Mackie`s Celebrates 1 OOth Anniversary

Mackie`s Celebrates 1 OOth Anniversary
T he Lake l!:rie <.:ommuntty New_spaper
Friday May 13,2.011
Mackie's Celebrates 1OOth Anniversary
Above: Behind the counter at
Mackie's (from left) Gregg,
Cheryl and David Lale. .
Andrew Hibbert
Mackie's is memories!
Memories from our childhood, from our youth and
from our days as young
parents and now grandparents. It's memory lane
in the mQst physical
sense. It still stands and
still delivers!
But Maclq.e's is more
than fond memories, it's
orangeade, soft drinks,
fries with "secret" sauce, ham burgs
and hotdogs the way. we like urn. And
don't forget the popcorn and i.c e
cream. People have been coming to
Pon Stanley for a hundred years to
enjoy the beach and one of the original fast food restaurants, but the
secret sauce and the orangeade are
the draws and they are still as good
as ever. No use asking... the secret
sauce is still a secret. Of course there
are now health-conscious selections
that have been added to the menu in
the form of chicken burgers, veggie
Left Mackie's on the board-
walk in Port Stanley the
early 1900's.
States Mackie settled in
London before opening
his beachside business in
the village.
burgers and sala~s.
The original Mackie's was housed
in a tent but has changed much over
the years. It is now housed in a newer on the beach at the end of
William Street. There are also new
owners the Phillips family and their
children. The founders George and
Ethel Mackie opened the business in
1911 in the village of Port St~ey. The
many young people who worked at
the restaurant knew Ethel as Mother
Mackie. Originally from the United
In their new
commemorative book
Frank and
Nancy Prothero
recount the
long history of
many other
stories of Port Stanley's beach boardwalk. Well worth the price of $25, It's
chock full of photos and accounts of
the early days on the beach -
( )
C, 1~?0
Hooked Ru& Magdalina Briner and Ellen Eby, c. 1885
Elgin County Museam presents:
Patterns from the Past: Hooked and Woven Textiles
April 16 - September 3
Highlights include early booked rugs from prominent local collections, a number
of period overshot and Jacquard coverlets and a series of demonstrations of a
variety of textile skills.
The highlight of the exhibition is a large number of rare pieces on loan from the
from the Gerald R Fagan Collection ofPennsylvania-German textiles.
The Museum is open 10-4 Tues.-Sat. located at 450 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas.
Call519-631- 1460 ext. 160 for information or visit
and click on Community and Cultural Services.
Hooked Ru& Anna Weber, c. 1880
.Ti~uinal, .
SP.Cf_,o r·t s·.
;f SUDoR> .
----.- -__..........................................~zky
• FREE: 1..fJ00·66J.3410
FAX: 519-631·5653
E·MAIL: [email protected]
West Elgin wins AA WOSSAA V-ba/1 ·
every time to make it
The Wildcats actually
Godfrey and the West El- qualified for OFSAA after
gin Wildcats are heading . winning a semifinal over
to their third consecutive London Westminster as·
Stratford Central ·is hostGodn:ey was a
ing this year's
force delivering ~;;:""lPIIII,..'"=~ Provincial tourkills along with
nament Nov. 21Andrew McWill22.
iam as the Wild· "Relaxcats beat Stratford
ing," said WildCentral Rams 25cats coach Kelly
22 17-25 25-21 29-27 in
Welch prior to the
the WOSSAA AA senior final. "There's still a lot on
boys volleyball final the line with seeding, but
Thursday at West Elgin it's nice to know we can
Secondary School.
go out and compete and
"It's such as great op- not be nervous:"
portunity because people
This will be the school's
go throu~h high school first trip to OFSAA AA, afnever gotng to OFSAA, ter bumping ·up this yeai
and ·this is my third time," from A status.
said Godfrey. "It's an in- ·
Welch-coached Wildcat
credible experience. The teams have been to OFbest part is that we earned SAA the four previous
it. We won WOSSAA years, winning bronze in
2006 and 2007.
Tied at one game each
in the WOSSAA final, the
Rams had their biggest
lead of the match at four
points early in Game 3.
