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Image-Pro® Premier - Meyer Instruments, Inc.
Image Analysis
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Incorporating more than 25 years of user input, Image-Pro
Premier provides intuitive tools that make it easy to capture,
process, measure, analyze, and share your images and valuable
data. Rely on our worldwide network of Image-Pro partners,
superb training tools, and technical support team to help you
get started and keep your research moving forward. Try
Image-Pro Premier today and discover what makes Image-Pro
from Media Cybernetics® the leading image analysis software.
Designed for researchers who need automated measurement and analysis tools:
• Anatomy
• Animal Behavior
• Brightfield Microscopy
• Cell Biology
• Dendrochronology
• Developmental Biology
• Entomology
• Fluorescence Imaging
• Food Science
• Marine Biology
• Otolith and Fish Aging
• Pathology
Easily Capture Single-Frame Images
& Time-Lapse Experiments
Successful analysis begins with high-quality
images. Image-Pro Premier supports an evergrowing list of scientific cameras to ensure a
superior capture experience.
Live Tiling – No Automation Needed
Stitch together multiple fields of view as you manually
move around your specimen. Combine with Live EDF
to create a focused, tiled image.
Live Measurements
Measure distances, angles, object areas, and
more while previewing live images. No need
to save your image.
Fast Acquisition & Streaming to Disk
Acquire rapid events or experiments that last
for longer periods of time. Image-Pro Premier
is not only able to utilize the memory (RAM)
available on your computer, it can also stream
multi-gigabyte movies directly to your
hard drive. | [email protected]
Live Extended
Depth of Field – No Automation Needed
Capture beautifully focused images, regardless of depth.
sophisticated image
image processing
functions with two clicks or less. Image-Pro Premier makes it
functions with two clicks or less. Image-Pro Premier makes it easy
easy to analyze and reveal important details within your images.
to analyze and reveal important details within your images.
Correct for Noise &
Enhance Detail with Filters
Auto-Alignment &
Extended Depth of Focus
Correct for microscope shift with
post-acquisition auto-alignment tools.
Extended Depth of Focus (EDF) creates
a focused image from a series of images
captured at different z planes.
Overlay & Compare Images
Overlay images on top of one another
to see changes over time. Use with
previously acquired or live images.
Extract & Merge
Color Channels
Remove background noise and reveal
hidden details with an extensive set of
image processing filters. Preview filters
on your active image for instant results.
Navigate & Edit Movies
in Gallery View
Navigate through time-lapse and image
sequence files with the Gallery View tools.
Easily combine and separate images into
RGB, HSI, and HSL color channels.
Post-Acquisition Tiling
Tile together a series of images with
post-acquisition tiling tools and view a full
representation of your research sample.
Multiple Images
FREE Video Tutorials
Visualize Images in 3D
Explore the depth of your images by
visualizing in three dimensions. Easily
create animations to share.
Apply your image processing steps to all
opened images or entire folders of images
utilizing Image-Pro Premier’s easy-to-use
Batch Processing tools. | [email protected]
Measure & Quantify
Extract quantifiable data from your images with a variety of measurement
tools. Easily measure distances, regions, angles, and more.
Free Online
Tutorials and
Classify Measurements
Use different colors and names to classify
and organize your measurements.
Export Measurements to Excel
With the click of a button, your measurement
and data graphs can be exported to Microsoft
Excel for further analysis.
Save Measurement Overlays
Measurements are saved in your image’s
meta data and are recalled the next time
you open the image in Image-Pro Premier.
Measure Intensity over Time
Track and graph the changing of intensity
parameters over time within an area
of interest. | [email protected]
Analyze Ringed Structures
& Detect Edges
The Caliper/Line Profile tool automatically
detects edges along a defined line. Measure
distances between these changing intensity
levels to analyze aging. Classify edges to aid in
analysis and reporting.
Track Moving Objects
Manually or automatically follow
cells or other organisms as they
move through time and space. You
can even track challenging objects
that fade out of view and move out
of the image workspace.
Count & Classify
Use one-click tools to automatically segment, count, measure, and characterize objects.
Free Online
Tutorials and
Measure Distances
between Objects
Measure one-to-one and
one-to-many distances
between objects.
Analyze the Spatial
Distribution of Objects
Use the Voronoi Map feature to analyze and
display the spatial distribution of objects.
Segment Difficult Objects
with Smart Segmentation
Use Smart Segmentation to
identify and segment challenging
images with faintly colored
objects, textured objects, and
uneven backgrounds.
Sort Counted Objects
Create a new image displaying all
counted objects arranged by size.
Automatically Select &
Classify Objects
Locate and segment objects
based on their color or intensity
levels. Create new classes
to further characterize and
streamline data collection
and reporting.
Measure Objects
within Objects
Analyze parent/child relationships
with tools that allow you to
automatically measure and group
objects within objects. | [email protected]
Report & Share
Now that your analysis is complete,
you need to be able to share your
findings. With Image-Pro Premier,
it’s easy to prepare your imaging
research to share with others.
Automate Your Imaging Processes
Image-Pro Premier’s automation tools not only save time by eliminating repetitive
steps, but more importantly, they minimize the chance of errors or inconsistencies.
Annotate & Copy Images
Add descriptive annotations to single
images or within movie frames. Choose
to save annotations as independent
overlays or as part of the image data.
Create zoomed-in copies of your images
and measurement overlays to use
in print or web publications.
Record Your Work
Automate your imaging tasks with
simple macro recording tools. Play back
macros or combine multiple macros to
ensure accurate results every time.
Graphical or Code-Based
Macro & App Editing
Macros and apps are easy to edit with
Image-Pro Premier’s graphical dragand-drop editing interface. You can also
use the code-based editing tools to test,
edit, and debug your scripts.
