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PAG ZL-150 Batteries
Instruction Leaflet
When used correctly, Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries are a
rugged, safe, clean and trouble-free means of storing
power. Offering a high energy density, the cells do not
deteriorate when left in a discharged state, making them
ideally suited to applications where reliable portable power
is required. However, the user should be aware that
incorrect use could present a hazard. In the interest of
safety, and the protection of our environment, please read
and observe the following health and safety information.
GENERAL: Do not put in fire or mutilate. Cells may burst
or release toxic material. Do not short-circuit as this may
cause burns.
CORROSIVE ELECTROLYTE: The electrolyte is a mixture
of potassium-hydroxide (KOH) and water. This can cause
chemical burns to human tissue, should leakage occur.
Wear protective gloves when handling all contaminated
Model No. 9316V PAG ZL-150 Battery.
Compatible with the Sony V-Mount battery connector system.
PAG ZL-150 batteries have welded cell interconnections of
low-resistance nickel strap. The case for these models
consists of high-impact injection mouldings with an internal
cradle feature designed to protect the cells from impact
damage. The batteries are sealed and non user-serviceable.
Premium grade Nickel-Metal Hydride sealed rechargeable
cylindrical cells.
14.4V Nominal (12 cells connected in series, nominal
voltage 1.2V per cell).
10 ampere-hours, nominal.
Output Protection:
The ZL-150 battery is protected against short circuit and
excessive currents by means of a self-resetting protection
device. Rated maximum continuous output current is 8
amperes. Batteries are protected against over-temperature
by means of a self-resetting thermal trip rated 71°C.
Operating Temperature Range:
Optimum discharge efficiency is achieved within the
temperature range 0°C to +40°C.
2.35kg (5.2lb) approx.
Size (H x W x D):
PAGlok Model 9316
208 x 125 x 44mm (excluding PAGlok claws).
In the event of contact with the skin, flood copiously with
clean water. If significant amounts of electrolyte are in
involved, or if any has touched the eyes, seek medical
attention immediately.
can deliver power at very high rates. PAG batteries are
protected at their output connections by self-resetting
overload protection devices, but severe mechanical abuse
of a battery could result in damage to cells, and shortcircuit internal to the battery. Arcing, excessive heat and
the liberation of combustible gas could result, with the
potential for personal injury or ignition of adjacent
flammable materials.
DISPOSAL: Expired Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries are
classified as controlled waste, and must be disposed of in
accordance with the appropriate regulations or legislation.
PAG Ltd offers a recycling service for expired PAG batteries,
which results in the materials being recovered for re-use.
WARNING: Do not mutilate or incinerate batteries.
Do not dispose of batteries or cells in a charged condition
(see 1.4 above).
Return batteries by prior arrangement to:
PAG Ltd. 565 Kingston Road, London SW20 8SA.
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8543 3131, Fax: +44 (0)20 8540 4797.
E-mail: [email protected]
Batteries must be in a discharged state, and be clearly
V-Mount Model 9316V
208 x 125 x 52mm.
Care & Maintenance
The batteries can be stored for up to one year without
significant loss of cell life. For optimal long-term storage,
batteries should be in the 50% charged state.
Maintenance charging is not required during long-term
Store in a cool, dry place at a temperature between
-20ºC and +30ºC. Long-term storage at temperatures above
+30ºC will reduce the battery's life because of deterioration
of organic materials such as the gasket and separator.
Excessively low storage temperatures (below -20ºC) are also
to be avoided since the electrolyte may freeze, resulting in
permanent cell damage.
After prolonged storage, it is not ideal to fast-charge the
battery immediately. The cells should first be re-formed and
balanced by giving the battery a slow (C/10) charge for 16
Model No. 9316 PAG ZL-150 Battery.
Compatible with the PAGlok battery connector system.
incorporate PAG ACS, a unique microcomputer control
system that enables these chargers to fast-charge any
reputable make of battery safely, while significantly
extending its working life.
hours. When the battery is subsequently put into service,
2 or 3 cycles of charge and discharge may be required to
return the battery to its maximum available capacity.