But the Wildcat defence
tightened and the Godfrey I McWilliam combination, with john Drummelsrnith sprinkled in on th~
offensive attack set up by
setter Troy Cook, swung
the momentum.
McWilliam slammed
down the winning kill in
Game 4 with a exclamation mark, sending Wildcat fans, already roaring
from the opening serve,
into a frenzy.
"Awesome," said Godfrey. "The ups and-downs
and we kept fighting to
·the end. We just remained
focused and ·concentrated
on one play at a time."
West Elgin Wildcat Mike Godfrey watches
·ball go between the block of Stratford Central
Rams Tom Bailey (10) and Nic k Pauli during the
WO$SAA AA se~lor boys volleyball final Thursday at.West Elgin. (T-J photo by Rob Ross)
_Ride ends·early for Jr. 'Cats
Welch had his starters in for the first
~ In the semifinals West Elgin defeated two games, but used his bench for the re5 London Westminster 25-22· ~-16 21~25 mainder of th~ match.
~ 25-16, whil~ Stratford Central beat Cen"It was a coaching decision ·that I
~ tral Elgin Titans, 25-22 25-16 25-15.
thought it would serve us better if we
~ "Our left-sid~ guys wer~ going, both got guys some rest and my bench some
~ Andrew and ¥ichael were hitting well active, big-game time," explained Welch,
~ and our defence was touching lots of adding Ingersoll knew his strategy. "W.e
..- balls and getting"them up in the air," said WE;re both going to WOSSAA and beCJ) Welch. "Andrew's spin server was workingreallywell."
cause of the quick turnover (about ·40
hours) we didn' t want to get into a long
At Ingersoll on Tuesday, ·the Wudcats match and have potential for injury, or
lost the Thames Valley Region Southeast come here (WOSSAA) and have nothing
final in five games witli the host o}eft."
Bombers wi.ruUng 21-25, 2:}-25, ~10, 25Ingersoll was at. WOSSAA. AAA
16, 154.
Thursday atStratford St. Mike's.
West Elgin Wildcats Andrew McWilliam (7), Jonathan Godfrey (2), Mike
Godfrey (11) and John Drummelsmith (10) celeb_rate with teammates after
defeating Stratford Central for the WOSSAA AA boys senior title Thursday
at West Elgin. (T-J photo by Rob Ross)
. ·
clock struck midnight too
early for the Wesf Elgin
Wudcats in the WOSSAA
AA junior boys volleyball
West Elgin's Ciriderella-·
type run in the playoffs
ended when Clinton St.
Anne's Eagles won the
best-of-five . match 25-18,
21 _25, 25_11, 25_14 Thurs- .
VaneSsa Paiva,
left, and Vanessa Daday at West Elgin SecCosta k~p the beat ·fQr tans .ch~nng on tt1e
ondary School.
West Elgin WildcatS iuniQraod sen!or.volleyball
"We got down and hac;i
tea!_ns Thu~ay af'!"f;JSSAA. (T..J phpto) .·
our chins on the flOQr,"
WudcatS coach Tina McCaffery said. ''Talking, we Elgin ~agles i.n the South- naJs West Elgin beat Loneast .final 25-19 25-21 22- don Montcalm 21-25 25weren't talking enough.''
25 25-22 T~esday in Inger- 14 25-21 25-19, while St.
Following a fifth-pla~e soll._,,,..
Anne;s swept Woodstock
finish in the Thames Val"Smart" 'pa5Sing, ·good a 2s-1o 25-18 25-12.
ley Region South Divi. Montcalm won the
sion, the Wudcats caught hits and just playing
medal beating
a magical -ride for the smart," said McCaffery broJ\Ze
wa 19-25 25-19 25-19 29on how the .'Cats won.
Southeast playoffs.·
In the WOSSAA semifi- 27.
West Elgin beat St.
Joseph's in a Southeast
prelinllnarymatch, upset
the South Winners Central
Elgin TitanS in a five-game
quarterfinal before ousting the Ingersoll Bombers
in the semifinals.
"They're good players
btit it just took a while to
get it together," McCaffery explained. "Mentality. Taking it more seriously and realizing the
changes that need·e d to he
made,to play ·better as a
The Wudcats beat East
Bv Ros Ross
- WFST LORNE - West Elgin Wildcats
return to OFSAA for the third consecutive
year, but their challenge is somewhat different this time around.
