Staber 2300
Energy Saving Appliances
You need long-term vision to consider buying the new super energy
efficient appliances. They cost more than conventional versions you find
at local stores. Justify the higher cost by calculating the energy savings
per year. Of course, if you’re producing your own power or plan to in
the future, the break-even point is much closer or even immediate
(smaller inverter, fewer solar modules, etc.). If you add the benefit to the
environment and our natural resources, the advantage is always
immediate (and some communities now offer big rebates).
Equator Washer/Dryer
Now ventless—Washes and dries in the same
energy and water efficient machine!
Save space, water, power, money, time,
and work! Time and work because you
don’t have to transfer clothes from
washer to dryer, water and power
because of the efficient front-loading
design (only uses 9.4 gallons per cu.ft.),
space because it takes 40% less room
than a typical washer and dryer, money
because of the energy savings and not
needing to buy a dryer. Winner of
numerous awards including the
Appliance Manufacturer Award for
Excellence in Designs, it uses
115V, 900 watt motor, 650 or
1300 watt heating element. 33"
H x 23.5" W x 20.5" D, 176 lbs.
EZ1500 and EZ2500 have 10 lb.
capacity. EZ3600 has 13 lb.
capacity. 1000 RPM spin cycle.
Standard 1-year warranty (parts & labor).
The convenience of top-loading with the
efficiency of horizontal, tumble-action. 66%
less water and 75% less detergent. Asko
washing machines are great but require
220V, utility power or a sine wave inverter.
The Staber will work on an 800+ watt
modified sine wave inverter, a 500 watt
Exeltech, or on 117V. They still only
use a maximum of 21 gallons per
load and as little as 200 watthours per load while powering
more water through clothes for
cleaner laundry. Stainless steel
inner and outer tubs. 16+ lb. clothes
capacity. 42" H x 27" W x 26" D, 175
Asko W600 Clothes Washer
Save more than $200 per year in water, electricity and detergent. Askos pay
for themselves in about five years.
All models measure 33" H x 23.5" W. EZ1500 is 20.5" D, EZ2500 is 17.5"D,
and EZ3600 is 23.5" D.
EZ2500 (non-venting)
Caster Kit
Faucet Adapter
Extended Warranty – 1 year
Extended Warranty – 2 year
Super energy and water saving,
117V, runs on small inverter
New larger capacity—matches any top-loader (15 towels and most king-size
comforters). Super Quick Wash cycle will clean better than an old-style
agitator and do it in only 34 minutes while using only 5.7 gallons of water
and 0.3 (2¢) kWh of electricity. The smaller exterior allows for more
convenient installations under counters or stacked in closets. Additional
wiring unnecessary to accommodate this 220 volt unit because it plugs into
the back of an ASKO dryer. Feature differences between models revolve
mainly around spin speeds and controls. Higher spin speeds reduce drying
time and adjust up to 1000 rpm for the W600, up to 1200 for the W620, 1400
for the W640, and 1600 for the W660. All but the W600 have “delay start”,
the two high end models let you interrupt a cycle and add an option,
“EasyControl,” one-touch command for the four most popular programs, and
an abundance of special options. 20-year life expectancy , 152-176 lbs., 33
1/2” x 23 1/2” x 24 5/8”.
W660 stainless steel
Danby Twin Tub Washer
Equator Energy-Star Washer/Dryer
Another all-in-one washer and dryer from Equator. Like the EZ3600C, this
unit features the convenience of one appliance for your whole laundry cycle.
Super efficiency and Energy Star rated. It also adds to the EZ3600 features:
• An extra wash option (part of regular wash)
• Improved control panel markings
• Additional button for half load option
• 3 wash/rinse options (hot/cold, warm/cold, cold/cold)
Super low power and water use—only 360 watts for
the wash and 150 watts for the 1600 RPM
adjustable-spin tub extractor (6 watts per minute—
you need about 14 minutes for heavy items and only
about 5 for light ones. Uses 36 liters of water per
load—less than 10 gallons! Quick connect for attaching to sink faucet
and holds 11 lbs. of clothes. 115V AC, 33.5" H x 29" W x 18.3" D, 70.4 lbs.
#AA4566 $495
#AA5699 $1,090
Equator Adapter for
Modified Sine-Wave Inverters
Clean clothes in 2 minutes
As far as we know, none of the super energy efficient washing machines
other than Staber will work on modified sine wave inverters. This easy-toexchange electronic module turns any of the Equators into a modified sine
wave machine. Just slide the old module out and return as an exchange.
#AA6093 $85
Unique pressure system causes hot water to heat
trapped air. The air then expands further
increasing pressure that forces water and soap at
high speed through fabrics. You get a super
clean wash with a tiny amount of detergent and
without using any electricity. Holds up to 4.8 lbs
of clothing and only weighs 6 lbs. Small size (11"
x 14") makes it easily portable. We’re told it’s
great as a butter churn, too!
Dyna Jet Wringer for Hand Washers
Frigidaire Gas Dryer
Simplify hand washing your laundry
4 temps 3 time/1 auto cycle
This hand wringer clamps to
washtub and features two spring
loaded press rollers to extract most
of the water from your clothes.
Compatible with the James Hand Washer. More durable than
the James Wringer but doesn’t squeeze out as much water. Made
to last many years even in a commercial application.
A perfect companion to the Frigidaire Washer (AA5514). Four temperature
selections, 3 timed and 1 auto cycle. Tumbling action reverses for more even
drying and fewer wrinkles. Large opening, reversible door lets you match the
dryer to your laundry room. Stackable with the Frigidaire Washer. Requires
220 vac, 4500 watts. Warranty 2 years.
#AA4656 $575
Free heat from your clothes dryer
James Hand Washer
An operating clothes dryer produces enough hot
humidified air to keep a 30' x 24' room warm (20,000
BTU’s per hour). Just flip a lever on the Deflect-o and
this heat goes into your house instead of up the vent. Easy to clean screen
stops lint but lets the heat and humidity go through. Easy to install in just a
few minutes. Also good as year-round lint trap where outside venting not
To most people, washing clothes by hand sounds
like a ridiculous amount of work. Actually,
with a James Washer, it's not that hard. The
secret is letting the clothes soak in hot soapy
water for a few hours first. Then just a few
minutes of swishing the lever back and forth
does a great job. You can wash a normal-size
load and the sturdy design assures many
years of clean clothes without wasting
electricity. Holds 16 gallons, easy bottom
drain valve, pine legs. The optional
handwringer squeezes out 90% of the water.
Stainless steel.
Low Suds Detergent
Specially designed for horizontal axis washing
Horizontal, low water use washing machines work on a
different principle than conventional machines and
have special detergent needs. Common detergents
create too many suds, don’t dissolve well, and can damage
machines. This new low-sudsing brand was specially formulated for
horizontal axis washers. It easily dissolves in either cold or hot water and
doesn’t harm stainless steel drums. Fragrance and phosphate free, 100%
biodegradable and super concentrated. 4-pack (3.6 kg) good for up to 160
Speed Queen Wringer Washer
115 vac
When Speed Queen stopped making this
popular wringer washer 5 years ago, we had
many disappointed customers. It gets clothes
clean and dry with minimal power use , holds a
full 14 lbs. of clothes, and the double-walled
porcelain tub keeps water warm longer.
Wringer has 8 different positions and instantly
releases with safety bar or emergency release.
Gas powered model uses 2 HP B & S engine
with solid state ignition and operates at just
above idle, reducing wear-and-tear and
eliminating vibration. 115 and 230 vac models
weigh 139 lbs. and use up to 825 watts; gas
powered version weighs 229 lbs.
Standard Model
Gasoline-Powered Model
#AA3348 $7
#AA3357 (4-pack) $28
Accordion Laundry Racks
Gas Dryers
Save huge amounts of electricity
Electric heating—for clothes, air or water—uses
ridiculous amounts of power. Completely
unrealistic in a renewable energy system, it
doesn’t make sense in a grid-connected house
either. The gas dryers listed here immediately
pay for themselves in solar module savings and
quickly pay for themselves in AC grid-power
savings. 300–400 watts.
