Ecran de projection mural ou plafonnier

Ecran de projection mural ou plafonnier
Technical Specifications
Max. Punch Capacity
Punch Cycle Speed
Max. Binding Thickness
Bind Cycle Speed
Operator Punch Controls
De-bind Facility
De-bind Cycle
Max. Sheet Width
Approx. Weight
Machine Dimensions
Power Requirements
Safety Approvals
Product Code
35 Sheets (80gsm)
1-2 seconds
3” (75mm)
8 Seconds
Push button or microswitch
20 seconds
27 kgs
564 (w) x 343 (h) x 457 (d) mm
A5, A4, US 8 ½”x 11, 8 ½” x 14. (A5 strips not stocked)
• Electric Punching: Punch up to 35 sheets of 8Ogsm paper in a single lift.
• Twin Motors: Allows simultaneous punching and binding for increased productivity
• De-bind Facility: Allows extra pages to be added or removed.
• Small Footprint: Ideal for those with a limited workspace.
• Security: Documents are secure and tamper proof.
• Heavy Duty Construction: For reliability and durability.
• Special Dual Blade Binding System: A hot blade is always at the right temperature to cut the pins.
The cooling blade maintains the perfect temperature for a tightly compressed bind.
GBC reserves the right to change specifications without notice. © GBC UK Limited
GBC Strip Binding
GBC SureBind System 3 Pro
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