Bumped up from the A classification
over the summer, West Elgin makes its
first appearance at an OFSAA AA ~ourna­
The Wildcats head into the boys volleyball championship Friday and Saturday in Stratford as the No.2 seeded team.
"I was hoping for a top-four (seed), but
I wasn't expecting a No. 2," Wildcats
coach Kelly Welch said. "I'm assuming
it's based on previous years of success at
OFSM an.d the strength of our tournament season."
The Wildcats won bronze medals at
OFSAA A in 2006 and 2007.
This season.West Elffin is 78-48 overall
in games. That inclu~'es a lOr() match
record to win the TVRAA South Division.
"We were very good in league and
playoffs and just under. 500 in tournaments, but we had only one loss to an AA
school. The other losses were to AAA and
guad-A schools,'' said Welch. "I've only
seen two of the teams that are (at OFSAA
AA), Stratford Central and Eden."
The.Wildcats beat Central in the WOSSAA final, but 6nly briefly saw Eden, the
No. 1 seed at OFSAA, at an earlier tournament.
Central, the host school, is seede!l
third, while Dryden, the fifth seed, is in
the Wildcats' four-team pool.
"There's no pressure to do anything
like if we were in single.A," said Welch
who makes his fifth appearance as coach.
"I've been to enough OFSAAs now that
seeding really isn't necessarily that accurate.,It's nice to get the seeding because
you get a better schedyle, but you never
know who you're going to play."
Left-side hitters Mike Godfrey and
Andy McWill.iam lead the Wildcats on offence, while libero Adam Sutton and setter Troy Cook are key as well.
"Our left side is pretty strong and if we
can get them the ball, we score most of the
time," ~d Welch.
. West Elgin.Wlldcats, WOSSAA AA senior bo~ volleyball champions and
Oiv.i~ion winners, from ·left, are: front-:- Troy Cook, Lucas
Kallta; middle _.·Mfcllael Welch, Dylan WeseloW$ki; Alex Nolan, -Adam Sut·
ton, Jeremy Delouw; back - coach Kelly Welch, Jonathan Godfrey, Andrew McWilliam, Mike Godfrey, John Drummelsmltti, Andrew Ford, Zach·
ery Welch. (T.J photo)
TVRAA' Sot,lth
Goal is championship round
WOSSAA is wheie Welch finally saw
"We have to ~ave our big guy$ on, and the team he hoped for all season.
we have to pass well. If we do tha~ we
"We were very consistent in the wasshould be able to side-out with anybody, SAA final. We had a game plan that we
but if we get pushed into bad
_ executed which was ·awesome,"
passes and forcing the balls out, ~:"111....~::111!~ Welch said. "I told the guys, the
we're going to struggle."
biggest thing -that I liked was
Past OFSAA experience aids •
that evE!n when we got down we
this year's Wildcats. didn't panic. We just kept play"lt·helps'the guys, so they're
ing the system. It was comfortnot nervous or in awe of what's
ing to' see.''
going on. They know how 'long a haul it
The Wildcats play four pool-matches
is," said Weith. "Our goal is to make the F~iday starting, at 9 a.m. The quarterfi.chan'\pionship round, so finish tot5'~o _nals· and medal games are on Saturday
in our pooL Then anything can happen." starting at l1 a.m.
Andrew Froud, left, from Parkside Collegiate Institute, tries to shoot paSt Michael
Godfrey (10) and Kelso McConnell, right,
from West Elgin Secondary School, during
TVRAA boys basketball action Thursday.
The score was tied 20-20 at the half. (T-J
photo by Kyle Rea)
Thursday, March 11,2010 • The Chron;cle ~
Sr. Girls a·et WOSS~~!
The Senior Giifs Volleyball team won gold at AA
WOSSAA held at WESS March 2. The Wildcats defeated
the Montcalm·Cougars three games to zero~ and
. advanced to the finals where they played against .
Dorchester. The Se~ior Girls pro'led to .have unstoppable
• momentum as.they won 3·0 Qnce agam. Way to 9~ girls!
