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Natural Sound Enjoyment from a High Performance, Elegant System.
A lot of fine craftsmanship goes into Yamaha’s world-renowned pianos, and that same dedication to sound and design
excellence is behind the creation of the award-winning PianoCraft, which includes two speakers and the capability of
adding a subwoofer.
Superior Design and Parts
In addition to high sound quality design that takes advantage of
Yamaha’s legendary audio technologies such as 60W/ch discrete
configuration power amps and speakers made of finely tuned cabinets
and equipped with carefully selected units. This system also includes a
high picture quality CD/DVD player.
It has a discrete construction that precisely places each carefully
selected part without dependency on IC chips. The amplifier uses all
analog circuits, including the volume section.
While it includes high sound quality measures scrupulously designed
in every detail: a large power supply transformer, high sound quality
parts groups (including new capacitors), a high stiffness body with an
octagonal section that is resistant to resonance, and a thick heat sink.
[Receiver: RX-E810] • High output power: 60W/ch with discrete amplification
• Pure Direct • iPod compatibility via optional YDS-10SL • Linear Damping and
high dynamic power • 40-station preset tuning • Subwoofer out
[CD/DVD Player: DVD-E810] • Official DivX® Ultra Certified product
• Progressive Scan • Easy operation with GUI • Versatile format and disc
compatibility: DVD-Video, Video CD, Audio CD, MP3, JPEG, DivX® and WMA
[Speaker System: NX-E800] • New speaker cabinet with innovative crossbracing • 2-way bass-reflex speaker system
Universal Dock for iPod
The optional Yamaha YDS-10SL
Universal Dock lets you connect an
iPod to the MCR-E810SL to hear all
your iPod music through the system.
You can also operate the iPod via the
MCR-E810SL’s remote unit with the
aid of the receiver’s display. What’s
more, the Universal Dock will even
charge up your iPod while it’s
Works with:
iPod nano, iPod
mini and iPod
(Click Wheel)
MCR-E810SL Micro Component System
Main specifications: [RX-E810 Receiver] Output Power/Channel: 60 W x 2 (4 ohms, 1 kHz, 0.7% THD),
Linear Damping [Damping Factor]: Yes (60: 6 ohms, 20 Hz-20 kHz), Dynamic Power/Channel: 60/75/100
W (6/4/2 ohms): Dimensions (W x H x D); Weight: 8-7/16” x 4-1/4” x 14-5/16”; 12.6 lbs.
[DVD-E810 CD/DVD Player] Harmonic Distortion + Noise: 0.0035%, Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 105 dB,
Dynamic Range: 97 dB, Dimensions (W x H x D); Weight: 8-7/16” x 4-1/4” x 13”; 5.1 lbs.
[NX-E800 Speaker System] Drivers: 6-1/2” cone woofer and 1” dome tweeter, Input Power
(Max/Nominal): 110 W/60 W, Frequency Response: 55 Hz–28 kHz, Dimensions (W x H x D); Weight: 75/16” x 11-13/16” x 8-3/4”; 9.5 lbs.
iPod not included.
Optional Auto-Reverse Cassette Deck
• Music search • 4-digit tape counter • 12-segment peak
level meter • 8-9/16” x 3-7/16” x 11-7/16” (W x H x D); 6.6 lbs.
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