1 Time/1 Auto Cycle: 2 Temps
3 Time/1 Auto Cycle: 4 Temps
4 Time/3 Auto Cycle: 4 Temps
The average electric clothes dryer
uses $70 of electricity each year—more than the average electric range and
almost as much as the total household’s lighting ($75/year). Why not use the
sun? It’s easier on the clothes, the environment, and your pocketbook! Here
in Colorado, our clothes dry inside in just a few hours. Laundry racks fold up
into a small space, hold a “clothesline” of laundry, and easily move from
space to space—put outside in the sun, bring back in when it rains. All much
stronger and durable than the commonly found versions, our regular dryer
has wire reinforced stress points and the “Heavy Duty” versions attach the
dowels to the frame with screws instead of staples, hardwood frames, and
extra struts for added support. The “Wall Mount” doesn’t take any floor
space and has a strong shelf great for holding detergent and other laundry
Small Heavy Duty
Large Heavy Duty
Wall Mount
Item #
53" x 18" x 36"
60" x 19" x 40"
70" x 23" x 48"
34" x 29"
888.317.1600 • TECHNICAL 303.998.1323 • FAX 303.449.1348 • EMAIL:
Outback Oven
Backpacker Solar Oven
Turn your camp stove into a temperature controlled
oven! Reduce fuel consumption by a third and have a
versatile system of components you’ll use every time you
cook. All Outback Ovens come with the aluminized
fiberglass convection dome, diffuser plate with riser
bar, thermometer, reflector collar, mesh storage sack
and backcountry baking booklet. Stoves positioned
underneath may present a danger—check our website for more info.
Only 1 lb. 12 oz. but bakes bread and gets up
to 375°. Cooks almost anything—fish, meat,
baked potatoes and folds to 4" x 10" x 10".
Made from 97% paper products but
demonstrated reliability—over 35,000 already
sold. Great for backpacking, expeditions,
science oriented experimenters, and teachers.
Cook set pot for a baking pan (up to 8" diameter). 1–2 campers.
The Plus 8
Sunflash Solar Cooker
Over 3 times more heat than box solar cookers
8" Teflon pan w/ nesting lid. Doubles as a frying pan too. 1–2 campers.
The Plus10
Produces 750 BTU/hr. compared to the typical
240 BTU/hr. for box cookers—more useful for
tasks like boiling water or sterilizing medical
utensils. March U.S. Southwest sun in spring
conditions on test brought a quart of water to a
boil in one hour and baked a 2 lb. loaf of bread
in two hours. Reflective cone concentrates the sun
through spherical glass that stores energy for
nighttime cooking. Includes 4 quart black pot.
10" Teflon pan w/nesting lid. Doubles as a frying pan too. 2–4 campers.
The Outfitter
Oven with 12" Teflon pan w/nesting lid, Jaws pot lifter, UTU spatula/knife,
and cutting board. Can double as a frying pan. 4–6 campers.
Outback Evolution/Ultralight Combo
The Ultralight, w/premium non-stick cookware.
Hydro-Que Hydrogen BBQ Grill
Hydrogen gas fueled table-top barbeque. For outdoor use only. Includes
high quality stainless flow control valve, brass
flashback arrestor, and ss bar-burner , laserdrilled for use with hydrogen. Comes with top
cover, handles, and heat diffuser.
Does not use lava rocks. Not
equipped with low Nox burner.
Includes s.s. temperature gauge.
Hydro-que™ Model HQ-5
Sierra Zip Stove
Use wood, pinecones, twigs, bark, charcoal, or any
solid fuel and quickly generate intense heat output
(18,000 BTU/hr.) Works like a blacksmith’s forge by
blowing air into the fire—uses one AA battery that
lasts more than 6 hours of cooking. No propane or
gasoline to leak, spill, splash, or explode! 4" x 5" and
only weighs 15 oz. Includes new windshield for
windy conditions, “Xtra grate” for larger and longer
sticks, stainless steel quart pot with frying pan cover
that serves as carrying case for the stove. Complete
set weighs just 30 oz.
Sun Oven with Thermometer
Solar ovens save energy, keep your kitchen
cooler on hot days, cook better tasting food,
and make meals more fun. In remote areas, no
need to buy, collect, carry, and store fuel. No
burned food, no smoke, no air pollution. Saves trees
and soil, safe around children. Commonly reach 350°.
Weighs 30 pounds and has an interior oven dimension
of 14" x 14" x 10". Electric back-up fits on the glass and
heats oven over 400°. Even broils. Uses 500 watts at 117V AC—
1⁄7th the power of a conventional oven. Optional black pot makes cooking
fast and easy.
Eagle Stove
Global Sun Oven #AA140 $229
3 qt. Black Pot
#KT4904 $9
#AA147 $5
New Zip Stove like having a
portable fire pit
Over 35,000 BTU/hr.—almost double the output of
the Sierra and boils water by the gallon. Ideal for
car camping, group cooking, scout outings,
evening campfires by the RV, or disaster
preparedness. Provides a contained fire where
open fires not permitted. Like the Sierra, the Eagle has an adjustable speed
fan for forced ventilation. The damper control allows for adjustable heat and
fuel conservation. The standard “D” cell power supply provides over 35
hours of cooking time. Even without the fan, the Eagle has a strong natural
draft and still works fine. 8 lbs., 12" x 10" x 12" high.
Sun Toys Solar Cooker
Cooks like a crock pot, bakes like an oven but
weighs only 8 oz!
This improved version of the “Solar Cookit” withstands
rain, has better insulation, and still folds down to a 14" x
14" x 2" flexible packet. Low cost, high quality, extremely
useful—everyone should have at least one!
#AA3549 $19
Bake hundreds of loaves of bread per day, boil
countless gallons of water, cook virtually
anything quickly and in large volumes,
sterilize large quantities of medical
instruments. All with solar energy or
propane. Generates temperatures over 500° F.
With propane will operate night or day, rain or
shine, 24 hours/day (2 propane tanks come with
each oven).1 lb. of propane will run oven for 8
hours. Transported size is 5'10"h x 5'1"w x 5'1"l.
Operating size with panels folded out is 9'6" h.
Basic Unit
#AA135 $10,000
Transport Trailer #AA136 $300
Propane Back-Up #AA137 $600
“The best invention for backpackers since feet.”
Complete set
Stove only
Village Sun Oven
Waffles off grid!
A stove top waffle maker for delicate,crisp
waffles with extra deep pockets to
capture your favorite toppings. And
faster than an electric waffle iron!
Long lasting ,heavy cast aluminum
with a non-stick coating and cool bakelite
handles. 16.5" x 8.5 "x 1.5", baking surface
7.25" x 7.25".
“Beyond Organic” Coffee and Roaster
Shade-grown, organic, rainforest-friendly, and most likely the best tasting
coffee you will ever sip packaged with a Precision Roaster and 2.5 oz. grinder.
Includes 4 lbs. of green coffee beans processed with solar thermal and solar
electric systems in Costa Rica. This coffee is part of an initiative to trade Green
Coffee for Green Technology as well as provide education, telemedicine for
healthcare, telebanking to facilitate needed financing, and other services for
rural communities in developing countries. The goal is to set up Centers
powered by low-cost and environmentally-friendly solar-photovoltaic and
renewable-power generation systems. These centers will help empower rural
coffee farmers to become an economic engine in their regions, create local jobs
and rural prosperity. A primary benefit will be the slowing or reversing of
migration by the rural poor to the urban centers of developing countries.
Coffee is the world’s second most popular beverage (after water), the second
most traded commodity (after oil), and the second biggest cause of rainforest
destruction (after cattle ranching). Solar drying means shorter, on-site drying as
a lower temperature - 122°F instad of the conventional 158°F. It minimizes
deterioration and spoilage from excessive moistue and can save up to 30% of
the harvest. It eliminates the need for firewood and helps stop deforestration 16,000 acres of rainforest are stripped away for this purpose each year. It also
eliminates the need for the chemical fertilizer and pesticides that end up further
polluting water supplies and rivers. It provides more value to the small farmers
because dried beans sell for many times more and permits storage instead of
the need to sell within a few days of harvesting - a great poverty-reduction
strategy. This creates more jobs in rural areas preventing the increasing and
disasterous trend urbanization. Coffee goes stale within 7 days of roasting
making it more acidic with a more sour, bitter taste.
Brown Gas Ranges
Many people want a gas stove to conserve electricity but most gas stoves use
an energy-hungry electric starting system. Brown ranges have optional low
power use electronic ignitions (+c.$50) but the models we list here have
pilots and require no electricity at all. Conventional appearance and
features—non-tilt oven racks, push to turn valves, leg levelers, fiberglass
insulation, adjustable door springs, roll out broiler. Almond, white, harvest
gold, or black.
Request flyer for more options.
