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Azur 540R 6.1 Audio Video Receiver
Cambridge Audio's new AV Receiver delivers outstanding picture and sound
quality for a powerful and impressive Home Cinema experience.
Featuring the latest Home Cinema decoders capable of
processing Dolby Digital Surround EX and DTS ES 6.1
enabled movies, as well as DTS 5.1, Dolby Pro-Logic and
Pro-Logic II, the 540R delivers a powerful 80 watts RMS
across each of its 6 channels. The built-in digital tuner
receives FM/MW broadcasts with 40 station presets and
The 540R features a host of inputs and outputs such
as: component, S-Video and composite connections;
electrical and optical digital inputs and outputs; 6.1 inputs
and outputs and six line level inputs with a tape monitor.
A full range of video switching options allow the amplifier
to act as a hub unit for composite, S-VHS and component
Power Output:
Frequency Response:
Audio Inputs:
video sources. This allows simultaneous control of picture
and sound.
Contained within a stylish, aluminium fronted case, the
540R features an acoustically damped chassis.
80 Watts RMS 8Ω across six channels
Latest digital surround sound
processors capable of decoding:
- Dolby Digital 5.1
- DTS 5.1
- Dolby Digital EX 6.1
- DTS ES 6.1
- Dolby Pro Logic
- Dolby Pro Logic II
Comprehensive array of analogue and
digital inputs and outputs
FM/MW RDS tuner with 40 presets
Acoustically damped chassis
Slim-line Azur remote control
Azur 540R
100 Watts rms per channel,
8Ω, two channels driven.
80 Watts rms per channel 8Ω,
all 6 channels driven
<0.006% @1kHz
20Hz – 20kHz +/- 1dB
CS42518 Multi-DAC
CS493263 DSP
6 Line Level + Tuner
6.1 Direct Input
Audio Outputs:
6 Amplified Speaker Outputs
6.1 Preamp output
1 Tape record output
Video Inputs:
4 Composite, 3 S-Video,
2 Component Video
Video Ouputs:
1 Composite, 1 S-Video,
1 Component Video
Digital Inputs:
2 Co-Axial, 3 Optical
Digital Outputs:
1 Co-Axial, 1 Optical
Standby Power Consumption: <2w
Max. Power Consumption:
Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm): 430 x 310 x 100
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