VisionSD8 - Digiverse
8 Channel SD Video Capture Card
Advanced Graphics Display Technology
PCI Express
The VisionSD8 is an 8 channel PCI express video capture
card. The card supports PAL, NTSC and SECAM in both
composite and S-video input formats. VisionSD8 supports
deinterlaced video capture and display at 25/30 frames/sec
DirectShow drivers for WDM Streaming driver supports the
following applications, to encode, record and stream video
over networks or the Internet:
for real-time video overlays.
Microsoft Media Encoder®
The VisionSD8, a stand alone PCIe x4 plug in card, delivers
extreme performance with 480MB/s transfer bus
Adobe Flash Encoder
by industry leaders Dataton WATCHOUT™
Digital Signage
Any other DirectShow
Machine Vision: Acquire high resolution camera
bandwidth. This industry beating performance makes the
VisionSD8 ideal for a wide range of applications including:
Multi-display presentation software: Recommended
encoding software
Voyage Data recorders: Capture radar images
Simulation/Military: Acquire high resolution video and
simulation for command and control
The VisionSD8 is supplied with a powerful software
Four Lane PCI express video capture card
Eight simultaneous capture channels
the input sources and displaying the data. Simply
Support for any mix of NTSC,PAL SECAM
connect your video source into the card, run the
Eight composite/S-Video video inputs
32MB on board frame buffer
On board processor for real time mode and sync
application for configuring the timing and format of
VisionSD8 application to automatically detect the
video source format and display the captured video
in a window on your desktop.
When used with the Datapath range of graphics
The VisionSD8 card is supplied with a free version of
adapters, the CPU load is negligible even if the
Wall Control without the advanced features.
image is being upscaled to a video wall, resulting
Wall Control presents a representational window of the
in real time performance
entire display wall showing position and size of video
Auto video mode and no-signal detection
Adjustments for colour, brightness and contrast
Datapath Wall Control software enables you to con-
Daisy chain input to output with selectable
figure your multi-screen display, launch video overlays
and create a wall layout configuration. With the full
version it is possible to save layouts and recall them for
High performance DMA with scatter gather
future use and also operate Wall Control on a remote
Data Transfer at 480MB/s
PC via a network connection.
Dynamic Input Source Selection
Wall Control is available in two versions:
Supports up to 16 windows with any mix of input
Wall Control - Free version.
Wall Control-PRO-HK - Licensed version with a
Administrator Mode
SDK available for OEM customers
hardware USB key (dongle)
For streaming applications, the VisionSD8 can be
used with Windows Media Encoder to compress and
8 Channel Video Capture Card, PLUS
1 x BNC16-Cable
stream captured video. To replay the video, use
Windows® Media Player.
Any application compatible with Windows®
DirectShow technology can use the VisionSD8 due to
its built-in WDM support.
All products are shipped with the latest software
available, unless stated otherwise.
Special requirements may be organised by contacting
our Sales team.
Board Format
PCI-e x4 plug-in card, 110mm x 170mm.
PCI-e bus master with scatter gather DMA providing maximum data rate of
Two D connectors for SD inputs.
SD Maximum Capture Resolution
8 x 720x576x16bit.
Frame Buffer Memory
32 MB.
Video Format Options
PAL, NTSC, SECAM or S-Video.
Operating System Support
Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® Server 2003, Windows® Server 2008
and Windows® 7.
Power Requirements
Max current at +3.3V – 0.25A.
Max current at +12V – 0.6A.
Max power – 8 Watts.
Operating Temperature
0 to 35 deg C / 32 to 96 deg F
Storage Temperature
-20 to 70 deg C / -4 to 158 deg F
Relative Humidity
5% to 90% non-condensing.
3 years
We are continously developing the technology used within our product ranges delivering outstanding innovative solutions,
therefore the specification may change from time to time.
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