24" Surface Range
30" Surface Range
Wall Oven
20" Gas Range
24" Gas Range
30" Gas Range
36" Gas Range
30" w/Black Glass Door
Precision Coffee Roaster
Premier Gas Ranges
The best home coffee-roasting product available at any price. Roasts enough
beans to fill a standard 12-cup automatic-drip coffee maker and only takes 9-10
minutes. Roasting just prior to brewing ensures the ultimate flavor. Set the
degree of roasting anywhere between light “Cinnamon” and dark, almost
burned “Italian”. Uses a heated, forced air process that bounces the beans
around inside the clear cylinder - a delightful sight and smell. A red light
indicates roasting, a green one the cooling process. It also separates out the
coffee chaff that makes a great nutrient for house plants.
No glow bars on any Premier Gas Ranges!
Light with electronic spark or with a match
and save the energy drain - no electricity
required. Allows oven and top burners to be
lit during power failure. Features universal
valves for easy conversion between natural
gas and LP gas (propane) without additional
parts or special tools. Sealed burners keep
spills on the cooktop for easy cleanup.
Lifetime warranty. 28 models available - the 4
listed here are gas only, non electric, the
others have a 120 vac electronic spark but
will also light with a match during power
“Beyond Organic” Green Coffee Beans
The best, most environmentally friendly green coffee beans for your new
roaster. Choose from Costa Rican, Ethiopian, Columbian, Columbian Decaf,
Peruvian, Indonesian, or Bolivian. All are solar-dried by small co-ops trying to
preserve their local eco-systems and raise the standard of living in their local
economies. The Costa Rican processed with a photovoltaic/solar air system.
$5 per lb.
SAC 100 20” Apartment Model
SFC 100 30” Standard Burner
SCC 100 24” Standard Compact Burner
SLC 100 36” 4-Burner
• FAX 303.449.1348
• FAX 303.222.3599
Corona Grain & Corn
Solar Food Dehydrators
Dry vegetables, fruits and herbs
with just the sun—no power
Grind wheat, corn, nuts,
coffee or seeds without using
any electric power. Grind one
pound of cereal per minute but
for fine flour you need to run
through the mill several times.
Stone conversion kit makes a fine
grind the first time. Easy to
change back to metal plates
for the advantages of
both types.
Corona Mill
Stone Conversion
Extra Grinding Plate Set
Dehulling Attachment
Flour Mill
Use the latest solar technology
and enjoy fruits, herbs and
vegetables all year long. Fun,
easy to use and clean, and no
electricity required. The sun’s
rays penetrate through the
transparent cover, vents create a
warm current that moves across
the stainless steel food tray. Also
great for making raisins, fruit
roll-ups, and herbs you can add
to soups, stews, and dips. Heavy
duty stainless steel with stainless steel food trays, it will last for years and years.
Large Dome (22" x 45")
AirFlo Dehydrator
The Best, LowCost Grain Mill
performance in
low-cost mill.
Quickly converts
from stone to
iron burrs. (Stone
grinds finer but
clogs with oily
materials; iron
not as fine but
handles almost
Powder coated aluminum body is corrosion
proof, dishwasher-safe and the aluminum never
touches your food. 5-cup hopper means less
stopping to refill. Special set-back base for bowl
to catch flour. Special spring assembly instead of
auger for easier cleaning. Removable clamp kit,
optional stainless steel burr kit.
Large scale, high efficiency dehydrator for coffee, beans, nuts,
and grain. Connect a hot air collector system or any heat source
and a small PV system; super efficient fans (5 using 35 watts total)
pull the air vertically through the dehydrator drying crops evenly
and quickly while safeguarding against mold. It eliminates the
need to rotate crops during the drying process and retains the
highest quality due to the optimum drying efficiency. Capacity
100 lbs. every 6-8 hours. Stainless steel gates and hardware, FDA
approved high density polyethelene interior. Larger, custom
models available by request.
Excalibur Food
Save your harvest!
Dry everything from herbs to jerky. With less than 2 square feet
of counter space quickly dehydrate a large amount of fruits or
vegetables. Also make jerky, soup mixes and trail foods.
Thermostat adjusts from 85° to 145°. 9 tray holds 40 lbs., 4 tray
13 lbs., 5 tray 22 lbs. 5 & 9 tray 17" W x 19" D x 8.5" H or 13"
H, 4 tray 13" W x 16" D x 6" H.
Sunshine Nugget Flour Mill
#KT5345 $149
Optional Stainless Steel Burrs #KT5346 $60
4 Tray
9 Tray
5 Tray
#KT201 $128
#KT203 $250
#KT202 $196
Country Living Mill
Hanging Solar
Food Dehydrator
5 sq.ft. of drying area but folds to 3" x 15" x 15".
Easy to move and store, almost indestructible
Whole grain into flour with minimum effort and
maximum control. The Country Living Mill grinds fine or
coarse with a simple hand crank—enough for 2 loaves in
15 minutes. Want more flour? Drive the large pulley from
a bicycle, or with a 1⁄2 hp motor like our GN621. Made
in the USA, a grain mill your grandchildren will be glad
to inherit. Accessories: Power Bar, (#KT4487) increases
leverage for tougher grinding. Nut & Bean Auger
(#KT4488) for milling nuts, large beans, soft grains and
Country Living Mill
Power Bar
Countertop Dishwasher
Super-Fast Reading 78 Apple
Quick, clean dishes without
electricity or wet hands. 24
spinning hot water-powered
jet sprays wash, rinse and air
dry four place settings in just
10 minutes (a typical electric
dishwasher takes 45
minutes). Compact, portable
and only uses one teaspoon
of regular dishwashing
detergent. Just connect to
any faucet - it’s safe for all
your dishes including fine
china and plasticware. Great
for small homes, apartments,
offices and dorms.
Endorsed by history: made since 1878. It
doesn’t core or slice but with just six turns
peels crisp apples and drops them into a
bowl—six apples per minute! Cast iron
construction ensures long life. Parts which
contact the food are nickel plated, so there’s
never a problem with a metallic taste.
Non-Electric Yogurt Incubator
In just a few hours, make delicious all-natural yogurt from cow, soy, or goat
milk. No moving parts, lasts a lifetime! 9" H x 8" Diameter, 2 qt., 2 lbs.
#AA7660 $130
#AA3542 $46
Food Strainer
Make tomato paste & juice, fruit &
vegetable purees, apple sauce — all
without peeling or coring. Strains baby
foods and separates juices and pulp from
skin and seeds. Fast and easy.
3 Leg Cast Iron Pots
Cook and bake anywhere—with anything from propane gas to a wood fire
A cooking tool brought to Africa during the middle ages and a traditional
part of African culture since that time. The 3 tall legs let you have a fire
under the pot while keeping it out of coals. The round belly shape allows
even heat distribution while keeping the liquids at the lowest point. Special
domed lid for optimal internal heat circulation has a peripheral gutter on the
lid for heaping coals. Lifetime warranty, preseasoned. Cookbook available.
3 gallon/25 lbs.
6 gallon/45 lbs.
10 gallon/75 lbs.
14gallon/71 lbs.
25 gallon/157 lbs.
20 gallon/105 lbs.
Potjiekos Cook Book
Equator Compact Dishwasher
The Gamma Seal Lid
Storage - airtight , watertight,
and affordable .
Gamma Seals snap to a
standard 3 1/2, 5 or 7 gallon
plastic bucket (12 inch rim),
contain heavy duty threaded
lid. Allow easy access to
stored supplies, seals with
two rubber gaskets. Ideal for
long term storage of food,
supplies, equipment.
Saves valuable kitchen space, even fits on a countertop yet still holds 8 full
place settings. Ideal for small spaces and only uses 4.75 gallons of water in
the heavy wash cycle. Built-in water heater. Includes a special faucet adapter
that quickly snaps on and off any sink faucet and a drain hose for hooking
over a sink edge. 120 vac, 1400 watts, UL listed, white. 46 lbs. 19.5" H x
19.75" W x 19.75" D.
#AA3680 $350
"Your new summer catalogue was very welcome! My only wish is that
it contained several hundred pages in order that I could be occupied
with it for a month instead of reading it cover to cover 3 times in 2
888.317.1600 • TECHNICAL 303.998.1323 • FAX 303.449.1348 • EMAIL:
—Brian Blancher, Honduras
Wheat Grass Juicer
Waring 12V Blender
One of nature's most complete live foods, wheat
grass contains vitamins C, E, the B complex
and Provitamin A (Carotene), and more than
100 elements and trace minerals, including
calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron.
