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Product Portfolio
Medical Lighting
Brandon Medical’s range of high quality medical lighting products include: Operating Theatre Lights, Mobile Operating Theatre Lights,
Minor Surgical Lights, Examination Lights, Gynaecology Lights, Magnifiers, Dental Lights and Veterinary Lights.
Operating Theatre Lights
Models: Quasar HD-LED, Galaxy Ultra HD-LED
Brandon Medical’s operating theatre lights use an
award winning HD-LED technology. HD-LED
technology is officially the 'Best LED in Europe for
medical applications' European Elektra Awards 2010.
Mobile Operating Theatre Lights
Models: Galaxy Ultra HD-LED, Galaxy Ultra
Galaxy Ultra Mobile offers the same high
performance and reliability as ceiling mounted lights
but with added mobility and flexibility.
Minor Surgical Lights
Models: Astralite HD-LED, Astralite
Astralite uses many of the same components used in
Brandon Medical's other operating theatre lamps to
provide surgical quality illumination.
Examination Lights
(HD-LED and Halogen)
Brandon Medical have a range of examinations lights
for virtually any examination procedure including:
• Dermatology
• Consultation
• Podiatry
• Prolonged Examinations
• Gynaecology
All lights are available in a range of mountings to suit
any procedure.
Medical Audio-Visual Systems
Symposia is a digital media package designed specifically for healthcare. The system connects medical professionals to a range
of audio-visual resources which can be accessed immediately from any location.
iDAVs Video and Imaging
Processing & Control
The user interfaces deployed within Symposia
solutions are simple and intuitive. Users can
access multiple video feeds, route video around the
theatre and across the hospital network. Symposia
makes effective use of the latest technology to
support learning, lecturing and the development of
best clinical practice.
Camera Systems
Brandon Medical cameras and image acquisition
solutions are specifically designed for clinical
Brandon Medical solutions include the provision of
OT light mounted surgical video cameras and
specialist theatre dome cameras. Symposia
solutions capture image feeds from any medical AV
source, including endoscopy/laproscopy
equipment, surgical microscopes, PACs or other
image sources.
Flat Panel Medical Displays
Brandon Medical offers a full range of IEC60601 &
DICOM compliant displays and systems. These
include overhead boom arms, flush mounting and
wall solutions. All monitors can be fitted with touch
screen interfaces.
Distribution and Archiving
Brandon Medical’s Symposia IR3 library technology
can provide central video storage and retrieval
functionality as an integral feature set. Symposia IR3
solutions vary from simple capture and record to
continuous digital loop recording of multiple video
feeds for presentation at a later date.
Medical Control and Power
Brandon Medical specialise in designing bespoke power supplies and control panels to suit client specific requirements.
Isolated Power Supplies
IPS protect vulnerable patients in Group 2 medical
locations from the risks associated with electrical
leakage currents.
In an IPS unit the outgoing electrical circuits supplying
critical care and life support equipment are constantly
monitored for short circuit or earth leakage faults.
Computers used in Operating Theatres and electrosurgery equipment cannot be allowed to shut down
due to powercuts. For these units a UPS is needed to
provide continuous power in the event of mains failure.
Control Panels
Every control panel manufactured by Brandon Medical
is individually designed and can include 60 different
accessories including:
• UCV Controls
• UPS Controls
• IPS Controls
• Data Points
• Fire Alarm
• Video Camera Controls
• Mains Indicator
• Nurse Alarm
MEIGaN Compliant Products
Medical Electrical Installation Guidance Notes
All earthed equipment in hospitals must have the
same current flow between two earthed points (human
body and equipment).
MEIGaN equipment ensures compatability with
Department of Health medical electrical guidance note
The range of MEIGaN products include:
• MEIGaN Insulation Washers
• Connectors
• Earth Reference Bars
• Equipotential Earth Bonding Leads
Medical Architectural Equipment
Brandon Medical provide complete solutions for the clinical workspace. Brandon's expertise and capabilities in manufacturing and
engineering enables us to supply unique engineered solutions to each specific project.
Pendant Systems
Brandon Medical's Atlas Pendants range includes:
• Surgical Pendants
• Anaesthesia Pendants
• Endoscopy Pendants
• Critical Care Pendants
• Neonatal Pendants
Brandon Medical’s expertise in design has helped
develop the next generation in medical pendants with
virtually unlimited movement and extensive
customisation options.
Pendant Accessories
All Atlas Pendants can be fitted with a range of
accessories and equipment including:
• Docking Trolleys
• Monitor Arms
• Infusion Poles
• Reading lights
• Tablet PCs
• Drawer Units
• Medical Rail
• Shelves
• Medical Lighting
Clean Air Canopies
Clean air canopies create an aseptic environment to
eliminate the danger of air bourne germs within the
operating theatre room.
In line with the Brandon policy of progressive improvement, the right is reserved to alter specifications and/or prices without notice.
Polygiene is a registered trademark of Perstorp AB.
Brandon Medical, Galaxy Ultra, Symposia, Atlas Pendants and HD-LED are registered trademarks of Brandon Medical Co Ltd.
August 2010
Brandon Medical, Holme Well Road, Leeds LS10 4TQ
Tel: +44 (0)113 2777 393 Fax: +44 (0)113 2728 844 Email: [email protected]
Tel: +44 (0)845 1243 666 Fax: +44 (0)845 1243 667
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