List of Nut-Free Snacks FRUITS/VEGETABLES • Any fresh fruit

List of Nut-Free Snacks FRUITS/VEGETABLES • Any fresh fruit
List of Nut-Free Snacks
• Any fresh fruit (apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, pears, plums, clementines,
strawberries, melons, berries, etc.)
• Applesauce cups (and assorted variety fruit flavored applesauce)
• Raisins, Craisins, and other dried fruits
• Fruit cups (peaches, pears, oranges, pineapple, fruit cocktail, fruit blends, etc.)
• Fresh vegetables (baby carrots, celery sticks, grape tomatoes, cucumber slices,
broccoli, pepper strips, etc.)
• Vegetable dips
• Yogurt in individual cups or tubes
• Pudding in individual cups, cans, or tubes
• String cheese or other cheeses (1 oz.)
• Drinkable yogurt or smoothies
• Cottage cheese
• Kraft Handi-snacks with cheese (with red sticks) **Be careful with any other type of
pre-packaged cheese & cracker sandwiches, most contain nuts/traces of nuts
• Crackers
- Triscuits, Wheat Thins, Vegetable Thins (all flavors)
- Ritz crackers/dinosaurs/sticks (NOT Ritz bits or sandwiches)
- Town House, Club, Toasteds crackers
- Cheez-Its, Cheese Nips, Better Cheddars
- Saltines, Oyster crackers
- Wheatables, Air Crisps, Munch’ems, Keebler Snack Stix
- Kashi Tasty Little Crackers (TLC)
- Breton/Dare brand crackers
- Goldfish crackers
• Graham crackers, Graham cracker sticks
• Teddy Grahams or Teddy Graham character brands
• Bug Bites crackers
• Goldfish graham snacks
• Animal crackers (Austin Zoo, Barnum)
• Vanilla wafers
• Cereals
- Cheerios (NOT Honey Nut or Frosted)
- Chex (Rice, Corn, Wheat)
- Cinnamon Toast Crunch
- Corn Flakes
- Crispix
- Frosted Mini-Wheats
- Kashi (Go Lean Crunch, Good Friends, Cinnamon Raisin Crunch, Heart to Heart)
- Kix
- Life (NOT Vanilla Yogurt Crunch)
- Wheaties
- Other unsweetened cereal without nuts
• Small bagels (Lenders or Thomas brand) with cream cheese (no nut type)
• Popcorn
• Pretzels (most all brands, but some Snyder’s products not peanut/nut free)
• Nutrigrain cereal bars / yogurt bars
• Special K Bars (NOT Honey Nut)
• Special K Snack Bites
• Fig Newtons (all flavors)
• Rice cakes (NOT Quaker brand, not nut free)
• Quaker Quakes (mini rice cakes) / Mini Delights (all flavors safe)
• Potato Soy Crisps
• Cheez-It Party Mix / Munchie Party Mixes **Have not found any other brands of Chex
type mixes to be peanut/nut safe
**Be sure to check all labels. Manufacturers change all the time and they may have
been a nut free facility in the past, but may no longer be.**
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