Because the chlorophyll in wheat grass is
almost identical to human hemoglobin
(the medium by which oxygen is carried to
the cells), our bodies are able to easily
assimilate these nutrients. Our top-feed
Wheat Grass Juicer features a powerful
220-watt motor for maximum juice yield
and is also great for juicing leafy greens,
berries and soft fruits. Aluminum-free, it features
non-toxic nylon and stainless steel juicing components.
Easy-to-clean. Use the Flour Mill Attachment and make fresh
flour as you need it. 13 1/2” H x 16 1/2” L x 5” W.
More expensive but also larger and more powerful
than previously available blenders. 45 oz. pitcher,
15' cord with cigarette lighter plug, chrome plated
plastic base, uses up to 11 amps depending on how
hard the contents are
Professional Hand Juicer
Steam Juicer/Cooker
Juice grapes, berries, fruits; steam cook
seafood and vegetables—all without
any electricity. Simple to use. No
squeezing, straining or mess. 81⁄2 quart
capacity, heavy stainless steel.
This Citrus Juicer uses rack-and-pinion torque to
provide hundreds of pounds of pressure to
squeeze juice and nutrients from limes, lemons,
oranges and grapefruit. Professional stainless steel
construction includes an extractive reamer that
prevents rinds from making your juice bitter plus
a strainer and 10-oz. cup. With non-skid rubber
feet. 19 1/2” H x 7” L x 5 1/2” W. 6 lbs.
12V Wet & Dry Vacuum
Much more suction from this canister
vacuum than the small DC car
vacuums. A large one gallon dirt
capacity and reusable dust cap, (you
don’t buy new bags), make this a
good solution for difficult car and
other clean-ups. Heavy duty 12,500
RPM motor and 36" hose, 15" cord,
upholstery brush, rug tool for carpet
pile, and crevice tool to get those
crumbs! 11 amps, 103⁄4" H x 81⁄2"
Hoky Carpet Sweeper
So small you can store in a tiny
space, so quiet you barely know it’s
there, and yet effective enough to pick
up difficult things like cat hair, sand
and thread on both carpets and hard
surface floors. All without using one watt!
The commercial grade N/T models use
“Rotorblades” that outlast bristle brushes
by as much as 8 times and self-clean. All
parts replaceable.
9.5" Rotorblade
12.5" Rotorblade #AA106
Treadle Sewing Machines
No electricity needed
A beautiful and dependable tool made for years of daily use. Simple and
sturdy design capable of extensive and heavy sewing. Forward/back and
tension control, cast iron flywheel, frame, and foot; wood cabinet, two
drawers and fold-down thread bin. Some assembly required.
Head only
12V Coffee Maker
5 cup capacity with thermostat and tempered glass carafe. 6’ 12V cord.
#AA3040 $35
Similar to Sun Frost with the compressor mounted on the top and 4" of
insulation, the SolarFridge ships much more quickly and has several extra
features like an LCD temperature control and display. Other standard
features include an ABS inner liner, molded door shelves, stainless steel
interior shelves, magnetic door gaskets, a natural wood door handle,
adjustable leveling legs, user replaceable door panel, and a refrigerator
compartment light. “19 cu. ft.” has 12 cu.ft.
of refrigerator space and 4 cu.ft. of freezer
(calling them “19” instead of “16” seems
common in the industry, dimensions are 66"
x 35" x 28"), and it uses an average of 60
amps per day at 12V. The “10” cu.ft. is 52"
x 24" x 23" with a 6.9 cu.ft. refrigerator and
1.7 cu.ft. freezer. It uses 43 amps per day at
12V. 48Volt models are available an extra
12V SolarFridge 19
24V SolarFridge 19
120 vac SolarFridge 19
12V SolarFridge 10
24V SolarFridge 10
120 vac SolarFridge 10
Planet DC
11.6 cu.ft. 12/24V DC
Sun Frost
The ultimate in energy efficient refrigerators... DC or AC
Three simple factors make Sun Frost the leader in energy efficient
refrigeration: 1) They’ve moved the compressor—and all the heat it
generates— out from the bottom and up onto the top of the unit. The heat
from a typical refrigerator (since the compressor is on the bottom) rises and
constantly creates an electric blanket of air around the refrigerator; 2) The
small, well designed compressors, lack of fans and the low percentage run
time all contribute to Sun Frost’s exceptionally quiet operation. No more
listening to the humming and buzzing of a typical large AC refrigerator; 3)
The polyurethane insulation is 3 inches thick in the refrigerator walls and
up to 6 inches at the freezer top to keep the heat away from your frozen
foods. Compare this with your average “energy saver” refrigerator. These
factors combine to eliminate the reasons that most average refrigerators
seem to be running all the time. Sun Frost’s higher initial cost is offset by
their incredible efficiency. This makes the idea of a solar refrigerator
practical. Conventional AC refrigerators just take too much electricity.
#RF16 #RF216
#RF19 #RF219
#RR19 #RR219
#FF19 #FF219
#RF12 #RF212
#RR10 #RR210
#FF10 #FF210
#RF44 #RF244
#RR44 #RR244
#FV44 #FV244
Planet DC refrigerators have the
highest powered DC compressor
on the market. Bring food to
proper storage temperature in
hours rather than days. Modern
cabinet fits any kitchen decor.
More power, faster cooling,
lower price—and ready for
immediate shipment. 12 volt
uses 68 amp-hours per day, 24
volt uses 34 ah. 150 watts of PV
will keep it running year round.
12V DC
24V DC
*Amp Hours/Day Shipping
@ 12V
16 cu.ft. Refrig-Freezer
62.5"H x 34.5"W x 27.75"D
19 cu.ft. Refrig-Freezer
66"H x 34.5"W x w7.75"D
19 cu.ft.
Refrig only
66"H x 34.5"W x 27.75"D
19 cu.ft.
Freezer only
66"H x 34.5"W x 27.75"D
12 cu.ft. Refrig-Freezer
49.3"H x 34.5"W x 27.75"D
10 cu.ft.
Refrig only
43.5"H x 34.5"W x 27.75"D
10 cu.ft.
Freezer only
43.5"H x 34.5"W x 27.75"D
4 cu.ft. Refrig-Freezer
31.5"H x 34.5"W x 27.75"D
4 cu.ft. Frig or Freezer
31.5"H x 34.5"W x 27.75"D
4 cu.ft. Vaccine Frig/Frzr
31.5"H x 34.5"W x 27.75"D
1 cu.ft. Vaccine Storage
28"H x 23"W x 20.5"D
(lbs.) Cost
300 $2,655
320 $2,800
320 $2,855
230 $1,979
160 $1,454
160 $1,390
160 $1,595
100 $1,310
*energy used per 24 hour period at 70° F. Shipped freight collect. Add US$60 crating charge for 16 and
19 cu.ft. models, US$50 for 12 cu.ft., US$45 for 4 and 10 cu.ft., and US$40 for 1 cu.ft. Add US$120
(RF3974) for custom colors, and US$180 (RF3975) for wood finishes.
• FAX 303.449.1348
• FAX 303.222.3599
Walk-In Solar Power Refrigerators
Large scale refrigerators or freezers built
to your specifications. Brushless DC
motors, eutectic plates, super high
quality and efficiency. This
pictured system transports tree
seedlings and fits on a standard
pick-up truck.Can operate from
vehicle or aircraft power, utility
grid or generator power, or
from photovoltaic and
sources. It
cools 230 cubic
feet with 470
peak watt PV array. Internal
temperatures stay between 45° to 55° F—a larger PV array
required for lower temperatures. Other applications include fish or food
storage, eco-tourism, campsites catering to adventure travelers, rural schools,
exotic flowers preservation during delivery to an airport, disaster relief and
storage of medical and veterinary supplies.
Costs depends on application
15.1 cu.ft. Eutetic
Specifically designed to
run from a generator or
where power
unavailable or
unreliable, “Eutectic”
glycol tanks store the
cold for use when no power is
available. You only need 1.5 hours of power
each day if room temperature 70 degrees, 3 hours if 80 degrees. Use a
generator (small, 2.2 kW enough), grid, wind, or solar power. Thick and
dense polyurethane insulation (80–120 mm) keeps the cold in, heat out, and
your food frozen for 24–36 before you need power again. And it gets cold
(down to -40 degrees F). Uses CFC-free ester oil R404A refrigerant and a
Danfoss BD 35f compressor. 10 interior baskets; 15.1 cu.ft based on actual
size, 18 cu.ft based on the common practice of adding 20%. 63" x 29" x 35",
396 lbs. 360 watts.
