Bryant | BW1 | Dick Rye, phone call of 1/26/74 BW 1/26/74 Says he has located the

Dick Rye, phone call of 1/26/74
BW 1/26/74
Says he has located the man he once knew who so strongly resembled Oswald.
Jerry Bryant, 1932 S. Broadway, 4denver, Colo. 733-S803 as of :10 days ago. "Ovvs
around much. Accountant, does tax work, was Nafiosa connected. ye's source "former
Ealiosa" in ,denver allegedly called by Bryant to see if he wants B-to do his tax returns
Rye claims to have known Bryant in L'enver in last half 1971. B went to Nexico quite
a bit.
B was accountant iith SBA in Dallas 11/22/63. Bee.
)0 days later, when he was
fired, he had "fi1(24. trouble, apnarently from beine taken for Oswald double.
R aaye B sgys he has twin brother who looks even eore like LEO. (mid-30s)
loves around constantly, even during tax season.
:Jays he wonders if B is nut. Rae deteriorating mind. Asks, is screwball?
Agreed to my telling Nat inquirer about the Oswald double and all the troubla it
has meant for him. I sueeested he link naav Horgan or Jim Eason to do beepers be he had
not reacted so I wade this proposal.
He had told me of this on earlier call but lackey the specifics he provided today.
Lae doubts about onn Christian. Saw him at a law firm in busineen district where
uonn seemed to belong but where nobody paid any attention to him. Says he will try to
get name, address, etc. Can remember himself ecauae it has been so loaf' but will ask
Ron Zieeermaa. Zimraerman is fighting; a leg cancer. had owned "agic euehroom. mow owns
The Score. lie toLd me for the first time that the man from whom he got the story or the
Mafia threat against krarrison had really beea louking for Jona sae spoke to hie when Jonn
was not available. S think it is bevy _or an who tole so that long aeo, Aseumiae this to
be true - and he could have been tervi s source - why jowl? kart of intended feed to me?
Hary would have been best than. It would have bean no trick for those wanting to knee to
known a) that 1 Was in N.U. and b) that Je hae his speaking eneueement, which surely
was advertised.
In general, the last he heard 01' Joan L exactly what I had. Strong hint he has
some kind of corciections but nothing definite. J claimeL news c(Lthection -4th mss: ser
Broadcasting when they started their UHF station Mk in Sab Francisco.R is to call au]. Verb and get the address of the place vont' shares with a wow on
had suie he left them
2acific Avenue and see if the copies of U in NO are still there. .
there but had also refuses. to get them shipeed beck after I arranged shipping. Said he
knows Hal so I gave him phone number.
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