· · Top Row (l.·R): Coach Troy Cook, Melanie Ganhade1ro,
Jessica Varga, Kylie Willson, Rae Hale, Kelsey Gosnell,.
Hillary Hodder, Stephanie Leys, Coach Dave Burke.
·Bottom Row: Emma Wilkins, Debbie Lev~sley, Sarah . •
King, Shawna McDonald, Emily V~rga.
Jr. Girls win WOSSAA gold I
The Junior Girls Volleyball team dominated at 'M WOSSAA held at WESS March 2. The Jr. Girls got off to a great start, beating St. •
Anne's 3 games to 0 In the Jr. Semi-Finals. They went on to beat Woodstock C.l. 3-1 In the finals. Congratulations Girls!
Back Row (L·R): Amy Oliveira, Nicolette Gowan, Abbey Fleming, Tort Gosnell, Danlelle Dleleman, Nicole Pelcz, Coach Brad Hessel. Middle
Row (L·R): Chelsey Roberts, Jenlca Staats, Courtney Lamb. Front Row (L-R): Mary Jane Miller, Shalena Horst.
The Chronide • Thursday, June 24,2010
Wow WES_ES, you did US(ifOUd
Mr. Mclenaghan, Chalrpernan atWESES..
Angie Gagnon
On June 8 at the University of
Western Ontario, 24 of our athletes
from WESES competed against tlie
best of the best in Thames Valley.
Simply s tated, the results were
nothing short ofunbetievable... Our
alhletes rocked the stadium with
runners qualifying in the lOO, 400,
800, 1500 !lnd RELAY.......jumpers
and throwers qualified in.Long
Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump and
Ball Throw.
Our Grade 7's and grade 8's represented our school with passion,
and our athletes cheered each other
on to personal bests in several
events which led to several top eight
linlshes.and an elite few conquered
the podium.
Senior Boy.s High Jump, Travis
Konecny set his personal best with
a jump of 1 metre 55 to finish 4th
;just off the podiwn. Kassi Merks set
a personal best also in ~gh jump
with.a Jeap ofl m etre 40 to finish on
the podium in 3rd place. And our
W,l DeBruyn set a personal best in
long jump with a kangaroo jump of
5 meters 29 finishing in 2nd place
on the podium and missit)g first by
a meager 3cm.
The grade 7 boys relay team
which included Chris Taylor, Tristin
Gagnon, Kyle Pag~ and Travis
Konecny turned in an inspiring performance as they blazed a personal
best time of 55.65 seconds to finish
2nd. .
And now the highlight performance of the day as the gra<;te 8 girls
relay team captured the gold medal
for all of Thames Valley. In a blistering time of 56.3 seconds the team of
IGm Sandeen, Megan Dieleman,
Kassi Merks, and Autumn Roberts
captured the 1st ever relay Gold In
WESBS history. Way to go.girls we
are so proud of you!
By finishing first and seconc;l several of our athletes have qualified to
compete In the Toronto later this
month, so· that means bo~h t~lay
teams and Wil DeBruyn
earned themse lves a spot at the
provincials Track Meet with the
winners there moving on to North
American Finals in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Spealdng for the entire
sctiool, and parents Best of luck to
our 9 provincial Qualifiers. "
And a very special thanks to a
excitable Mr. McLena ghan for righting this wonderful
right up and d oing such a wonderful job ofkeeping track ofresults,
and being there for our athletes
with passion and determination to
just do there b est and be proud of
themselves with what ever the outcome. You rock Mr. McLenaghan.
Boys Relay team
The grade T boys relay team, which
included Chris Taylor, Tristin Gagnon,
Kyle Page and Travis Konecny
finished seiond with a time of
55.65 seconds.
Girls Relay team
The grade 8 glr1s relay team, which
Kim Bandeen, Megan
Dielemari, Kassi Merks, and Autumn
Roberts, captured the gold medal
tor all of Thames Valley with a time
of 56.3 seconds
~· SPQ ·..
. "-....
Outstanding athletes honoured this year at West .Elgin Secondary SchOol:
from left, are: front athletes of th~ year Jonathan Godfrey and Emma ·
Wilkins: back: junior a~letes of the year-shane Millard and Mary·Jane
Miller, Heart and Hustle Award winner Stephanie .leys. Opti!JllstAward
recipient Debbie levesley. Absent is Heart and Hustle Award winner,Shelby
West Elgin linebacker Justin Forgues Is one of the key defenders the
Wildcats are looking to as they open the TVRAA Varsity Southeast football
season Friday at home to the Arthur Voaden VIkings.