120 vac
12 or 24V DC
#RF6055 $2,800
#RF6056 $3,400
Minus 40
Portable refrigerators
made in Africa for the
roughest off-road
conditions. Low power
consumption, 12 or 24V
DC. Powerful enough to
make ice and operate as a
freezer, stainless steel lined
for longest life. Rugged and
reliable, battery powered to suit the electrical
system of the vehicle/boat/yacht/caravan.
Caravelle 1.41 cu.ft.
Safari 15 gallon, 2 cu.ft
Bushmaster 25 gallon 4.1 cu.ft.
Kalahari 30 gallon 5.4 cu.ft
Nova Kool: Make
Your Own DC
Build your own
insulated box and use
this 12V DC Nova Kool
Kit to make your own
super efficient
refrigerator or freezer.
You can make up to a
10 cu.ft. refrigerator, a 4
cu.ft. freezer or
combination. Includes
pre-charged Danfoss compressor (same unit used in Sun Frost), radiator, fan,
electronics on a base, two cold plate evaporators extended on 10' of quickconnect tubing, and external temperature control. 5 amps when running.
Depending on size and insulation, it uses as little as 18 amps per day. Fridge
Kit won’t work as a freezer but will power a refrigerator up to 20 cu.ft.
ColdMachine makes up to a 15 cu.ft. freezer and draws 6A at full load.
Freezer 15" x 6" x 12", mount compressor up to 15’ away. 12V.
Basic Nova Kool Kit
20 cu.ft. Fridge Kit
#RF191 $770
#RF192 $700
#RF3835 $1,244
Appropriate Technology in Action
Mohammed Bah Abba, Nigeria
Coldsaver 14 cu.ft.
Eutetic Refrigerator
Like the freezer above,
designed to run from a
generator or unreliable
power source, this
refrigerator only need 1–2
hours of power each day.
13.4 cu.ft based on actual
size, 16 cu.ft based on the
common practice of
adding 20%. 64.6" x
27.9" x 32.3"; 396 lbs. 292
Mohammed Bah Abba discovered a way to use
inexpensive, locally available materials and
make simple refrigeration systems. Easy to
make, inexpensive, and requiring no
electricity, they still work incredibly well eggplants stay fresh for 27 days instead
of the normal 3, peppers and tomatoes
last 21 days or more; and African
spinach that normally spoils in just 1
day, lasts for 12. By putting a smaller clay
pot inside a larger one with wet sand in
between, he found that the natural
evaporation creates a refrigeration process
with a cost of only 30 cents! We’re
experimenting to help improve this process and
testing a solar powered fan blowing across the top of the pots as well as
using a third outside pot filled with water.
120 vac
12 or 24V DC
Solus 5 cu.ft. Refrigerator
Super efficient refrigerator provides both low
cost and high efficiency. A proprietary control
algorithm optimizes the speed of a Danfoss
compressor for maximum efficiency and
minimum battery cycling. Operates on either
12 or 24V DC and uses c. 12–16 ah/day at 24V.
12V Portable cooler/warmer
Lay flat like an ice box or stand upright like a
refrigerator. Double doors for greater efficiency.
Miniature thermoelectric module replaces CFC
gases, loud motors, and bulky piping coils with no moving parts to wear out
or break down. Adjustable shelves, 4 amps, 13 lbs. Holds 42 12-oz. cans.
19.5”L x13.5”W x16”H
Dometic LP, 12V or 117 vac
Portable refrigeration
Looks like an ice chest but holds more
and operates from almost any power
source. Take with you and switch over to
whatever kind of power you find. 1.17
cu.ft. size holds more than six 6-packs and
makes ice cubes. Super low power
usage—.6 gal. of propane per week or only
60 watts/hr of electricity.
Total Refrigerators and Freezers
Engel Portable Refrigerator/Freezers
High Quality! Great Price!
Engel - a world leader in portable compressor freezers now offers 2 new
highly efficient models. Small, light and made from rugged plastic, the
Engel 15 and Engel 30 are convenient 12 v units that can be used
exclusively as refrigerators or freezers. Engel ‘s unique patented Swing
Motor compressor is shock mounted - functions perfectly even when tilted
making it ideal for transport in vehicles, boats, and airplanes. Well
insulated, the 15 features smaller
storage with a large compressor
capable of freezing, the 30
provides more space, but runs a
smaller compressor that will keep
most items frozen.
Environmentally friendly CFC
free, uses 12V cigarette lighter
plug or 110 volt with adapter. CE
- Approved, 12 month warranty.
Engel 15
Engel 30
"Products that spark my imagination. Their website is what you
expect in an on-line merchant: descriptions such as you would find
in a catalogue and the ability to purchase easily. Many merchants
are disappointing in that they forget that you need to see a picture
of every product as well as be able to read a description of it."
— P.L. Moore 8/1/99
A range of chest refrigerators and freezers
specifically designed for solar electric
systems in remote areas of developing
countries. High efficiency, super insulated
steel cabinets have three coating for
corrosion resistance. A large surface
evaporator increases the high cooling
efficiency. The lid is fitted for a lock and a
plughole makes draining and defrosting
easy. A special indicator on the front tells
when the power is on, if batteries are too
low, if the compressor is running and also shows the thermostat setting from 1 to 6. Not quite as efficient as Sun Frost but less expensive.
4.9 cu.ft. refrigerator
7.1 cu.ft. refrigerator
10.6 cu.ft. refrigerator
4.9 cu.ft. freezer
7.1 cu.ft. freezer
Absolute Zero Multi-power source
Refrigerator and/or Freezer
The new Zero "Slimline" 2.2 Cu/ft combination
refrigerator/freezer has all the features needed
in the most rugged environment. Major
insulation - 3” on the sides, 5” on the front and
back - makes ice quickly and keeps it frozen
while the gas or electric thermostat turns power
consumption off. Specially designed for mobile
use to fit into tight areas such as minivan's,
boats and ATV's. Also great for cabins, campers
and fishermen. Sturdy carry handles and 3
alternative sources of power -LP gas, 120 vac,
or 12V DC. 31”H x 26”W x 19.5”D. 1000 BTU,
1.4A at 120 vac, 13.3 at 12V DC. Africa.
For use as a fridge or freezer. Will easily freeze and make ice. Aluminum
inner liner with no exposed piping. Carrying handles Combo gas/electric
thermostat Can be used as a refrigerator or freezer. Approved for tropical
conditions. Durable Textradek Lid. Push button Ignition. Totally CFC free.
Photovoltaic-compatible. Interior Storage Basket. Recessed controls. Built-in
levelling legs. Made in South Africa,
• FAX 303.449.1348
• FAX 303.222.3599
Frostek 8.25 cu.ft. Gas and Kerosene
More expensive than the Nordin but better for hot
climates. In laboratory tests, this freezer reached 8°F with room temperatures of 80°F and 0° with
room temperatures of 90°. Low setting uses 1200
BTU (the same as the maximum for the Nordin)
and the high setting for very hot days or climates
gives you 50% more cooling capacity and uses
1800 BTU. Exterior thermometer tells you the
exact interior conditions without opening the door.
Push-button ignition for matchless starting. New
kerosene version is ideal for rural areas where LP gas availability is a
problem. Higher maintenance than LP version, but gets colder in hot
climates. Easy-to-fill roll-out tank. 38" H x 44" L
x 32" D, 220 lbs.
Largest available size, most
A good quality freezer you can
depend on for years of trouble-free
service. 4 cu. ft. larger than chesttype, 3 quick-freeze shelves, holds
3 average locker boxes. Built-in
thermometer, magnetic door steel,
white steel exterior. Single door, 1year warranty. 26"D x 38"W x
10 cu.ft. Euro
A Crystal Cold with the tall and
slim European style. Great for
fitting into a small footprint without
giving up much food storage space.
Probably the coldest gas refrigerator ever built - great for really hot
63” H x 23.25” W x 28”D
Norcold 2-Way Refrigerator/Freezer
Includes door panels, build-in style; LP & 120
vac, 300 watts on DC side @ 52.7/8” H x 23.5 x
24, 6.3 cu ft Also available as a 3-way—adds
12V ($30 extra).
