Affordable Switching and Dimming
Affordable Switching and Dimming
CX Panels provide feature rich and cost effective lighting control
for maximum energy savings. You can save up to 50% in labor and
materials when used in place of conventional time clock and contactor
combinations. The use of the Astronomical Clock in place of roof
mounted photocells increases cost savings, lowers maintenance, and
improves reliability.
Compact single enclosure includes relays, control functions and input terminals for low voltage devices.
All inputs are software assignable to any HCS low voltage input device including switches, motion sensors, and photocells.
Low voltage devices connect directly to panel without any ancillary parts such as power packs.
LCD user interface incorporates easy to follow intuitive programming tools.
Can save up to 50% in parts and labor cost over conventional time clock and contactor systems.
Lowers energy consumption with expanded programming options.
Astronomical clock eliminates the need for roof mounted photocells.
Pre-programmed scenarios offer a wide variety of options to maximize energy savings for each possible control zone.
HCS CX Panels meet ASHRAE 90.1, IEEC and California (CEC) Title 24 energy codes.
CX Panels contribute to LEED certification requirements.
Allows multiple low voltage inputs from HBA switches, motion sensors, and photocells to enhance energy savings for scenarios such as manual switch ON and automatic motion sensor OFF control.
Sunrise/sunset controls provided using internal astronomical clock.
Scenarios offer many easy to use control combinations.
Priorities and masking allow for personalized control solutions.
The CX Series panels are self-contained lighting control systems. All inputs are low voltage and
hard-wired to terminal blocks in the panel. Input power supply is multi-tapped or universal for typical
service voltages. Line voltage terminals are located with generous space for easy connection.
CX 8-Relay Panel Interior
Auxiliary Inputs
Dry Contact Outputs
Individual Mounted Relay Card
CX Dimming Card
Auxiliary Input Features
Dry Contact Output Features
CX Dimming Card Features
Relay Card Features
• Provisions for multiple device
control of a single relay or group.
• Scenarios program allows for
easy mapping of auxiliary inputs.
• Normally open or normally closed output.
• Momentary or maintained.
• Allows for interconnection to other
building functions such as security, fire
alarm, or building management system.
• Full range dimming with preset
dimming levels.
• Ramp Up, Fade Down, Minimum
Dim Level.
• Max Dim Level (Demand Response
System Settings)
• Operates with 0-10V dimmable ballasts.
• Provides manual and automatic control
of dimming levels.
• 8 Dimming channels per card.
• Works with CAT5 switches.
• 1-pole and 2-pole relays fit in the
same sized space.
• Relay self-identifies once installed.
• Available 20A/1P N/O, 20A/2P N/O
or N/C and 30A/1P latching.
• 14K SCCR for 20A/1P N/O, 20A/2P
N/O or N/C.
• 18K SCCR for 30A/1P latching.
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