3 GRAND 2009 Rider Requirements
3 GRAND 2009 Rider Requirements
PLEASE NOTE: This rider is for general informational purposed only. Riders for individual events will be
available with the contract.
3 Grand travels with 8 people total (6 on-stage, 1 soundman / 1 coordinator)
All flights are r/t from Orlando.
All flight times and schedules must be approved by act prior to ticketing *
7 Pre-paid Hotel Rooms On site (2 doubles / 5 king singles)
Ground Transfers:
Transportation to/from venue city airport. If hotel rooms are not provided on or adjacent
to performance site, ground transportation must be provided to/from hotel and venue.
Per Diem:
Is included in the Artist Performance Fee.
Additional per diem is required in the following situations:
1. Where Purchaser requests Artist to arrive day prior to event (add $600 to Artist fee)
2. On the return travel date if the event is outside the Continental U.S. (add $800 to
Artist fee)
Show Length:
3 Grand performs 3 – 60 or 4 – 45 minute sets of music during a 4-hour event.
Video Taping:
Artist agrees to allow Image Magnification of their performance. Purchaser shall
provide Artist with one copy of all footage of 3 Grand in digital format within 10 days
following performance at no cost to Artist.
Room Set-Up:
3 Grand suggests that in planning the layout of your room, for groups of 500 people
or less, the dance floor should placed to keep the audience within 18' of the front edge
of stage.
320' wide x 16' deep with heights set as follows:
8’ deep x 32’ wide set at 24” height (upstage)
8’ deep x 32’ wide set at 16” height (downstage, closest to dance floor)
Steps: Ideally we request 3 sets of stair units to the stage. One stage left, one stage
right, one front center.
Please note that the tiered staging requested above is an important part of 3
Grand’ presentation, so please make every effort to fulfill this request. Risers
may be used in the absence of multi-height stage sections. (see attached stage
plot / diagram)
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Purchaser's Initials:____________
3 GRAND 2009 Rider Requirements
Dressing Room/Catering:
3 Grand would appreciate a dinner for 8 people immediately following sound check. This meal should not be
a heavy pasta with cheese dish, rather a hot meal of a chicken or beef entrée, salad, starch, vegetables,
bread, butter, dessert and assorted beverages. These Catering requests are separate from the beverages
listed in the dressing room beverage service (this is not in lieu of per diem).
3 Grand requires one private dressing room or an adjacent banquet room with the following items:
Lighting in dressing room
10 chairs
1 - 6' banquet table
1- full length mirror
1 clothes/coat rack for costumes
1 separate 20 amp circuit for hair dryers, makeup mirrors, etc.
water/sodas/coffee service for 16 set one hour prior to show time
Please provide a minimum of 1 case of bottled water, room temperature,
delivered to drum riser
Setup Catering: 3 Grand requires 2 hours to set and sound check. (4 hours is required if 3 Grand is
providing the sound system.) This must be completed a minimum of 1½ hours prior to Doors Opening for
the Event.
* If the 1 ½ hour minimum is not possible, Purchaser MUST provide a hot meal for eight people directly
after sound check (this is NOT in lieu of per diem).
Minimum 3-Way System with Subs capable of clear, clean sound quality at
110db at Mix Position with:
• 24 channels input minimum
• 3 high quality wireless mics (Shure Beta-58 or Beta-87 or better) on boom
microphone stands for pianists with 3 wired microphones as back up.
• Direct Boxes for Keyboards (3) and Guitar
• Mics for Guitar, Sax and Drum Kit
• 3 - FOH effects units required - 2 Reverb Units (Lexicon or comparable)
- 1 Digital Delay
• Additional - minimum 8 channels of compression (DBX or better)
** 3 Grand will supply their own FOH Audio Mix Engineer.
Separate monitor console w/monitor engineer is requested
Separate equalizers for each mix
Minimum 5 separate monitor sends, 6 is preferred
Minimum 6 wedges and 1 drum monitor (as diagramed)
If separate monitor console w/monitor engineer is not available, the front of house board
MUST have Aux sends that are wired, pre-fade and pre-EQ’d.
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3 GRAND 2009 Rider Requirements
3 Grand does not have any lighting requirements. We will work with whatever lighting
you give us. However, this is a high energy, theatrical show. So the more lighting you
give, the better your show will look. We suggest:
• Minimum 60 - 1000watt par 64's (30 upstage truss / 30 downstage truss)
• Any specialty lighting (Moving lights, strobes, black lights, etc.)
• Fog/Hazers will also enhance the overall look of the stage
Minimum 1 follow spot w/operator suggested, but not required.
Backline Equipment: Drums -
Guitar -
(no Pearl, other sets to be approved by ARTIST)
Single Kick, 2 Mounted Toms, 1 Floor Tom,
Hi-Hat w/cymbals and 1 ride / 2 crash cymbals
Any two (2) channel Mesa Boogie combo w/footswitch
Guitar – TBD, if guitarist is unable to travel with guitar
Keys -
Misc. Electrical:
3 Electric Baby Grand Pianos with benches
3 Music Stands w/lights
3 Grand requires 2- separate 20 amp quad boxes delivered to the stage for backline
Purchaser’s Signature
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Purchaser's Initials:____________
3 Grand
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