Crystal Cold 12 cu ft LP Freezer
Propane Refrigerator/Freezers
Built with over 60 years experience
In 1925 both the Swedish company,
Electrolux and Servel began producing LPgas refrigerators based on the principles of
“ice-from-fire” absorption cooling. Over 2
million units were sold as the Servel name
became synonymous with high quality, long
lasting LP-gas refrigerators. Distribution
stopped as America switched to electric
refrigerators. Now Electrolux through their U.S. company, Dometic offers
their experience and innovation in this new Servel unit. Exterior controls
include manual ignition, thermostat and fuel selector. Specifications: 7.5
cu.ft. with 1.7 cu.ft. freezer; weight 181 lbs.; consumption 1500 BTU/hr.
(c.1.5 gallons of propane/week); colors white and almond (almond called
Dometic). Right-hinge door only. Order 120V bolt-on electric kit for back-up
electric power. 57.75" H x 24.75" W x 24.75" D. Kerosene-fueled model has
3.7 gal tank that rolls out for easy filling. The Brazilian Consul has smaller
freezer (1.1 cu.ft.), larger refrigerator (6.7). 58" H x 23.5" W x 28.8" D.
Danby, made in Canada, less expensive because less freight and duty.
Kerosene Burner
Three Year Parts Kit
Crystal Cold
17 cu.ft.
The largest and
coldest refrigerator/
Tested in a 95 degree
room, Crystal Cold
stayed many degrees
colder than other
models. This largest
model has 13 cu.ft. of
refrigerator space and
4 cu.ft.of freezer.
Efficient too—the
2100 BTU burners
only use 1.5 lbs (.35
gallons) of propane per 24 hour cycle. 65" H x 28" W x 37" D, 275 lbs.
17 cu.ft. LP
17 cu.ft. NG
Crystal Cold
13.3 cu.ft. Propane
High quality, reliable—holds 14 halfgallons
of ice cream!
In kitchens with frequent
temperatures over 90°, the freezer in
this new LP model still stays below
0°. 60.5" H x 28.25" W x 32.5" D.
Textured almond or white exterior
(please specify). Casters for easy
moving. Reversible doors, rubber
coated inside shelves. Also available
in natural gas by special order.
Repair Manual
Gas refrigerator maintenance and repair manual for
models made between 1933 and 1957. How to install,
maintain, adjust burners, and identify problem parts.
Extensive list of replacement parts with information on
how to order.
Standard Telephone Service Without Wires!
Telemobile Multiple Line, Multi-Channel Custom
Wireless phone systems extend your telephone service from the
termination of an existing phone jack to an almost unlimited distance.
We design and supply many kinds of systems for your individual
situation—anything from an extension for a barn to a multi-phone
system in a remote village. Get an individual cordless phone or up to 30
channel multiplex service. Fax, modem, intercom, and telex capability;
portable, mobile, or point-to-point. AC or DC powered equipment.
Since terrain and requirements vary so much, it’s best to call and
discuss what you would like to do. Our Telecommunications booklet
could also help. Average power use 1.7 watts on standby and 18 watts
while transmitting. FCC approved Telemobile and Telenexus approved
for use in the US and Canada, less-expensive models don’t have FCC
Anything from small neighborhood systems to large village multi-user setups with mobile, point-to-point, emergency, business, personal, and pay
phones. Combines radio with telephone by interfacing the highest quality
analog and digital communication techniques. Interconnects all frequencies
and all geographic locations. Prices listed here for general budgeting
considerations—please contact us with your specific requirements for an
exact quotation. FCC approved.
10–15 Watt Multi-Line
25–30 Watt Multi-Line
40 Lines, 8 Channels
FCC: Approved for use in the U.S.
Telemobile PTEL Systems
Our best, most versatile system
Get a data/fax/digital-compatible
phone jack up to 50 miles (80 km)
from the closest phone line! Your
existing telephones (including cordless
phones), fax machines and modems
plug right in and work normally.
Secure unauthorized hand-held and
mobile phones can’t access your
phone lines with extra optional voice
scrambling. Compander feature means
great audio and full 9600-band G3 fax
transmission speeds. Basic system
includes: Terminal, remote unit, (2)
Yaggi antennas and (2) 15M coax cables
(longer lengths available by request). Many
options, including pay phone interface and 32-channel selector switch. 12V
DC, FCC approved.
2 Watt PTEL
10 Watt PTEL
25 Watt PTEL
Start your own remote
telephone business
“If I went conventional power, with telephone, it would cost
me $85,000. I can’t afford this and then pay them every
month for the rest of my life.”
—B.K., Pomeroy, WA
• FAX 303.449.1348
• FAX 303.222.3599
i-WLL Remote Phone Link
Satellite Telephone Systems
Instead of extending a phone line with our cordless phones or
using cellular, you can now link directly to a 6,600 lb. satellite in
geosynchronous orbit. They provides phone service for all of North
America, coastal waters, Central America and most of the
Caribbean—and the rest of the world. As easy to use as any standard
telephone, it connects you directly with the public telephone
network—just dial the number and press a send key. You receive
calls on your own 800 number.
Connect to the Internet without a phone line. This dual-line, all-digital
remote phone link delivers data, email and the Internet to your remote PC
and allows high-quality voice transmission at the same time. Using a pointto-point spread spectrum telephone system, the I-WLL never needs tuning
and assures complete privacy. And because it uses the 2.4 GHz
frequency band, there is no FCC license required. Wireless
modem rates are consistently between 9.6 and 33.6
kbps. You must have a true line-of-sight
connection (approx. 10 miles) between
sites. Lightweight portability allows
latitude in selecting an optimal
installation site.
Qualcomm Tri Mode Handset
Clear voice and short message services through three separate
technologies - Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)
digital technology, analog (AMPS) for cellular service, and
Globalstar for satellite service. Automatically extend
communications to areas where cellular or land-line phones
are inaccessible due to lack of coverage or incompatible
cellular technologies. Features include high contrast
illuminated LCD display, built-in speed dial and store
frequently called numbers. Specifications: Dimensions: 177mm
x 57mm x 48mm Weight: 370 grams
Qualcomm Fixed Satellite Phone
Voice communications for people in offices or residential sites where landbased phone services do not exist. Quick and easy
communication systems in remote, hard-to-reach locations,
and in under-served urban and rural areas. A Globalstar
fixed phone can, for the first time ever, bring a dial tone to
areas where traditional telephone services are not
economically feasible. The antenna and
fixed phone are mounted in a convenient
outdoor location with a clear view of
the sky and connected to a
variety of available indoor phone
units using standard telephone
cable. The phone supports service
of multiple extensions for a single line
using standard telephone units
including wall, desk, and cordless
models, and answering machines. Data will be available in 2H2000.
Includes analog handset. Use grid power, battery or solar panels. 12V, 3
Amp,3.3 kg, 510(H) x 80(D) x 210(W) mm
GSP 60 Feet Antenna Cable
GSP 30 Feet Antenna Cable
Marine Kit
Privacy Headset and Headset Adapter
GSP1600 High Capacity Battery
GSP1600 Travel Charger
GSP1600 Wall Charter
GSP1600 Hands Free Car Kit
Globalstar Cigarette Lighter Adapter
Karaoke Systems
Portable, remote back-up music for great parties and
social events
Stage your own musical extravaganzas
or rent the equipment and solar power
supplies. Liven up your community or
village, then take the show on the road.
The less expensive “Singing Machine”
has a 7 watt plus 7 watt RMS stereo top
loading CD and graphics player with
double cassette player as well as built in
speaker system. Includes balance control, automatic vocal
changer, audio and two microphone inputs and both video and
audio outputs. 120 vac, 26 lbs., 27”L x 15.5”W x 12” D The deluxe Califone
adds a public address system, separate volume controls for the two mic
inputs (one microphone included), a 15 watt amplifier, two 6” speakers,
high speed dubbing, and many extra features. 120 vac, 19 lbs., 17.5”H x
13”W x 7.5” D
Singing Machine
Portable Audio
The ultimate in portable
sound systems
From remote music sets to
educational and business
seminars to sporting events, this
is the equipment you’ll need.
Only 28 lbs. but still a powerful
four channel, 150 watt stereo
powered mixer with digital
reverb and two, custom fullrange speaker cabinets. It
operates on either AC or DC
power (with the DC-DC
converter accessory, CM8055) and
accepts Passport Wireless Systems
for the ultimate in both flexibility
and portability. It packs into a
convenient, weather-resistant, portable package and sounds fantastic!
