order of
1:10 . A further advantage is the fact that the structure of the iris is determined
during pregnancy and remains unchanged the whole life.
This uniqueness is the core of iris recognition - the most accurate, stable, scalable
and rapid human authentication technology in existence.
Unlike retinal scanning, which is too up-close and personal for many, iris
recognition is non-contact and quick, offering unmatched accuracy when
compared to any other security alternative .... from distances as far as 25 to 37 cm.
Identification is carried out by a non-intrusive quick look into the lens of an video
camera in the optical unit. The important parameter is the structure, not the color of
the iris.
The identification process also works with carried contact lenses (without structure)
and glasses. Eye diseases, barring trauma, such as cataracts, glaucoma, etc. will
not influence the usage of the system.
A proximity sensor activates the camera on approach. System operation is guided
by speech messages. This makes usage very easy. The system IrisAccess can
be implemented in many applications in the security and high-security area.
The system is network capable, supports standard SQL database systems and can
be customized or integrated into existing structures through software engineering.
Access with lost or stolen access cards, transponders or pin-codes or the usage of
the access rights from a colleague is no longer possible.
IrisAccess 4000
LG, producer of IrisAccess™, the world’s leading deployed iris recognition
platform, redefines state of the art in authentication with LG IrisAccess™ 4000
- a third generation iris recognition system with a range of models that deliver
advanced identity authentication capabilities you’ll want to look into.
The new LG IrisAccess™ 4000 iris recognition system represents the third generation of the
world’s number one deployed iris recognition platform. Iris Access 4000 is actually a range of
variably configurable products that offer increased integration
flexibility and application versatility. Every model in the range
comes with a camera that captures two eyes in very rapid
succession. Enrollment and recognition is easier than ever with a
highly intuitive visual user interface that enables users to quickly
position themselves properly for enrollment or recognition. The
repertoire of audio prompts has also been expanded to provide a
more intuitive user interface for improved enrollment and
recognition performance. A motor-driven auto-tilt mechanism
makes camera alignment for proper height a simple “one touch of
a finger” proposition. LG designed the new Iris Access 4000 with
future needs in mind. So every variant in the IrisAccess 4000
range comes equipped with a facial recognition ready camera,
purpose built-illumination, and facial recognition camera drivers
in the new iData software suite. All that is required is the addition
of facial recognition software to deliver biometric multimodality.
The new LG software for LG IrisAccess™ sets new standards
for security. A variety of FIPS140-2 compliant cryptographic
algorithms including DES, 3DES, AES are supported within a
new PKI-based security architecture. Software drivers get the
most out of the new two-eye image acquisition process, and
allow you to designate whether authentication decisions will be
made with right eyes, left eyes, either eye, or both eyes.
LG’s robust industry standard-setting countermeasures package
has been enhanced.
Software allows the IrisAccess™ 4000 system to be configured
for anti-passback, or even to capture facial and iris images of
non-authorized persons attempting to enter protected areas.
IrisAccess™ 4000. Two eye image acquisition enabling a variety of authentication configurations.
Biometric multi-modality planned for and built-in, as well as choices when it comes to multi-factor
And what other system has a smartcard interface that’s designed not only to identify who a person
is but also to automatically set a camera to that individual’s height, and provide audio feedback in
a language that the person wants to hear?
IrisAccess 4000
Multifactor authentication is something LG knows customers want, and the new IrisAccess system
covers this need off beautifully. Both iCAM 4000 and iCAM 4100 can be configured to read HID
iCLASS, DESFire, and MiFARE and CAC compliant cards with in-device embedded smartcard
readers from the world’s leading card reader producers. When a reader is embedded, a card icon
placed on the casing makes it clear where the card should be placed for fast verification. Card
reader-equipped models of iCAM 4000 and iCAM 4100 are designated with a 10 suffix, so become
4010 and 4110 respectively. Multifactor authentication can also be delivered by the 16-element
keypad that comes standard on the iCAM 4100 unit. The authentication options afforded by being
able to designate iris authentication by left, right, either or both eyes, plus a facial recognition
overlay, a smartcard token, plus in the case of the iCAM 4100, a PINpad, are quite extraordinary.
