Hembry Creek SWUT370BRS Use and Care Manual

All Sizes
• Follow general cleaning requirements that prevent staining and surface dulling.
• Wipe up spills immediately with a soft sponge, even if a spill is just water.
• Dust the countertop daily. Dust particles left to accumulate rub against the countertop and create microscopic scratches.
• Over time, the scratches will build up and lead to a marred, clouded finish.
• Wash the slate countertop regularly with a damp sponge and mild, non-acidic, non-antibacterial cleaner.
• Maintain the slate countertop's lustrous sheen by routinely polishing it with mineral oil.
• To polish, pour a drop of mineral oil onto thecountertop's surface. Smear the oil around the countertop, using a soft, cotton
cloth. Buff the oil into the slate, working in circular motions.
• Continuously fold over the cloth to expose a dry portion.
• Apply mineral oil weekly for the first few months after installation, then once a month thereafter.
• Softness commonly characterizes slate, meaning slate countertops are prone to scratching. However, the softness also makes
scratch removal simple.
• If an object was dragged across the countertop, leaving a line etched in the slate, buff away the scratch with 120-grit
• Once the scratch is removed, wipe away the sanding particles, then moisten the area and finish-sand with 220-grit wet/dry
• Wipe away the particles again and rub the area with mineral oil to repolish.
• Xylem slate countertops are fabricated at the factory with permanence in mind, but finishes in heavy-use areas can gradually
diminish, making the slate susceptible to food and liquid stains.
• Polishing with mineral oil on a regular basis goes a long way in protecting a slate countertop
• To ensure an adequate seal, reapply an appropriate stone sealer approximately every two years.
• You'll know your countertop is past due for resealing when water drops no longer bead on the surface.
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