Document Your Steps
Using the Audit Trail
Create Reports in PDF,
Microsoft® Word®,
PowerPoint® & Excel®
Sharing your images and data is
simple with easy-to-use report
templates. Export images, graphs, and
measurements to Excel. Send single
images or groups of images directly
to PowerPoint slides.
FREE Video Tutorials | [email protected]
Save and document your image
processes with the Audit Trail.
Document entire sessions as well as
steps performed on specific images.
Export your audit trail as an XML file or
to Microsoft Excel.
Create, Download &
Share Custom Apps
Image-Pro Premier’s custom apps
allow you to easily design step-by-step
workflows that walk you through your
image analysis processes. Download
apps from Media Cybernetics’ Solutions
Zone website or choose to develop and
package your own apps to share
with colleagues.
Image-Pro Premier Features
Measure & Quantify
Automate Imaging Tasks
Single-frame & movie acquisition
Advanced line profile analysis
Automate tasks with recorded macros
Streaming to disk
Manual measurements
Instant acquisition
Measure live images
Macro programming for more
advanced users
Crosshair grid overlay
Snap-to-edge measurements
Macro packaging for easy sharing
Live image comparison
Best-fit measurements
Custom application builder
Live tiling & Live EDF acquisition
Track moving objects
Report & Share
TWAIN acquisition
Track merging & fading objects
Measure intensity over time
Quick save for publication & analysis
Auto calibration
Export to Excel, PowerPoint & Word
Collect data from multiple images
& image frames
Create automatic reports (including PDF)
Create snapshot of zoomed image
Create snapshot with overlays
Process & Analyze
Post-acquisition alignment & EDF
Post-acquisition tiling
Image overlay & comparison tools
Fast Fourier Transform
Frame averaging
Count & Classify
Color composite
Image math
Classify objects
Filters – enhancement, edge, large,
morphological, 3D
Smart Segmentation
Sort objects
Automatic object splitting
Manually tag objects
Automatically find, count &
measure objects
Binary mask
Sequence/movie editing
Parent/child analysis
Bitmap analysis
Percent area analysis
High-dynamic-range processing
Count objects on multi-frame image
Overlay Features Manager
Background subtraction/correction
Measure distances between
counted objects
Auto trace and magic wand
Measure distance of objects from
reference object
ROI inverse (donut ROI)
Batch-process folders of images
Create Voronoi map to measure
neighboring objects
Grid tool
Surface plot view & movie creator
Gallery view
Lock & zoom multiple images
Full-screen mode
3D viewer & movie creator
Slicer view
Supported File Formats
*.tif, *.tiff
Applied Precision® DeltaVision®
*.jpeg, *.jpg
Image Cytometry
JPEG 2000
*.jp2, *.jpf
Media Cybernetics Image-Pro Plus set
Microsoft Windows bitmap
Media Cybernetics set
PNG file
Media Cybernetics AutoQuant
Raw binary data file
Flat file
*.oif, *.oib
Flex. Image Transport System
*.fts, *.fit, *.fits
*.nd, *.stk
Media Cybernetics Image-Pro sequence
Carl Zeiss
*.lsm, *.zvi
AVI movie file
*.lei, *.lif
Microsoft Windows Media Video
StreamPix sequence
Olympus FluoView FV1000
Molecular Devices MetaMorph
Nikon NIS-Elements
• | [email protected]
Exceptional Service & Support
Our image analysis training courses provide valuable information
you can apply towards your imaging research. Whether you are
new to imaging or are a more experienced imaging professional,
our courses are designed to help you make optimum use of the
latest imaging software techniques.
Get Started with Free Video Tutorials
As an Image-Pro Premier user, you’ll have access to a growing
library of free 3- to 5-minute video tutorials. Learn timesaving
tips and familiarize yourself with the wide range of analysis
tools available to you – without ever having to leave your
Image-Pro Users Email List
When you choose Image-Pro software, you instantly join
a community of image analysis professionals. Join the free
Image-Pro users email list to ask questions and learn from
other users.
Share Tools on the User-Contributed
Solutions Zone Website
Explore our Solutions Zone website to find a wealth of useful
information about Image-Pro Premier. The Solutions Zone is
an easily searchable online database of macros, device drivers,
plug-in modules, application programs, and development
consultants that support Image-Pro Premier and other Media
Cybernetics software programs.
Technical Support
Receive installation and configuration troubleshooting
from our technical support engineers via phone or
email. Purchase an Image-Pro Premier Maintenance
Agreement to receive a full year of technical support
and software updates.
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows XP® SP 3 and later – 32 bit
Microsoft Windows® 7 Professional and Ultimate – 32 and 64 bit
Minimum Requirements:
Dual-core processor
1,024x768 display with 32-bit video card
DVD-ROM/CD-ROM drive Full Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 (automatically installed
by application)
• USB port required for hard licenses and offline license activation
• Internet connection required for online services
Recommended Requirements:
Four-or-more-core processor
64-bit operating system
16 GB RAM or more
20 GB or more of available hard-disk space
1,280x800 display with 1 GB video card
DVD-ROM/CD-ROM drive Full Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 (automatically installed by
• USB port required for hard licenses and offline license activation
• Internet connection required for online services
Specifications are subject to change. Please contact Media Cybernetics or your
local reseller for the latest features.
FREE Video Tutorials
Media Cybernetics, Inc.
Tel: + 1 301-495-3305
Toll Free - North America: 800-263-2088 | [email protected] | [email protected]
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the Media Cybernetics logo, AutoQuant, and Image-Pro are registered trademarks
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