25 Random Things About Me

25 Random Things About Me
For 2-6 players
AGES Teen to Adult
You compete to be the first player to complete a personal list of “25 Random Things About Me.” The cards will
provide some items for your list. But, if you know the other players well, you’ll be able to add more and more
personal things of your own choice.
200 game cards, Pad of list making paper, 12 Cardboard tokens (6 large and 6 small)
Each player selects one large token. Keep yours in front of you. It represents you during the game. Place the small
token of each player’s type in the center of the table. Keep out of play any remaining tokens. Each player receives
a sheet of list paper and a pen or pencil. Place one deck of cards in the center of the table, either side up.
Next, take the top 7 cards from the deck and spread them in the center of the table, either side up.
The oldest player goes first. This player becomes the game’s first “reader.” Play will pass to the left.
When it is your turn, place all the small tokens in front of you. Arrange the 7 cards so you can read the random
facts on them. Decide on one of these to play. Read aloud the fact on this card. Try to think about which of your
opponents that fact applies to. Secretly, select and keep in a closed hand the small token that represents each
player you feel will say, “Yes—that random fact applies to me!” Should the fact also fit you, place your own small
token in your hand as well. Hide the tokens not selected. Each other player must place his large token face-up for
“Yes,” or face-down for “No.” This should also be done in secret (players are advised to hide their token under
their list). The reader then reveals the tokens held in hand. One by one, each opponent reveals his large token.
Everyone will quickly see which “yes” matches the reader’s guess.
• Each player whom the reader correctly matched “scores.” This means he can write this random fact on his “25
Random Things About Me” list. (The reader also writes this random fact if he included his own token in hand.)
• The reader scores one “bonus fact” for each “yes” match made. The bonus fact can be any personal random
thing about himself. He writes this on the next line of his list. These will make each list personal (and fun to read at
the end of the game). The lists can make each game different, depending on what facts you recall about yourself.
• No fact can be added to lists without a match being made.
• For example, the card says, “I like cold pizza”—the reader correctly matches two players who DO like cold
pizza—both of these players may now write “I like cold pizza” on their lists as does the reader. The reader
scores two bonus facts as well. He writes on his list two other random facts about himself.
• But if “I like cold pizza” did not connect with any other player, the reader would score no bonus fact. He
could write this fact on his list only if he voted for himself (because he likes cold pizza).
After each player’s turn, discard the card read by the reader. The next reader replaces this card with a fresh one
from the top of the deck.
As soon as one player completes his list of 25 random facts, game play stops and this player wins. Players may now
read aloud their lists and enjoy discussion about them.
•When you are the reader, you can select a random fact off either side of the card. It’s okay to flip the cards over
and check out both sides before you select the card you want to read.
If you select a card that has a “fill-in-the-blank” space, it is best if you complete the statement in a way that will
match as many players as possible.
• 25 Random Things About Me is a fun social activity. Don’t think of it as a serious, competitive game. The conversations
it inspires are fun. And you really will get to know your friends and family.
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