data entry work flow and basic instructions-agi

data entry work flow and basic instructions-agi
At start of session – check which Race Number the timing system starts with. This will be the race
number you ‘Get’ for the first heat. After that it should automatically increase by 1.
The basic flow is
Get Times
Look for shaded lines which alert you to a possible incorrect pad time. If there is a shaded line on the
heat results, assess as follows:
Check difference between pad time and backup times.
 If touch pad and backup times are more than 0.3 seconds different, look at the two backup
times – if they are within 0.3 seconds of EACH OTHER – use the CALC function which will average
them and replace the pad time
 If touch pad and one backup time are within 0.3 seconds of each other, and the other backup
time is the outlier, leave the pad time
 If there is only 1 backup time and the pad time and backup time are more than 0.3 seconds
different, wait for the lane timer sheets to come in and then compare to the watch times
o If the watch times confirm the pad time, don’t change anything
o If the watch times confirm the single backup time, use the Calc function to replace the
pad time
If there is a DQ, check that box and select the appropriate DQ code from the drop down menu.
CALC FUNCTION: This is used to replace the pad time with a backup time, the average of backup times
or watch times. If you don’t use the pad time, use CALC to calculate the official time. Input the times in
the Backup columns, click CALC, make sure that lane is Checked and the system does the rest. Look at
things for reasonableness.
RELAY NAMES : Before printing results and award labels, input or confirm relay names. If there is no
change on the printed relay card, no change to the system is necessary. If there are handwritten names
or corrections on the relay card, click either Relay Names for the appropriate heat and change there, OR
click RELAYS at the top menu bar and input there. You can Double-Click names from the team names list
TO relay teams or Double-Click names FROM relay teams by clicking on the relay team
AWARDS – See separate sheet. 1st thru 8th place for all events. Time Standard Achievement ribbons for
Individual events. Labels are fed upside down and bottom first. When the Award report is displayed
on the screen, click the end of document arrow ( >| ) to see how many sheets of labels need to be
RESULTS – Print 3 copies of results. One stays in the control room, two others are for posting.
 Mark the upper right corner of the three sheets C, or P, or P for Control, Post, Post.
 Keep track of what you’ve printed. Use Triple Column format, with subtracted splits.
 Look over the results for reasonableness – check the top time to the rest of the times and the
slowest time to the rest of the times. Fix if necessary.
 If corrected results are generated, note on the report that they are ‘REVISED’
DECK SEEDED EVENTS: 500 FREE AND 400 IM FOR 13&OVER – Look at check in list about 30 minutes
before check-in deadline. If there are swimmers not checked-in, ask announcer to announce that
Positive Check In for XYZ Event will close in X minutes. Once the deadline passes remove the sheets
from the check in area.
 Go to SEEDING – Scratch Pad: Scratch every swimmer NOT checked in. COUNT the number of
scratches, compare to your screen. Count the number of swimmers left, compare to seeding
 At the SEEDING Screen – select just the event to be deck seeded. Click Start Seeding.
 Go to Reports: Meet Program: Select the Session and Event. At bottom middle of screen, click
the Ignore Psych box. This makes MM ignore the Psych format specified earlier and makes it
print out in Heat format. Double Column.
 Ask Meet Director or Meet Referee how many copies the officials need, add 8 for admin needs
and posting, add 1 for each team.
o Post 3 sets
o 1 heat sheet each to: Announcer, Timing System, Clerk, Data, Head Timer
o Officials copies to Officials
 Print Lane Timer sheets – select ONE event per page, sort by lane. Give to head timer to
distribute to clipboards at the lanes.
25 yard events – The swimmers will likely miss the touchpad pretty often. You’ll likely need to input a
lot of watch times. Just wait for the timer sheets to come in.
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