Ariel | BT-150150 | Installation guide | Ariel BT-150150 Installation Guide

1. Turn on the power and make sure it won't surpass the electric current.
2. Make sure to fix leakage protection device, and the socket must be connected
with earth line.
3. Please don't block the water recycle net by any part of your body, if that
occurs, turn off the pump or power at once.
4. A switch for the supply of the hot/cool water must be installed, when stop to
use this product. The water supply switch and the power source switch
should be turned off.
Check the water level if it is 10-20 mm above the spray nozzle before you
start the pump or the pump could be damaged.
6. Dispose of this product according to the local law when it is out of use.
Please contact the local dealer for help if you have any problem.
Bottom light
input of CD frequency
Water probe
Input of control panel
Electric box
Air bubble pump
Water pump
The related connection will not be
connected if the unit without bubble
system, heat pump, bottom light installed.
Your best choice!
Dear user:
Thank you very much for purchasing our sanitary ware. To enable you to use this
product safely and effectively, please read this installation and operation
manual carefully before use.
1. The daily maintenance should be cleaned with ordinary detergent and soft
cloth. Please do not use the detergent which contains acetone or ammonia
liquid. If there marks or something like glue on the surface of bathtub, just
polish it with soft cloth dipping with gas.
1.Please ensure that the product installed reliable electric leakage protection
2. If there are scratches on bathtub surface, please polish it with 1500#
device, the power plug contains earth line, and make sure it is reliable earthing.
frosted paper dipping with liquid and burnish it with toothpaste. It will be
Check the protect system of leakage protection each time before use.
shining again after that.
2.Before turn on water pump, check if the water level over jets 10 to 20 mm or
3. If there are furring on the surface of bathtub, it can be take away by mild
not, make sure regular usage of water pump otherwise it will be destroy because
acid detergent, for example wipe the bathtub with lemon juice or vinegar
of water leakage.
which be heated.
3.Do not turn on water pump, heat pump or air bubble pump without water.
4. Do not wipe the chrome plated spare parts all the time, and do not get in
4.People with Hypertension symptom, after drink or heart disease are not
touch with chemical detergent etc. Otherwise the surface of chrome
allowed to use the bathtub. Children have a bath must under adult's guidance.
plated will be destroyed. The product should be clean by soft cloth other
5.During use please noticed that don't blocked the jets and avoiding the air
than coarse cloth.
adjustment valve overflowing. Also keep the bathtub clean and don't let it
5. To check the water pipe regularly in order to avoid troubles from crack of
water pipes or blocked inside.
blocked by hair or mess.
6.During use, please firstly adjust the water temperature or it will be burned.
7.The outdoor spa is designed with ergonomic, rise and fall changes are quite
big so during use pay more attention of being slipped.
8.Please shut down the system when not to use.
6. If there are something such as hair stuck inside the jets, then just to twist
out the jets and remove it.
7. To clean hydro-massage equipment: To full fill hot water which is 40'C,
and pour 2g/L detergent, start hydro-massage function more than 5
minutes, then turn off the massage function and drain out the water. Next,
to full fill cold water and start hydro-massage function for 3 minutes, then
1.Voltage: 220V 60Hz
2.Hydraulic pressure : 0.1 0.2Mpa
Storage capacity:0.36m3
Storage capacity:79
3.Power of the water pump :750W
4.Power of the air pump :200W
5.Power of the heat pump :1500W
6.Size: 1520 1520 690mm
(Remark:Auto heat system, air bubble pump and the bottom water light are the
options for the goods.)
turn off the massage function and drain out the water, at last, to dry the
bathtub with towel.
8. Filter should be clean once a week.
9. Keep out from combustibles and goods which over 80
C to avoid fire
disaster and damage the product.
10. The bathtub should be transported carefully. Do not lay heavy things on it
and do not bump and shaking the tub. If the bathtub has not been used for a
long time, drain out the water of the bathtub and keep it in a dry and
ventilate environment. Avoid corrosive gas.