Users with AR Series chargers may find the following
procedure beneficial: Charge the battery until the charger
indicates that it is charged. Disconnect the battery from the
charger, and then re-apply it, using the 'Recovery' program.
Allow this program to run until the charger again indicates
that the battery is charged.
The battery should be in a fully charged state before use.
Even after one week in storage, it is advisable to give the
battery a top-up charge before use.
Use only the recommended chargers (see Section 4.1.3
For maximum output, use within the temperature range
0ºC to +30ºC. Never operate outside of the temperature
range -20ºC to +45ºC.
The battery is designed for a maximum continuous output
of 10 amperes. Battery output is protected by means of a
self-resetting over-current protection device. The device has
a time/current characteristic which will allow surge currents
up to 15 amperes to flow, but will trip if a continuous
current exceeding 12 amperes is drawn. The batteries
are protected against over-temperature by means of a
self-resetting thermal trip rated 71°C.
Suitable chargers for the V-Mount ZL-150 battery are the
PAG V4-iPC (Model 9700V) and the PAG V2 (Model 9613V).
These chargers are equipped with V-Mount connectors,
which allow the batteries to be connected directly to the
charger, without the use of loose connecting leads. The
chargers can fast-charge PAG V-Mount batteries safely,
while significantly extending their working life.
4.1.4 When a battery has been discharged at a high current it
will become warm, and it is advisable to let it cool before
charging it. For the best results the battery should be
charged within the temperature range +10ºC to +40ºC.
Notwithstanding any provision of any agreement the
following Warranty is exclusive: PAG Limited warrants each
PAG ZL-150 battery it manufactures to be free of defects in
material and workmanship under normal use and service for
18 MONTHS from the date of purchase. This warranty
extends only to the original purchaser. This warranty shall
not apply to fuses or any product or parts which have been
subject to misuse, neglect, accident or abnormal conditions
of operation.
In the event of failure of a product covered by this
warranty, PAG Limited will repair and calibrate equipment
returned to an authorised Service Facility within the period
of the warranty, provided the warrantor’s examination
discloses to its satisfaction the product was defective.
The warrantor may, at its option, replace the product in lieu
of repair. With regard to any equipment returned within this
period, said repairs or replacements will be made without
charge. If the failure has been caused by misuse, neglect,
accident or abnormal conditions of operation, repairs will be
billed at a nominal cost. In such a case, an estimate will be
submitted before work is started, if requested.
The foregoing Warranty is in lieu of all other warranties,
express or implied, including but not limited to any implied
warranty or merchantability, fitness or adequacy for any
particular purpose or use. PAG Limited shall not be liable for
any special, incidental, or consequential damages, whether
in contract, tort, or otherwise.
The battery is sealed, and contains no user-serviceable
components. In order to maintain the quality standard for
which you first chose this product, return it to a PAG Dealer
or the PAG Service Department for servicing.
Instructions for Use
Charging Instructions
4.1.1 The battery should be in a fully charged state before use.
Even after one week in storage it is advisable to give it a
top-up charge before use.
4.1.2 The battery should be charged only from a PAG ACS
charger. Other types of charger may not be suitable, and
could damage the battery irreparably.
4.1.3 Suitable chargers for the PAGlok ZL-150 battery are the
PAG AR124PLD (Model 9792), the PAG Quasar (Models 9726
and 9752), and the PAG Freelancer (Model 9613). These
chargers are equipped with PAGlok connectors, which allow
the batteries to be connected directly to the charger,
without the use of loose connecting leads. The chargers
Charge Status Indication:
PAG ZL-150 batteries incorporate a manual 'Charged/Used'
Indicator, mounted to the rear of the battery pack.
PAG Ltd. 565 Kingston Road, Raynes Park, London SW20 8SA, UK.
Tel +44 (0)20 8543 3131 Fax +44 (0)20 8540 4116 E-mail [email protected] Web Site www.paguk.com
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