ART 1DD/L - Introduction to Art Processes

ART 1DD/L - Introduction to Art Processes
ART 1DD/L - Introduction to Art Processes - FALL 2017
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Catalog Description:
Experiences for the non-art major in drawing, painting, sculpture, and other art processes. Provides an understanding of
the place of art in life through actual participation.
Art Department Program Goals:
Basic Skills: Developing a foundation of art knowledge, theories, skills, craftsmanship and technologies, where
ideas and concepts are communicated in writing, speaking, and art making.
Art Knowledge: Broadening knowledge of ancient through contemporary art and to develop an understanding af
art within theoretical, cultural, and historical contexts.
Critical Thinking: Analyzing, interpreting, and questioning traditional methodologies and pre-conceived notions of
art and art making through the process of generating and solving problems.
Global Perspectives: Promoting an appreciation and tolerance of diverse perspectives dealing with art. culture,
teaching, and learning.
Collaboration: Encouraging both individual and collaborative art experiences among students, faculty, and
Professional Preparation: Developing career paths for various art professions and an understanding of the
demands and expectations of those areas.
Course Objectives:
Art is Subjective. Art is Personal. Art is a Journey. This class has an extreme amount of work that tests your creative
side and your commitment to excellence. The Art Manual Portfolio and the Studio Projects are the essence of this class. The
work that is assigned is success-based. Everyone is at a different level of aptitude within their art journey. This class is for
all levels. Students will work within their personal creative spectrum. Assessment for each project will be based on
criteria, creativity, craftsmanship, and completion. The curriculum covered in this class is a combination of multi-media
studio experiences and art history appreciation. The exciting format of the Art Manual Portfolio and the challenging hands
on Studio Projects, all lead to a successful art journey that is unforgettable in this class.
Course Activities:
Art Production in a variety of hands-on studio mediums: Drawing. Painting, Crafts, Printmaking, Clay, Sculpture.
Art History Research is incorporated by linking an artist or period of art into the Studio projects.
Elements of Design and Principles of Art visual applications are explored in all activities.
Art Manual Curriculum Portfolio development for use in future professional goals.
Final Project: MANDATORY
What is Art? Callage Caver is a personal reflection merging the studio art applications and art appreciation learning
experiences in this class. The final assignment is to create a personal art criteria based collage cover for the completed
Art Manual Portfolio. The student will explore the question What is Art? in a visual explosion of creative artistic expression.
Failure to attend the Final and or complete the Final Cover Assignment will result in failing the class.
GE Student Learning Outcomes:
Aesthetic Perception: Students wil! acquire conceptual knowledge of art and define and use formal vocabulary to
analyze works of art and aspects of visual culture. Students will acquire competent knowledge and skills in
various art media, concepts and methodologies.
Creative Expression: Students will acquire knowledge of the process of creating art using visual, cognitive,
technical, and expressive skills. Students will solve visual problems at a competent level, including
understanding/application of the elements of art and the principles of design.
Historical & Cultural Context: Students will acquire and demonstrate conceptual knowledge of art in cultural
context, knowledge of world arts, history and diversity of art in society and cross culture themes in art. Students
will produce a competent body of individual and collaborative work suitable for a liberal arts degree for the local.
national and global marketplace.
Aesthetic Valuing: Students will acquire conceptual knowledge of forms, purposes, media, and functions of art.
Student will analyze, interpret and critique the artwork of others and themselves. Students will utilize and apply
critical thinking to communicate ideas for their intended audience at a competent level in visual, oral, and written
Connections, Relationships, and Applications: Students will acquire knowledge of art. visual literacy,
connections and relationships between visual art and the other arts. Students will become familiar with career
opportunities available in the art profession and industries.
History and Theories of Learning in Art: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the history and
theories of art, art education, and the role of the arts in human development. Students will acquire historical and
contemporary knowledge of diverse cultural and aesthetic contexts, including political, visual and material
TEXtDDOk: Donna Pazen - Art 100 - Custom Course Pack which contains the curriculum
covered in tbis class. A variety of visual art activities combined with an art history component are explored. Upon
completion of tbe studio projects and activities, the manual becomes a comprehensive professional art curriculum
portfolio for future career application. Purchase at the bookstore by the second week of the semester. The course
pack will be assembled in class.
