Potentiometer Replacement

Potentiometer Replacement
Potentiometer Replacement
Make sure treadmill is at 0% elevation.
Turn power off to unit.
Remove motor hood, which is held on by nine (9) Phillips head screws.
Disconnect all eight (8) wires connected to lower PCB (P1500). Grab
each cable at the connector. Do not pull on the cable itself as it may do
damage to the cable or the header on the lower PCB.
5. Remove the lower PCB mounting plate (C1456), using a ½” socket.
6. Using a ½” socket or wrench, remove the one bolt that holds the
potentiometer with cable and mounting bracket. Be careful with the cable,
as it is soldered to the potentiometer.
7. Make sure the treadmill is at 0% grade. If not, turn the shaft on top of the
elevation motor until the wheels barely touch the floor and evenly with the
bottom of the feet. (Counterclockwise will lower the racks of the elevation,
while clockwise will raise the rack up into the elevation system.)
8. With the potentiometer gear facing you, gently turn the gear
counterclockwise until it stops. You can damage the potentiometer if you
turn it too far. Then turn the gear clockwise ¼ of a turn.
9. Mesh the potentiometer gear with the gear on the long shaft off the
elevation motor. Make sure they are properly aligned. The teeth should
be meshed together and the gears should line up with each other
10. Reinstall and tighten the ½” bolt holding the potentiometer bracket.
11. Calibrate the elevation using the “Elevation Calibration” procedure.
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