Includes 150 watts stereo (75 watts per channel), three mic/ line inputs and
one mono/stereo input for CD, Tape or Computer input. System includes
one P-51 microphone with cable and stand clip and speaker cables. It sets
up in less than five minutes. The P-250 increases to a 250 watts stereo (125
watts per channel), four mic/ line inputs and two mono/stereo inputs for
CD, tape, video or computer connections and includes two P-51
microphones (with cables and stand clips) and speaker cables.
DC power converter
Non-FCC: Not approved for use in the U.S.
Just because you’re off the grid does not mean you have
to be without phone service! In today's society a phone
is a necessity. We offer several high quality phone
solutions – simply connect our cordless phone base
station to any telephone line, and use the handset at a
remote location up to 70km away from the phone line!
The Basic - 258R
Range up to 70km!
A great price, high quality, and exceptional
performance but without all of the extra bells
and whistles. This rugged system offers a
user customizable range of up to 70km
and has a built in scrambler for
voice privacy. A small handset,
long battery life, clear sound
quality, and a headset jack make
this system a top choice for the
budget minded. As your
communications needs grow the system
may be expanded to include as many as 15
handsets (which may communicate with one another in 2 way radio mode)
and our popular G2 linear amplifiers (#CM8807) may be added to increase the
range. This unit is our most affordable "ultra long range" cordless phone and
is backed by ISO9002 manufacturing quality to assure years of reliable
service. Base system (2km) includes one handset, The pro pak (15km) adds an
external factory antenna with 8M cable, belt clip for the handset, ear
microphone, desktop charger for handset, extra battery, and a cigarette cord
adapter for in car use. The pro pak Level II (45km) also adds our revolutionary
base station G2 linear amplifier package (see page 177), and the pro pak level
III (70km) additionally includes our G2 handset amplifier for in car use..
Standard Package
Pro Pak
Pro Pak Level II
Pro Pak Level III
Additional Handset kit
FCC approved Remote Phone
Up to 40km (30 mile) range!
By far, the longest range FCC certified phone available. This high quality
digital phone system offers the longest communication range of any
commercially available FCC certified cordless phone - and it is legal to use in
the USA! In a rural environment without the external antenna upgrade,
expect a range of about a half mile. With the factory external antenna you'll
get between 1-2 miles in most conditions, and under true line of sight
conditions (with factory external antenna and no obstructions) this phone has
been tested at 8+ miles! For the absolute maximum range, a G2 linear
amplifier set may be added to deliver a range of up to 30 miles! This long
range phone is packed with features such as vibration alert, "walkie-talkie"
style full duplex digital 2 way radio between handsets, Caller ID/Caller ID call
waiting, music on hold, headset jack, and much more. It is excellent for use
inside buildings and the military grade frequency hopping system assures
privacy. The standard one line system may be expanded to include as many
as 4 lines (requires optional equipment) and up to 36 handsets. We guarantee
that this unit is, by far, the longest range FCC certified phone available. .
Package Options Standard Package: 1 line 1 handset system, Pro Pak (25km) includes factory external antenna with 20M cable, 2nd nimh battery,
leather case with swivel belt clip, headset adapter, and music on hold cable,
The Pro Pak Level II (15-30km) also adds our revolutionary base station G2
linear amplifier package (see page 177), and the Pro Pak level III (25-40km)
additionally includes our G2 handset amplifier for in car use. Other options
include additional handset kit (comes with a nimh battery and desktop rapid
charger), and additional base station (required for each additional line).
Standard Package
Pro Pak
Pro Pak Level II
Pro Pak Level III
Additional Handset Kit
Additional Base Station
Data Capable
Packed with features, range up to 70km!
The 328RR is the most advanced system we offer at any
price. It features a small, light, and durable handset with
exceptional battery life and a range of up to 70km (with
optional G2 linear amplifier set). It's no surprise the 3288RR
is our most popular long range phone. A short list of
advanced features includes: Caller ID/CID call waiting,
vibration alert, military grade voice scrambler, Built-in twoway radio with call transfer capability between handsets,
backlit LCD and keypad, battery and signal strength
indicators, real time clock, headset jack, 30 number
alphanumeric phonebook, customizable ring tones, Handset
Smart Switch(tm) - allows for easy scrolling through
memory functions, even a speaker phone on the handset!
And those are just the handset features!
The system can evolve into a multi-user/multi-line wireless
network by simply adding handsets and/or other hardware.
Exceptional battery life is attained through the system's
advanced power management software. The standard battery delivers an
unbelievable 4 hours of talk-time. If you require a sophisticated wireless
communication network, or simply the ultimate cordless phone for your
personal use, look no further than the revolutionary 328RR. The Standard
Package (2km) includes one handset, The Pro Pak (15km) adds an external
factory antenna with 8M cable, leather case, ear microphone, desktop charger
for handset, extra battery, and a cigarette cord adapter for in car use. The Pro
Pak Level II (45km) also adds our revolutionary base station G2 linear
amplifier package (see page 177), and the Pro Pak Level III (70km)
additionally includes our G2 handset amplifier for in car use.
Standard Package
Pro Pak
Pro Pak Level II
Pro Pak Level III
Additional Handset kit
• FAX 303.449.1348
• FAX 303.222.3599
SX30 Data Adapter
Classroom Wall/Ceiling Projection Screens
Check e-mail, send faxes, even power a
credit card terminal This device, which
works in conjunction with our 258R and
328RR long range cordless phones, is
designed for continuous reliable
data transmission. This unit
receives the signal from our
258R or 328RR cordless
phone base station (much
the same way a cordless
handset would) and in turn
emits a dial tone just like a
home/business telephone jack
would. It may be used to access the
internet, send/receive faxes, and more. After extensive
testing under a variety of circumstances, we are confident that the SX30 will
fulfill your demanding requirements. Previously a product such as this cost
$4,000 minimum.
The longest life expectancy of any classroom type screen. Matte white
surface, tearproof fiberglass, washable, fire retardant, double stitched hems,
mildew resistant - made to use frequently and last. Easily attaches to either
wall or ceiling.
The below shows a possible system configuration. Any of the 3 remote sites
(the handset, the car, or the house) are able to utilize the same phone line.
Data, as well as voice, may be transmitted from either the mobile data link or
the fixed site data link. The handset is used for voice only.
SX30 Fixed Site Kit
SX30 Mobile Kit
Increase the range of your cordless phone!
The revolutionary G-2 Base Amplifier
will substantially increase the range of
the 910R, 258R, or 328RR long
range cordless phones. This high
quality amplifier raises the
transmission power of the long
range phone base station from its
current maximum of 1W to the
equivalent of 14W. Transmission
quality is not affected - voice
conversations are still crystal clear.
Included in the G-2 Base Station
Amplifier Package: G-2 Base
Station Linear Amplifier with AC
power supply, Ultra high
performance OMNI directional
antenna (3 meters), & 30 meters high
performance RG58 antenna cable.
Classroom/Auditorium Tripod Screens
One of the best tripod screens available. Simple design but heavy-gauge
components, special leg lock clamps, steel roller, easy adjustments, and builtin keystone eliminator that tilts screen to eliminate distortion. Use the
“Lenticular” models in narrow rooms where you can’t control the incoming
light very well.
Overhead Projectors
Economical overhead projectors built to withstand
rough classroom use. Quality 50-line fresnel lens for
distortion-free images. 10” x 10” stage, 30 degree
head rotation. Many other model with various
features also available. 28”H x 13.5” W x 15” L, 12.5
lbs. 120 or 220 vac
120 vac
For those who require an even greater transmission range,
we offer the 7W G-2 Handset Amplifier (shown to the left). When used in
conjunction with the G-2 Base Amplifier, the G-2 Handset Amplifier will
increase the range of the 910R phone system up to 40km, and the 258R/328RR
system up to 70km (under line of sight conditions). This kit, designed for use in
the car, includes an external magnetic mount antenna. The handset battery is
automatically charged when connected to the amplifier. The user may
conveniently transport the amplifier between vehicles - simply plug it into the
cigarette lighter adapter of the desired vehicle. NOTE the G2 amplifiers are
offered at a special package price if purchased with the phone system. Get your
complete system now, and save!