The Chronicle • Thursday, October 14, 2010
Jesse Cnockaert
519-768-2220 [email protected]
Deadline: Mon at 10:30 am
Wildcats fight Gaels to standstill
On October 7 following their game against MedWaY. 1he W£SS
Girls Field HOCkey team played against GleftCOe.
(R) Is shown here keeping ahead of one of lle GlencOe
The game ended with a score of 1-1.
SPorts_"· ·
Wildcats take on Medway at home
On October 7, the WESS Girls Field Hockey team took to the
field to cross sticks wtth Medway. Stacy Van Acker (l) 18 shown
tae doing her best to keep the ball under con1rol as a Medway
piiJer tries ., take It from her. The game ended with a score of
~10 In Medway's favour. The WfSS Girts will be away to play
against S1rallloy today.
Members of the Elgin county team
cheer from the bench Sunday at
the mayor's challenge hockey game
at the Timken Centre. More than
$4,300 was raised for the Canadian
Red Cross Japan Disaster Relief
Times-Journal •
WESS girls blow away Gaels
The WfSS Jr. Girls basketball team was at home October
14 taking on the Glencoe Gaels. The WESS team showed
Glencoe what they were made of, winning the game 34·28.
Shown on left Is Wildcat Megan Dleleman. Today, the girls .
will be Arthur Voaden.
Hockey sense makes
Horvat top choice
Dalla Cosfa
7fk;j tq ~I(
Bo knows hockey.
It's a big reason the London Knights
made him t h eir first pick in the
2011 Ontario Hockey League draft held
Bo Horvat, from Rodney, went to the
Knights No. 9 overall. The centre was the
highest scoring min or midget player in
the province last year.
"He has tremendo~s hockey sense,"
said Knights' general manager Mark
Hunter. "He knows the game. It's
something you are b orn with and he
has that"
Horvat played with the Elgin
Middlesex Chiefs and St. Thomas Stars
Junior B team last year. ·
No. 9 is the highest the Knights have
picked in the draft since they selected
David Bolland at No. 8 in 2002.
Horvat comes from a hockey family.
His uncle Ron is the coach of the Stars
hoclcey club.
Bo Horvat is five foot, 11 inches and
weighs 195 pounds.
The Knights wanted to considerably
ratchet up their slcilllevel. With HorBo Horvat of Rodney, first pick by the lond
vat, they got a solid two-way player
the Knights d1'8SSing room 011 May 7•
on !<IJ•ghts in the OHl entry draft Outside
wh o is good on faceoffs and is smart.
"He's fearless, he will go to the net
and he'll make p lays," Hunter said.
For Horvat, playing for the Knights was like a dream come let it be known he was going to go the NCAA
rou te.
Domi was selected No. 8, just before London's pick, by
"It's unbelievable actually,• he said. NI always watched
them growing up. I always loved to play in London. They are Kingston Frontenacs where former Leaf Doug Gilmour is the
a great organization and it's nice because it's close to home." general manager.
Horvat was following the draft at home with about 30 close
The Knights had Domi on their radar.
"We liked both Bo and Max: Hunter s aid. "We' re real
friends and family.
"I was getting really nervous and it felt great when my happy with what we got."
name was called," Horvat said.
The I<nights.needed to improve their skill level, size and
Horvat won't have a lot of problems worlcinginto an OHL point production from their defence.
schedule. Between his minor midget schedule, playing with
On the way to addressing those needs, they nabbed they
elite tournament teams and Junior B hockey, Horvat played player they believe is their goaltender of the future.
Witb their first pick of the second round, the Knights
The draft went pretty niuclr as expected with the early selected goaltender Ian Je~. Jenkins played with Detroit
pitks with the only real wildcard Max Domi, son of former BeUe Tire U16s. He is considered the best young goaltender
Toronto Maple Leaf Tie Domi. He was rated a Top 5 pick but in the United States national development program.
Rodney teen makes OHL draft
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