The system exists for security, and LG has built it in. Unlike other systems, there are no biometric
templates stored on any accessible external components. Experts concede that countermeasures
built into the LG IrisAccess™ set the standard for the industry and note in this area, many other
biometric systems leave much to be desired. LG improved the countermeasures package in the
LG IrisAccess™ 4000. Security is also a key driver when it comes to software, where a new LG
software line for access control supports several different (including FIPS compliant) encryption
alternatives, as well as PKI.
Power Indicator
VFD Window
(graphical display enhances interactive interface,
communicates authentication status)
Iris Camera
(exclusive autofocus iris image aquisition process
delivers rapid two eye enrollment/recognition
Facial Recognition Illuminator
Facial Recognition-Ready Camera
(captures facial image for facial recognition)
Up/Down Button
(motorized auto-drive for easy height adjustment
Alphanumeric Keypad
(supports PIN input and workforce management interface)
Device-Embedded Smart Card Reader
(delivers LG token Authentication with leading smart cards)
Serial (RS 232/422)
iCAM 4000
iCAM 4100
IrisAccess 4000
Key Features
The new IrisAccess™ 4000 range has features no other iris system offers.
An auto-focus lens enabled iris acquisition process that ensures rapid, high quality iris images for
enrollment and recognition. An automatic motor-driven targeting aid is just part of an intuitive and
interactive voice and visual user interface. All models feature the robust LG countermeasures
package experts concede sets the standard for the industry.
Two Eye Authentication
IrisAccess 4000 quickly acquires digital images of both irises. A variety of authentication
configurations can be selected including right, left, either, or both eyes.
Facial Recognition Ready
Mindful of growing interest in multi-biometric use, all IrisAccess 4000 models incorporate
a facial recognition-ready camera and purpose-built illuminators.
Two Factor Authentication
Card-based authentication is made easy by ordering an IrisAccessTM model containing a
device-embedded reader from an increasing number of leading card companies affording
compliance with the assured record non-duplication and out of the box issuing
functionality afforded by LG´s token authentication architecture.
Multi-Factor Authentication
is also afforded by a 16-element keypad that´s standard on the top of the line model 4100
and allows entry of up to 10 digit PINs in the system - either as a second or third
authentication layer to iris. And, it´s an ideal input device for use in workforce
Status information
Input requires feedback, and that´s exactly what you get from the vacuum fluorescent
display that comes standard with top of the line model 4100. Useful for providing feedback
to enrollers, it also delivers information to users upon authentication, and a feedback
mechanism for the workforce management environment.
