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Quad 18-inch Compound Force / Isobaric Subwoofer
Specification Sheet
as-418 Features
• Quad 18" LF drivers with 4" (100 mm) voice coils
• Dual isobaric configuration for high output and
compact footprint
• Very low second order harmonic distortion inherent in
push/pull design
• 2400 W/4800 W, long term/program power handling
• Usable response down to 30 Hz
• Max long term output 128 dB SPL
• Multi-ply, cross-grain laminated birch construction
• Perforated steel grills with powder-coat finish
• Integrated handles and stacking skids
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The flagship of the a-Class subwoofer family, the formidable as-418
premieres VUE Audiotechnik’s Compound Force technology, which
serves up four 18-inch transducers in a box the size of most dual
18-inch designs. The custom-engineered transducers were designed
specifically for use in the as-418 to deliver higher output, lower
power compression, and less distortion. The balance of Compound
Force and purposeful transducer design allows the as-418 to achieve
exceptional output from its compact footprint, while delivering a
higher level of linearity and definition.
Four 18’s in the size of two
Based on an isobaric design topology, the as-418’s Compound Force
configuration features a single cabinet with two mirror-imaged,
side-by-side chambers. A total of four 18-inch woofers are mounted
in dual push-pull configurations that combines direct radiation with
the rear speaker in a tuned vented enclosure. Each pair operates in
tandem, reducing the Vas so that they exhibit the same behavior as
one loudspeaker in twice the space. In this way, Compound Force
effectively halves the required cabinet volume for each driver pair as
compared to a single driver designs.
Lower Distortion
In addition to its significant size and output advantages, Compound
Force also inherently lowers distortion because second-order
harmonic components are always 180 degrees out of phase
between paired drivers, and therefore canceled in the summed
acoustic response. Reducing these second order harmonics has
the added benefit of preventing localization effects. (second-order
harmonics of 70 Hz is 160 Hz and is much more perceptible in terms
of source location than the fundamental).
• Dance Clubs
• Portable and installed AV systems
• Main PA in venues such as clubs, theaters, concert halls, houses
of worship
• Performing arts venues
• Live sound reinforcement
• Corporate AV
• Any application where extended low frequency reproduction at
high SPL is required
The as-418 features a robust, multi-ply birch enclosure with extensive
interior bracing and dampening materials to reduce unwanted flex and
resonant frequencies. The cabinet is protected by a rugged, industrial
grade polyurethane finish while the front features a protective steel grill
with a water resistant powder coating. Integrated handles allow for easy
portable use.
Custom-engineered transducers
The custom-engineered transducers inside the as-418 are equally
impressive. They feature large, 4-inch voice coils that are better
able to dissipate heat and minimize the increased impedance that
occurs as temperatures rise under load. In addition, ceramic ferrite
magnets were selected for their ability to retain magnetic integrity
under thermal conditions that can easily demagnetize neodymium
components. Combined, these qualities allow the as-418’s transducer
to maintain peak performance from the top of the show to the very
last song
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Quad 18 inch Subwoofer
Specification Sheet
as-418 without grills
Quad 18" isobaric compact subwoofer
Acoustic Data
Frequency Response (+-3 dB)
30 Hz to 180 Hz
Frequency Range (-10 dB)
24 Hz - 350 Hz
Sensitivity (1W/1m)
99 dB SPL
Power Handling Long Term Sine Wave
2400 watts rms
Power Handling Program
4800 watts rms
Max Peak SPL
(band limited pink noise 6 dB crest factor)
132 dB SPL
Max SPL Long Term
(AVG SPL @1 band limited pink noise 6 dB crest factor)
128 dB SPL
Coverage Horizontal
360 degrees - 6 dB
Coverage Vertical
360 degrees - 6 dB
as-418 Input
Transducer Data
LF Driver Description
18", paper cone, cloth surround,
Ferrite, 4" (100 mm ) voice coil, TIL, 22 mm winding,
12 mm gap height, 8 Ohms
2x 4 Ohms or single 2 ohms
2x Nutrik NL-4 Speakon
Pin 1+/-: LF1 / Pin 2+/-: LF2
Cabinet Material
15-30 mm cross-laminated birch plywood
Cabinet Surface
Black, 6 layer polymer textured finish
Four recessed on sides
Stacking skids, pole mount
Dimensions (H x W x D)
as-418 with optional dolly board
20.87 x 47.01 x 29.13 in
530 x 1194 x 740 mm
196.2 lbs 89 kg
as-418 Dimensional Drawing
530 mm (20.86 in)
740 mm (29.13 in)
1194 mm (47.01 in)
VUE Audiotechnik
Copyright © 2012 VUE Audiotechnik, LLC. All rights reserved.
All mentioned specifications, features and designs are subject to change without prior notice.
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