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Performance under the toughest conditions.
You want an apparatus that’s ready to go. A powerhouse with the features and options you need to get the job done.
From pumpers and tankers to rescues and mini-pumpers, you can count on your truck to be NFPA compliant
You crave simple operation powered by sophisticated design. And you never compromise on quality because your
and supported by the best in the business – the Pierce dealer network.
community demands nothing less.
Pierce® commercial chassis products don’t just meet those expectations. They redefine them. So you can
experience advanced engineering, uncompromised manufacturing standards and untouchable performance.
Pierce forever changes the unique way you fight fire, making it easy to customize apparatus on a commercial
chassis to fit your department’s needs.
Commercial pumpers:
Chassis that meet Pierce standards.
An unwavering commitment to quality, innovation and safety has made us selective about our suppliers.
So we only build on commercial chassis from four leading manufacturers: Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt and International.
Choose from completely customized 2 or 4-door cabs with both side or top-mount control panel options.
And, with your Pierce dealer behind you, outstanding parts and service support always comes standard.
Whether your needs call for side control or top mount,
our Control Zone™ organized pump panel simplifies your
response while saving valuable seconds with color coding,
standardized knobs and controls grouped by job – just where
you expect them to be. When you’ve got no time, this needs to
be a no-brainer. And it needs to fit the way you work.
Foam systems maximize knockout.
Pierce® foam systems help you perform way beyond the
capabilities of water alone. That’s why we’ve developed and
delivered more of them than anybody else.
The Pierce Husky™ foam system delivers serious knockdown
capacity without drawing the serious amps that needlessly strain
your rig’s electrical systems. The Husky system handles foam
viscosities for Class A and B fires, from Alcohol Resistant
AFFF to Class A foams. Plus all Husky foam systems allow for
auxiliary foam pickup so you can run multiple types of foam at
a moment’s notice. It's easy to operate and automatically adjust
foam output to the proper percentage.
With its 6'4" of headroom, the Multi Cab is a seamless,
The Hercules Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) drills
one-of-a-kind crew cab for the fire industry. It not only
firepower right to the source. It’s up to four times more
improves communication, visibility and airflow, it provides a safe
effective than water. It lasts longer, and adheres better
environment for firefighters, protecting them from the elements,
than conventional foams. In addition to its tremendous
traffic, noise and confusion at the fire scene. The 6'11" high
knockdown capabilities, it can lay down a long-lasting
protective blanket that helps protect firefighters. Its 30%
increase in range keeps you farther from the fire. And a
hose that is 50% lighter means less work and less fatigue.
Of course, other foam systems are also available.
door provides ample room for egress. A recess step is located
behind the door and protected from snow, sleet and rain.
Configurable as an enclosed top-mount pump panel, crew cab
or command center, the Multi Cab keeps you protected and
responsive at the fireground.
Pierce Responder: Surprisingly versatile.
Get incredible response at an exceptional price. The Pierce® Responder™ is one versatile pumper, packing a ton of flexibility
into a commercial configuration.
The Responder’s features speak for themselves: Perform with a powerful 1250 gpm pump rating, water capacities
ranging from 750 to 1,250 gallons and spacious compartments with optional EMS equipment storage and
full-height compartments on both sides. Need more room? A certified third seat is available with the extended cab option.
Flexibility of Use
• 1250 gpm pump rating (Class A pumper applications)
• Large water capacities (mutual aid water shuttle)
• Large compartment space (EMS equipment storage)
• 3-person seating (w/2 SCBA) in 2-door cab or
5-person seating (w/4 SCBA) in 4-door cab
• Pump operator positioned adjacent to hose connections
• Lever style valve controls (no push-pull)
• Low crosslays
• Low storage of ground ladders and equipment
• Rear chevron is standard
Greater Space
• Extended cabs w/optional storage areas
• Full-height compartments, optional on both sides
• Optional EMS/storage areas in cab
• Simple and direct plumbing access
• Direct “side-of-body” pump service access
• Service support from Pierce, the single-source manufacturer
• Shorter wheelbases (up to 12" less)
• 50 degree cramp angles
The more you bring, the greater you perform. Carry booster reels, generators or other gear in the large (118 cu. ft.) storage
compartments, featuring roll-up or lap doors. Utilize the full-height/full-depth compartments ahead and behind each wheel, along
Mini-pumpers: Multiple capabilities
for multiple scenarios.
with generous compartments above each rear wheel for easy access. You also have the option to include shelves and slide out trays.
Options include a wide range of equipment to fit your department’s needs, including winches, gas or diesel generators rated up to
6,000 watts, 20" bumper extension and brush guard, hose reel, telescoping lights and more.
Pierce mini-pumpers are available with a Waterous 500 gpm or Hale 750 gpm pump. Pump in motion is available with PTO
Your community counts on quick response for a wide range
The Pierce mini-pumper body features your choice of
of calls. To do that, you need a truck that’s as prepared and
roll-up painted doors, roll-up doors and lap doors, a rear
versatile as your department. Built on a Ford F550 or GMC
compartment and a 12-foot Duo-Safety two-section ladder
5500 4-door chassis and powered by a 300-385 horsepower
mounted above the passenger side compartment. There are
turbo diesel, the Pierce mini-pumper can tackle an array
two crosslay beds for easy hose access and 15 feet of
of scenarios: initial response, wildland, urban interface and
soft suction hose. Mini-pumpers include an NFPA lighting
rescue. All-wheel drive powers you over rough terrain and
package and a combination of tri-light cluster tail lights
snowy roads. Choose from 6-speed manual transmission or
with integrated back-up lights. Maximize your visibility with
automatic transmission plus a 300-gallon poly tank.
optional halogen, strobe and LED warning light packages.
pumps. Each features stainless steel plumbing with brass and a flexible hose. For maximum performance, choose a Hercules™
CAFS foam system that is easy to operate and provides the maximum firefighting power in a compact package. You can also
spec a variety of front, rear and side discharges based on your department’s requirements.