No power or
electricity leaking
protection device
is activated
1.Electricity leaking protection device cut off
power source when electricity line is not well
2.Power or electricity circuit have phenomenon
of electricity leaking.
2.check the power source, electricity
circuit and ground line.
1.check the system whether is on.
1. turn on the system
Water Jets are
2.the impeller of water pump doesn't rotate
2. check through and remove the garbage
not working.
3.water pump is broken which caused by
working without water coming in.
which is inside the pump. Switch pipe
3. install a new water pump
1. check the water pump whether is
2.air adjustment valve is abnormal
working normally.
cannot be adjusted
3.jets or nozzles are blocked
Water leaks from
2.screws doesn't lock tightly
2. lock the screws tightly
the pipes.
3.pipes doesn't seal properly.
3. re-seal the silicone.
4.water pipe is broken
4. change water pipe
1.Electricity line didn't connect to power source,
electricity leaking protection device cut off power.
2.power button is not working.
1. voltage is abnormal
Jets shower can
2 .Switch cannot be work
not be work
3.control panel cannot be work
4. water in electromagnetism valve is be blocked
No lighting
Radio is off
3. remove things which are blocking the jets.
1.chang seal ring
doesn't work
Red pipe
hot water pipe
blue pipe
cold water pipe
2.change the air adjustment valve
1.seal ring is broken
Control panel
Water pump
can be removed.
1.water pump's suction has not enough power.
The intensity of
1.check and reconnect the wiring system.
1.Re-connect the power source and check
the electricity leaking switch button.
2.change a new control panel
Lighting is off
1.please use it at the normal situation
of voltage
2. check and change the switch
3.maintain and change the control panel
4.get rid of mess of the jets
1.The bulb is broken
1.change a new bulb.
2. power line is disconnected. the circuit.
3.control panel is broken
3 .maintain or change control panel
1.speaker is broken
1.change a new speaker
2. power line is disconnected.
2.reconnect the circuit.
3.control panel is broken
3. maintain or change control panel
Earth line
Shower chain
Earth line
to start the air bubble pump , then the symbol will be
shown on the screen . The bubble jets spurt out air bubble. Press again to
turn off the bubble.
The related buttons has no effect if the unit
without bubble system, heat pump, bottom
light installed.
1.The remote control is waterproof and dampproof.
2.The usage of remote control and the function of
control panel is basically the same.
3.Lay the remote control with care, and don't throw it.
Press ON/OFF button to start the system and LCD with display function.At the
same time all functions will standby.
Repress ON/OFF button to shut down the system .
Turn on the cold or hot water switch to fill water into the bathtub. Turn the cool
or hot water switch to adjust the water filling speed and water temperature.
Turn the shift switch to use shower head or faucet to fill water. Stop to fill
water when the water level is 10-20mm above the massage nozzle.
to turn on the bottom lights, then the symbol will be shown on
the screen. Press
again to turn off the bottom lights.
After system startup,water in bathtub exceeds the head level,then press
button to start water pump.and meanwhile,waterpump symbol
shall be
displayed on LCD.Repress
button to stop waterpump function.
Press Heater
to start the heater, then the symbol will be shown on the
screen. The heater could keep temperature of water in the bathtub . Press
it again to turn off the heater.
Remark: The massage bathtub has installed water probe. If it is
waterless or the water lower than the top of probe, the air bubble pump,
water pump and heater will not work.
to start ozone disinfection, and press it again to turn off
the function. This function should be used after bath.
/CD to open the radio, at the same time the symbol appears on
the screen. Press
(between 87.5MHZ to 108.0MHZ ) to
search the channel, and press it again to search different channels.
to the turn down volume and press Vol+
to turn up the
volume. The volume will be shown on the screen, and the adjustable
range is 0-40.
/CD again to turn off the radio and turn on the CD. At the same
time, the symbol will appear on the screen. Press it again to turn off the
radio and CD.
to stop all functions . Turn the drainage to let out the
water, turn off the power source and the water supply .
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