50” x 50”
60” x 60”
70” x 70”
84” x 84”
72” x 96”
96” x 96”
50” x 50” Lenticular
60” x 60” Lenticular
70” x 70” Lenticular
G2 Linear Amplifiers
G2 Base Station Amplifier
G2 Handset Amplifier
40” x 40
50” x 50”
60” x 60”
52” x 70”
70” x 70”
84” x 84”
96” x 96”
108” x 108”
Show videos to large
groups. The best value
per dollar in a video
projector. Takes auxiliary inputs from cameras,
speakers, separate VCR’s—from VHS or other
formats. Projects sharp, high contrast images up to
100" diagonal. 350 lines horizontal resolution. Built-in 5-watt
amplifier and speaker. 23.1 lbs, 50/60 Hz, 3A, 120V.
SPECIAL! Get both amplifiers for $799!
Item #CM8968
if purchased with a phone system.
Crusader 12V Filmstrip & Slide
Simple and lightweight projectors great for
remote areas. Project single 35mm slides as
well as filmstrips. Comes with simple wireform
base or optional battery in base compartment for
portability (add $50). 220V also available.
Soltronix Headset Radio
World-Band (Shortwave) Radio
Tune in to news, entertainment, music and cultural programming from
around the world! In this era of satellite TV and the Internet,
international radio might seem quaint. In fact, radio transmissions freely
cross national boundaries, friendly and hostile alike, and cannot readily
be censored or edited. Often, views on events vary considerably from
country to country. Why not tune in to a few and draw your own
conclusions? Listening conditions vary from day to day but it’s rare to be
without something interesting to follow. In Colorado we easily receive the
BBC, Radio Canada International, Voice of Russia, Radio Deutsche Welle,
Radio Netherlands, New Zealand’s domestic service, and many others.
A light, comfortable headset radio that keeps charging as
you jog, work in the garden, watch an outdoor sporting event
or even walk around in a sunny room. The super thin
NASA spin-off solar cell powers the radio with only
30% of full sunlight and sends extra power into the
included NiMH battery. Store on a windowsill when
not in use - every hour of light gives you an extra 1-2
hours of radio time up to 18 hours when fully charged.
Excellent AM or FM sound with extended bass.
Unobtrusive internal antenna and dual headband for
comfort and stability. Excellent quality.
FreePlay® Solar Radio
Longer play time, less weight, lower cost
The FreePlay® Solar Radio produces an hour of the
highest quality broadcast sound from a simple 30
second wind via the flip-out handle and
internal generator. With a built-in solar
panel, the radio will operate on both
sunlight and spring energy,
seamlessly to the user. The
radio draws energy from
available light and switches
automatically to
spring energy
only when
Freeplay S360
AM/FM Radio
The FreePlay®
Solar Radio will play
on solar energy
alone while in direct
Available in
several colors:
Wind for 60 seconds, play for half an hour
Requires no power but built-in clockwork generator. Digitallytuned sets and vacuum-tube oldies are great but when
you can’t rely on batteries or an external
source of power, the FreePlay® has
no peer. Ideal for use in rural areas
as well as urban ones: you never
have to worry about dead batteries
during a power outage. Mono FM
coverage from 88–108 MHz, AM
(MW) from 550–1600 KHz.
Shortwave versions: International
Band, 6–18 MHz; American Band,
3–12 MHz. 40W x 32H x 18D (cm), 3 KG.
FreePlay® International Band
FreePlay® American Band
Portable Shortwave Antenna
Ending the need to ever think of
batteries again, the compact S360
offers versatility, dependability,
convenience and exceptional
sound quality. The S360 will play
on spring power and can be rewound without interrupting radio reception.
The solar panel will fully power the S360 all day in direct sunlight. With its
internal power storage system, the S360 will automatically save all available
spring and solar energy, giving 15 hours of playtime when fully charged.
For additional convenience, the S360 can also be easily recharged through
the AC/DC wall adapter.
Olive Gray
FreePlay® – The Second
Radio-only version of the popular
FreePlay® hand-crank radio. No
shortwave but just 60 winds plays the
AM or FM radio for up to one hour. Easy
to carry, only 5.5 lbs., the 4" Silverdome speaker sounds
great and the antennas get excellent reception.
8" H x 11.5" L x 8" D.
AM/FM Mono & Stereo/Cassette
Take your music with you when you
go outside
Portable sounds are great. AC/DC stereos let
you listen to AM and FM radio or cassettes, and they work on 110 vac
household power and on DC battery power.
AM/FM Stereo w/Dual Cassette Player
AC and DC Radio/Dual Cassette/CD
This “boom box” has it all: AM/FM stereo, auto-reverse cassette
player/recorder, full-featured CD player. Audio control for maximum bass
response. Rugged and splash resistant, perfect for use outdoors. 1711⁄16" x
61⁄2" x 91⁄2", 9 lbs. Operates from batteries, AC or DC power. AC adapter
• FAX 303.449.1348
• FAX 303.222.3599
AC/DC 13" Color
TV with VCR
Video player with 34
button remote,
record timer, auto head
cleaner, on-screen
Portable DVD Player
DVD represents a revolutionary step ahead in
portable entertainment. Experience the thrilling
sights and sounds of the cinema in your own
home, on the road, or in a remote village with
no power available. And the DVD-Audio format
offers levels of audio quality previously unheard
of in a portable system. The world's lightest and
thinnest portable DVD-Video player with a
built-in DTS®/Dolby Digital® dual decoder and
an LCD screen - easy to pack up and play again
at your next destination. The included
rechargeable battery pack provides up to four
hours of continuous playback and can recharge
from a solar system. Six channels of audio
information, control speaker configuration, delay
time, master volume and speaker level control.
Hook up to a multi-channel audio system and
enjoy the thrilling sounds of a theater anywhere!
AC/DC 13" Color TV
23 button digital remote control, on screen
display, earphone jack, 12V & 120 vac cords.
Grundig 15" Color TV
Top mount video player, cable ready, 12V & 120
vac cords.
Multi-System Reception
DC 10–30V, AC
90–260V. 50 watts.
AC/DC Starlite
12" Black & White TV
A quality TV for a great price. Quick start
picture tube, extendible telescoping antenna,
low power consumption—only about 12 watts!
Includes 12V DC car cord. We sometimes
substitute different brands (same specs). 16 lbs.
Starlite 10" AC/DC Color TV
Automatic fine tuning, quick start picture tube,
receives 2–13 VHF and 14–83 UHF. Includes DC
car cord and uses about 60 watts.
Produces the light of a
150 watt line voltage
projector with less than
25 watts of power.
Special slide inserter
allows showing of an
unlimited number of
slides continuously. Also
use vertical format or
horizontal format 35mm
filmstrips. Designed for worldwide use with
maximum flexibility and portability. Operates at
12V and weighs less than two pounds. Optional
power module operates from various voltages
and frequencies as found around the world.
AC/DC 9" Color TV with VCR
Illustrator Projector
Optional Power Module
11 key remote control, auto head cleaner,
digital auto tracking.
Remote control, cable ready, 12V & 120 vac
cords, on-screen displays.
AC/DC 13" Color TV with VCR
AC/DC 9" Color TV
Video recorder, remote control, cable ready, 12V
& 120 vac cords.
Not only the largest
screen size available in
12V but also a true
multi-system for
worldwide reception.
Operates from either 12
or 24V DC and AC
voltages between 90–260 50/60 Hz. Set up
for direct satellite reception, headphones and
computers. Many features such as on-screen
display, sleep timer, high tech tuning, and auto
stand-by switchover. Includes infrared remote
control and a wideband speaker for 4 watts of
music power. 24 lbs.
High Efficiency
Linear Power Supply
Many household items such as notebook
computers, answering machines and personal
stereos can be run from a battery bank, with the
proper power cord, but unfortunately few of
them are designed to operate from the 12 or 24V
commonly used. Our linear power supplies will
drop the voltage down to an appropriate level
(adjustable) and will keep it regulated to within
1%, removing potentially harmful voltage
spikes. 78% efficient, too. 2A version is a wall
plate with standard cigarette lighter socket. 8A
version is a hard-wired wall mounted box. 8A
version is great for powering 12V compact
fluorescent lamps from a 24V battery bank!
When ordering, please specify 12 or 24 volt
AC/DC Video Player
Fax Timer
Powering a fax machine from an inverter system
creates a high, unnecessary 24-hour load. This
special timer solves the problem—it connects the
fax to the power and starts the inverter if
necessary when the phone rings, maintains the
inverter power for 6 minutes, then disconnects.
AC/DC Portable
Car/Home CD Player
Both amplified speakers and stereo
headphones, 12V & 120 vac cords, built-in
recharging circuit, car cassette adapter.
2 Amp, 12V
2 Amp, 24V
8 Amp, 12V
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