Introducing America`s Favorite4x4... Rugged. Versatile. Flexible

Introducing America`s Favorite4x4... Rugged. Versatile. Flexible
Favorite 4x4. . .
A Simple
Fire Alarm System
Designed for
Commercial and
Light Industrial
and Extinguishing
The SRP-4x4 Control Panel incorporates
many “optional” features into its single
multifunction control board for flexibility
in adapting to individual job requirements.
Field programmable inputs and outputs,
detection circuits capable of Class A
(Style D) or Class B (Style B) service, battery
charger, and ground fault detection are just
a few of the features. The versatile single
board configuration eliminates custom
assembly of multiple modules thus ensuring
a streamlined system at minimum cost.
Design Features
The SRP-4x4 is attractively styled and
comes completely assembled in its surface
mounted enclosure. The traditional red
textured finish resists scratches and
the durable, heavy-gauge steel cabinet has
a piano hinged door allowing for greater
rigidity to prevent sagging.
Configuration: The control panel
provides four Class A or B (Style D or B)
Initiating Circuits, one dedicated Class B
(Style B) Supervisory Circuit, and four
Class B (Style Y) Output Circuits. An
optional Class A (Style Z) Output Module
is available.
Programming: The four input circuits and
four output circuits can be configured into
16 standard operating programs by utilizing
a set of simple to operate dip switches.
Input circuits may be field wired in Class A
(Style D) or Class B (Style B) configurations
and are suitable for a wide range of initiating
functions including smoke, heat, and flame
detection, manual alarm initiating, water
flow and sprinkler system supervision.
The four output circuits are configured and
mapped to inputs during the programming
process. Output 1 is reserved for use as a
general alarm notification appliance circuit,
while outputs 2, 3, and 4 can be configured
in various combinations as solenoid release
circuits, or notification appliance circuits
suitable for fire alarm, water flow, or
supervisory signaling. For ease of servicing,
outputs 2, 3, and 4 have a disconnect
switch to prevent accidental activation.
When activated, the disconnect switch
causes an off-normal trouble indication at
the control panel.
Remote Signaling Relays: SPDT relays
with contacts rated at 3 amp, 30 VDC,
are included for system alarm, trouble and
supervisory functions.
Protectowire Alarm Point Location Meter:
The SRP-4x4 Control Panel is available with
the PDM-1000-4 Alarm Point Location
Meter. This unique feature is designed to
locate a heat actuated point on the
Protectowire Linear Heat Detector. The
high intensity LCD meter will display the
distance in feet or meters from the start
of the Detector portion of the zone to the
heat actuated point on the Protectowire
Linear Heat Detector.
•16 gauge steel with piano hinge door.
• Size - 20.5” h x 14.5” w x 4.7” d
(52 cm x 37 cm x 12 cm).
Output Circuits:
Alarm Indicating,Trouble Indicating,
Supervisory, or Releasing.
• Four Class B (Style Y) Output Circuits,
reverse polarity on alarm.
Initiating Device Circuits:
• Optional Class A (Style Z) AM-91-2
• Four Class A or B (Style D or B) Alarm
Module available.
Circuits and one dedicated Class B (Style B)
• Output 1, dedicated to Common
Supervisory Circuit.
(General) Alarm signaling, rated 24 V
• Maximum length of Protectowire Linear
FWR, 1 amp continuous. Outputs 2, 3
Heat Detector per circuit - 10,000 feet
and 4 programmable and rated at 1 amp
(3,048 m).
Class A (Style Z) Output Circuits:
each, 2.1 amp combined.
wire smoke detector capacity
A Conversion Module, Model AM-91-2,
• Outputs 2, 3 and 4 are provided with a
per circuit - (5) 45 µA type as supplied
is available to convert the standard Class B
common disconnect switch.
by Protectowire.
(Style Y) output circuits to Class A (Style Z)
• Compatible Solenoids: FM Solenoid
operation. Each AM-91-2 Module will
Groups A, B, D, E, F, G & H.
convert two output circuits.
• UL listed compatible solenoids,
see manual.
Zone Alarm Relays: A zone operated Alarm
Relay Board, Model RB-4, is available that
Input Power:
provides four relays, rated at 1 amp,
• 120 VAC +10 -15% - 100 VA max.
24 VDC. The RB-4 is designed for quick,
(240 VAC available).
easy field installation and provides zone
activated contacts for auxiliary alarm control
• UL listed (9th Edition).
and annunciation functions.
• Factory Mutual.
• California State Fire Marshal
Field selectable Class A or B
alarm initiating circuits
System configuration
field programming switches
Built-in common alarm,
common trouble and
supervisory relay contacts
Digital Protectowire Meter
designed to locate an
alarm point on Protectowire
Linear Heat Detector
Internal battery provides
up to 90 hours
of standby capacity
Total System
Now it is easier than ever to specify a
complete Protectowire System with all
of its unique features and reputation for
reliability. The Protectowire Company
offers an extensive line of fire and heat
detection sensors and related products
• Optical Flame Detectors
• Smoke Detectors
• Manual Fire Alarm Pull Stations
• Heavy Duty Alarm Bells and Horns
• Electronic Visual Signals and Strobes
All Protectowire products have been
specifically designed and tested for
compatibility and reliable operation
with Protectowire Control Panels.
For more information about the
SRP-4x4, or any of our other products,
contact us at the address or website
shown below.
The Protectowire Company, Inc.
60 Washington Street, Pembroke, MA 02359-1831 U.S.A.
781-826-3878; Fax 781-826-2045
Website:; E-mail: [email protected]
An ISO 9001:2008 Registered Company
Manufacturer of
Special Hazard
Fire Detection Systems
© 2016 The Protectowire Co., Inc.
DS 9188D-0216 (5C)
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