! A pre-packaged supply "KIT" from the Dick Blick Co. for my class is available for purchase by phone. The
basic supplies are all included in the kit at a discount. The kits will be delivered to the classroom by Dick Blick Co,
l All assignments must be completed to the best of your personal artistic ability. Each assignment
is evaluated utilizing specific art criteria standards. The Art Manual Evaluation Sheet will be used to assess the curriculum
workbook portfolio. The Studio Evaluation Sheet will be used to assess the major art projects assigned in class.
100 95 90%
89 85 80%
79 75 70%
69 65 60%
59% and below
Above Average
Below Average
Component I- Art Manual Portfolio Assignments
The Art Manual Portfolio is in workbook form. The assignments are far LEARNING, EXPERIMENTING, and FINDING YOUR
PERSDNAL CREATIVE STYLE. The Art Manual Portfolio Assignments will be based on a point system. Points are assigned to
each assignment. Cumulative points for each section are totaled.
Component 2- Studio Projects
The Studio Projects will be based on a point system. Points are assigned to each major studio project. Cumulative points for
this evaluation sheet are totaled.
Credit is based on criteria, creativity, craftsmanship, effort and completion of the assignment.
Final Grade:
The final grade will combine the paints from Component I and Component 2.
A letter grade of A, B, C, D. F will be assigned based on the above scale.
The Lecture (I) and Lab (2) grades will be equally weighted and recorded tne same.
Mandatory Daily Attendance - One Unexcused Absence is allowed. Please contact the instructor
regarding absences, late arrival, or the necessity to leave early. Upon returning to the class, written
clarification is needed after an absence, or it will be considered unexcused. A private doctor's
note, legal documentation, health center visit, court paperwork or any other official paperwork
reflecting the reason for your absence is required. The date of the absence and return date must be
clearly visible. Multiple unexcused absences will result in lowering the final grade. Absentee make-ups
will be determined by the instructor and the student. This is a hands-on Studio Class, This means that
assignments are daily and that 9D% of the work is done in class. Continual absences result in an
unmanageable situation for the student.
Art 100 Manual
Sun Face Design (10)
Scratch Art (25)
3D Hand Drawing (15)
Color Wheel (10)
Basic Shapes (10)
Elements and Principles of Design Quiz (10)
DRAWING: 135 points
Sketchbook - Contour Drawing (15)
Dollar Bill (25)
Sketchbook-ABC (15)
Sketchbook - Van Gogh Landscape (15)
Sketchbook- Lion (15)
Sketchbook - The Starting Point (15)
Henna Foot (25)
Puzzle - 26 Famous Artists (10)
The Zodiac (10)
Personal Zodiac (5)
Linoleum Printing Plate (5)
Single Color Print (10)
Chalk Print (10)
Light Crayon Print (10)
Heavy Crayon Print (10)
Marker Print (10)
Scribble Marker Print (10)
Tissue Print (10)
Tissue Dye Print (10)
Frottage (10)
CLAY: 40 Points
Materials (10)
Clay Pinch Pots (10)
Ceramic Coil Pots (10)
Puzzle-Van Gogh (10)
PAINTING: 175 Points
Puzzle - The Artist Palette (10)
Watercolor Information Ditto (10)
Watercolor Techniques (50)
Fun Facts Quiz - Jackson Pollock (10)
Painting Sticks (50)
Keith Haring Subway Pyramid (25)
Fun Facts Quiz - Keith Haring (10)
Puzzle - State of the Art (10)
CRAFTS: 45 Points
Fun Facts Quiz - M.C. Escher (10)
Tessellations (10)
Puzzle - Don't Forget These Terms (10)
Weaving (15)
| PICTURE FILE: 120 Points
Picture File Format (10)
Line (10)
Color (10)
Shape/Form (10)
Texture (10)
Value (10)
Unity (10)
Contrast (10)
Repetition (10)
Emphasis (10)
Balance (10)
REFERENCE: 45 Points
SCULPTURE: 50 Points
Fun Facts Quiz - Bridget Riley (10)
Bridget Riley Waves (15)
Henry Moore Sculpture (10)
Animal Abstraction (15)
Color Wheel (10)
Crossword Puzzle (10)
Art Supply List (5)
Extra Stuff (5)
Art Manual Evaluation (5)
Studio Evaluation (5)
Syllabus (5)
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