The interior control panel is positioned
between the front seats for ease of use.
It operates running lights, scene lights,
communications equipment and a range
of accessories.
A Pierce ® mini-pumper is the ultimate combination of capability and flexibility.
Looking for a workhorse to haul water?
Tankers: Shift into H20 overdrive.
Put Pierce® elliptical tankers to work.
With the capacity to carry 1,500 to 4,000
gallons, each tank is formed with UPF poly
Tankers don’t just need to hold water – they need to transport it quickly and safely over rough roads. Pierce tankers haul
material and wrapped in a polished finish
1,800 to 4,000 gallons with a low center of gravity and optimized weight distribution.
or a brushed stainless.
Select single or tandem axles, with 300 to 475 horsepower. You can also specify a variety of rear tank dumps, side/rear
The water dome access ladder is rubber
tank dumps and rear tank fills.
mounted to help absorb excess shock while
preventing the transfer of body stress.
Get a water transfer that still has options with Pierce's dry-side tanker. It has the durability and performance
synonymous with the Pierce pumper and can carry 1,500 to 4,000 gallons of water. Its corrosion-resistant poly tank
is protected with superior finished aluminum side sheets that aid in mounting equipment. The dry-side tanker can
You can even haul up to 500 lbs. of
firefighting equipment per compartment.
Specify a Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt
or International chassis.
carry ladders or equipment on both sides, has numerous compartments that can handle up to 500 lbs. of
equipment and contains storage space for much needed hose lines.
The Pierce wet-side tanker is a no-frills water warrior. It boasts the Pierce exclusive 10" tank
dump with manual valve and swivel chute to offer more than a 1600 gpm flow. Also standard is
the wide body polypropylene water tank (2,100 or 3,000 gallon) and 500 gpm Darley PTO pump.
Pierce's exclusive rear 10" tank dump with manual
valve and 90-degree directional elbow.
Rescues: Where every detail responds
to the needs of first responders.
All Pierce® rescue compartments feature durable, long-wearing
spatter-finish interiors for easy cleaning, and are rated up to 500 lbs.
capacity. Pierce rescues offer a wide range of trays, dividers, slide out/
Your community depends on you to take charge of multiple
Whether you're dealing with a rescue on a busy intersection
tilt down and adjustable shelves to match the equipment you carry to
challenges. Pierce rescues are built for versatile response.
or a fire on an isolated farm, you can spec options that inspire
optimize space and decrease response time. Select a stokes basket
Boasting 120 body configurations, body lengths from 10-18
confidence: breathing air systems, winches, tool boards, air
rack, backboard racks and air bottle compartments to maximize space.
feet and loads of storage, you have plenty of room to carry
bottle compartments, storage racks, gas,­­­­diesel, hydraulic
gear to and from the scene. You can also expect a smooth
and PTO generators (with watt ratings from 2,400 to 25,000),
ride from the body's shock-absorbing rubber isolators.
15-30 amp receptacles and electric 4-wire, 250-foot reels.
Extended front bumper fitted with optional winch.
Body Material
• Aluminum or stainless steel body construction
Body Construction
• Welded compartment modules
• Adhesive bonding for roof and exterior body panels
• Extruded tubing
• Reinforced roof structure
• Roof sheets bonded in place
Easy storage and access for large items like generators and rescue tools.
At the scene, light means safety and confidence. You can specify a wide range
Choose from a wide range of
rescues in body lengths
from 10 to 18 feet.
of lighting options, including roof-mounted light towers, Wil-Burt Night Scan with
focus light heads and a dual tilt feature, Fire Research or Extenda-Lite 500-1500
watt telescoping lights and more.
Walk-in rescues available in 14' and 18' sizes.
Peak performance.
Now, and into the future.
We are committed to the support of the Volunteer and Combination Officers Section (VCOS) of the International
Association of Fire Chiefs. This exemplary organization helps those interested in growing their leadership role in
the fire service by providing information, education, services and representation. Each year we donate approximately
$60,000 to sponsor group classes to train the current and next generation of fire chiefs.
To find out more, visit
From off-the-line shine to down-the-road service,
the difference is in the details.
Ultimately, your choice is often about the people and the company that stand behind your vehicle. Pierce has the broadest
support network and the most knowledgeable reps in the industry. You can tap into their extensive expertise on everything
from storage configuration to service agreements. This network means that you protect your investment from the first
design meetings to routine preventative maintenance and repairs that will be performed years down the road.
From the pump to the paint, from the chassis to the chrome, we’ve got a great team eager to build you a great fire truck.
And when you first set your eyes on your new Pierce rig, we can guarantee one thing: You’ll be pumping pure adrenaline.
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