Object of the Game
To be the last farmer with tokens.
Each farmer must select one crop as their “home” crop. Every
farmer must select a different crop. There are 6 crops to choose
Apple Corn Wheat Onion Carrot Broccoli
Game Setup
Each farmer begins the game with a crop card and 4
corresponding tokens. The crop card is simply a reminder as to
what your “home” crop is. For example, the apple farmer starts
with 4 red tokens plus the apple crop card.
Each dice has 3 instructional symbols, 2 blank sides, and 1 crop.
Use only the dice and tokens for the crops selected by the
players. For example, if there are 5 players and nobody selects
wheat, simply put the brown tokens and the dice that pictures
the wheat back into the box.
Playing the Game
Decide who will start the game. We recommend starting with the
youngest farmer.
NOTE: Players roll the number of dice that match the number of
tokens in their pile. Of course, if a player has more tokens than
there are dice, it isn’t possible to roll that many dice! For example, if
there are 5 farmers but you have 6 tokens in your pile, you can only
roll 5 dice because there are only 5 dice used in the game. However,
if you only have 2 tokens in your pile, you only roll 2 dice (in this
situation, farmers must strategically select which 2 dice to roll).
The first player rolls the dice, and then distributes tokens from
their token pile as instructed by each of the dice:
LEFT - move a token to the farmer to the left
RIGHT - move a token to the farmer to the right
BANK - move a token to the bank, which is a pile
in the center of the table
BLANK - no movement required
CROP - move a token (corresponding to the crop
indicated on the dice) from any pile (including from
the bank pile) to any other pile
NOTE: When distributing tokens, a token cannot be moved more
than once per turn. For example, if you roll a
and a
cannot move an apple to the player to the left and then move the
same apple token back to you.
Farmers who lose all their tokens are not out of the game unless
the following two things occur:
1. a farmer has zero tokens left in their pile, AND
2. either the bank or one other player collects all four tokens
belonging to the farmer
A farmer who loses all their tokens (but the tokens are spread
out amongst more than one player) is still in the game. This
player cannot roll any dice of course (because they have no
tokens), and must pass on their turn. However, they may receive
some tokens on another player’s turn and be back in the game!
When a farmer is eliminated from the game, their corresponding
dice and tokens are removed from the game, and the game
continues with one less dice.
Play moves clockwise around the table.
Helpful Hint
Move your tokens strategically. You can play either defensively
or offensively. For example, if you notice that the bank has two
apples and you roll the apple crop, you may want to consider
moving a red token to the bank to make it easier for another
player to eliminate the apple farmer - assuming of course that
you are not the apple farmer.
Winning the Game
The game ends when only one player has tokens left. It is
possible – depending on the roll of the dice – for the bank to win.
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