Network connectivity
With each unit IP-addressable, IrisAccess 4000 is ideal for the very largest enterprisescale network deployment and comes with a variety of standard connectivity options
including USB, Ethernet, Serial RS-232/422, and a highly configurable Wiegand interface
Advanced Identity Authentication
IrisAccess 4000
Technical Data
iCAM 4000
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Rotation Angle
Power Input
Power Consumption
LED Indication
Voice Indication
Operating Range
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Mounting High
Equipment supplied
Identity Controller ICU4000 / ICU 4100
iCAM 4100
ICU 4000
ICU 4100
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Power Input
Power Consumption
Operating System
LED Indication
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
218 x 164 x 80 mm
218 x 235 x 80 mm
2 kg
2,2 kg
+30° / -20”
+35° / -20°
12V DC, 5A
40 W
Power (Blue), Operating Range (green), Out of Range
(orange), Accept (green blink), Reject (orange blink)
Flexible Voice Message (standard: english;
other languages: downloading available)
9,8” to 14,6” (25cm to 37cm)
32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40 °C)
-4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60 °C)
0% to 90% Non-condensing
124 to 165 cm
Ethernet, USB, Smart Card Reader,
Proximity Card Reader (Wiegand & RS422)
AC Power Cable, AC Power Adapter,
Straight Ethernet Cable
Equipment supplied
Door Controller DCU4000
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Power Input
Power Consumption
LED Indication
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Equipment supplied
supports IrisAccessTM 3000 and 4000 cameras
supports IrisAccessTM 4000 cameras only
430 x 420 x 163 mm
5,5 kg
24V DC, 6A
x86 Compatible
DDR 256 MB
Compact Flash 256 MB
Power (green), Status, Network
32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
-4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
0% to 90% Non-condensing
Ethernet, USB, Smart Card Reader (Wiegand & RS422)
RS 232/422/485 Selectable for DCU4000 interface
AC Power Cable, AC Power Adapter,
Straight Ethernet Cable, Grand & Key
IrisServer / IrisClient PC Requirements
Operating System
Hard Disk
430 x 420 x 163 mm
4 kg
12V DC, 5A
Power (green), Status 1, Status 2
32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
-4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
0% to 90% Non-condensing
Proximity Card Reader (Wiegand & RS422)
GPIO (Door Control, Alarm, Egress, etc.)
AC Power Cable, AC Power Adapter,
Cable Grand & Key
Windows 2000, Windows XP
Pentium IV 800MHz or higher
256 MB or higher
10GB or higher
10/100 Mbps, Full Duplex
1 Serial Port, 1 Parallel Port, CD-Rom, 1 free PCI-Port
1 free PCI-Port (IrisAccessTM 3000 only)
System Configuration
IrisAccessTM 4000 consists of iCAM4000/4100, ICU4000/4100, DCU4000 and IrisServer PC
IrisServer PC
Complete backward compatibility
supports both IrisAccess
* ICU4000
ICU4100 supports only IrisAccess
with Stand (Enrollment)
ICU 4000/4100*
Wiegand In/Out
DCU 4000
Wiegand In/Out
RS422 for CR/AP
GPIO, Relay
DCU 4000
3000 and IrisAccessTM 4000
Characteristics of
Iris Recognition
Acquiring your iris image through the optical units is completely safe. Capturing the iris image is just like taking a picture. The level
of radiance from 2 IR LED in the optical units meets the US and the European eye safety standard.
Convenient Operation
You just enroll your iris for registration and recognition. The identification process can be performed perfectly, regarding of wearing
eyeglasses, most sunglasses or soft contact lenses.
The iris image can be fully captured with the distance of 25 cm to 37 cm from the optical units, which is non intrusive.
Iris recognition is based on the most mathematically unique biometric - the iris of the eye. The human iris is absolutely unique,
even between twins or an individual’s right and left eyes. A number of objective tests and evaluations over the last eight years
have identified iris recognition technology as the most accurate biometric. The most recent of these evaluations was reported by
the United Kingdom’s National Physical Laboratory in April 2001.
Expense Curtailment
There are no additional expenses for new registration, once the system is installed. Single ICU4000 can control up to 4 iCAM4xxx
installed adjacent to 4 doors.
Strengthening Current Security
If you have already installed one of access control systems, an additional installation of LG IrisAccessTM will prevent existing flaws
of the current security system and offer you much higher security.
LG IrisAccessTM can handle sizeable database and there is no negative impact on the accuracy as database size increases.
Easy Registration
Just install the software on a Computer. Within minutes you will be able to perform registrations with just a few clicks.
Speedy Identification
An identification can be made within 1 to 2 seconds.
244 Characteristics
Proximity Sensor for automatic identification
Autofocus camera
Audio Guidance
Illumination meets eye safety standard
Verification with tokens possible
Support of SQL Database Systems
Identification within 1 to 2 seconds
512 Byte IrisCode
Usage with Glasses or Contactlenses possible
Possible integration in Access Control Systems
Identification mode is standard (one-of-many)
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