universal 2G/3G communicator

universal 2G/3G communicator
universal 2G/3G communicator
ET082 is a universal GSM/GPRS, PSTN, LAN gateway/communicator, which expands any
PSTN intrusion alarm panels functionality and adds communication channels. The panel can
then communicate with alarm receiving centers and directly to home owner, as well.
Third party panel
Home owner
notifications using
Backup communication
channel for alarm panel
Remote control of
PGMs via SMS/Call
• Configuration by PC (locally via USB cable or remotely via GPRS or LAN connection (with ELAN3-ALARM)
and SMS text message.
• Supported communication methods: PSTN, Voice Calls (direct channel or data buffering via GSM audio),
SMS, GPRS network and Ethernet via ELAN3-ALARM device.
• PSTN line state supervision.
• Supported communication protocols: Ademco Contact ID, 4+2, Scancom, EGR100, Kronos, SIA IP.
• Alarm panel wiring via PSTN (RING/TIP terminals), keybus and serial interface.
• Two onboard tampers – box tamper and wall tamper.
• 3 inputs customizable as NO (normally-open) or NC (normally-closed) with customizable alarm/restore
Contact ID code and text for monitoring station notification and user by SMS text message respectively.
• 3 open-collector outputs for electrical appliance control, non-GSM alarm panel arming/disarming
(keyswitch) or alarm/restore event report.
• Manual output control by free of charge phone call and SMS text message.
• Automatic output control in accordance with a specified event.
• Up to 3 users for minor device configuration by SMS text messages, acceptance of input alarm SMS text
messages, output control by SMS text message and free of charge phone call.
• Up to 5 users for SMS text message containing Contact ID data converted to user-understandable text
• Up to 2 administrators for remote device configuration initiation.
• Event log indicating communication activity in real-time.
• Periodic self-test notification to monitoring station.
Electrical and Mechanical Characteristics
Supply voltage
10-24V 300mA max
Peak current
Up to 700mA
Current used in idle state
Up to 120mA
GSM modem frequencies:
2G 850/1900MHz, 3G 850/1900MHz
Number of “low” level (negative) digital inputs
Allowable input values voltage
0... 1.45V; current: 0.8... 0.6mA
Number of outputs
Output C1 - C3 circuit
Open collector output. Output is pulled to COM when turned ON.
Maximum commuting output values
3 x 30V; 50mA
Generated phone line values
Voltage: 48V; current: 25mA; impedance:270Ω
Dial tone frequency of generated phone line
425 Hz
129x78x18mm (5.08x3.07x0.71in)
Operating temperature range
-20…+55 °C
0-90% RH @ 0... +40°C (0-90% RH @ +32... +104°F) (noncondensing)
Operational Characteristics
Phone users
up to 5 (system reports to 10 users by SMS/Call)
ARC communication methods
up to 6
Backup communication methods to ARC
up to 5
Alarm panel wiring
PSTN (RING/TIP terminals)
KeyBus (serial data) interface
KeyBus (serial data) interface
SMS, Voice calls, GPRS, PSTN, Ethernet
Supported protocols
Ademco Contact ID, 4+2, Scancom, EGR100, Kronos, SIA IP
Eldes is the manufacturer of wireless GSM alarm and security products,
founded in 2005 and based in Vilnius, Lithuania.
All security products are being certified with EN50131. ELDES is an
ISO9001 company, and we also work hard to learn Design thinking, Good
manufacturing practices, LEAN, Agile concepts and tools.
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