Flyer Protect B / NAS
Uninterruptible power supply
Single-phase input; single-phase output
500 – 1500 VA power range with
USB HID power device interface
The VI (line interactive) technology of the Protect B provides
reliable protection for your sensitive company data in the event
of power failure, dangerous power surges, and HF interference.
More substantial voltage fluctuations are systematically offset
via the voltage pre-regulator (AVR) of the Protect B.
A redesigned, high-contrast LCD display provides information
on all key operating conditions and, in particular, on the
remaining autonomy time with the current load and
power failure.
Flexible use
The systematically refined hardware design with battery-saving
charging electronics guarantees many years of use. The UPS
front panel makes it easy to replace the batteries.
The new Protect B series has been specially refined for
applications in the SME and SoHo segment and is perfect for
protecting NAS systems, ATMs, 3D printers, workstations, PCs,
and other IT applications.
Key features
»»Modern VI (line interactive) protection technology with
sinusoidal output voltage
In particular, the standard HID power device interface enables
software-independent communication and allows the UPS to
be integrated directly into a network-attached storage (NAS)
management system.
»»High-contrast LCD display with status information and
The Protect NAS model also has a much longer autonomy time
in the lower partial load range when operated fanless. This
makes the Protect NAS ideal for office and home environments.
»»User-friendly hot-swappable battery design
»»“Green mode” can be activated to improve battery availability
»»Intelligent monitoring system with USB interface as HID
Optimum control
More extensive monitoring and management tasks in the IT
environment can still be carried out by the AEG “CompuWatch”
shutdown software provided.
measured values, including the remaining runtime in minutes
»»Surge protection (RJ11/RJ45) for telephone, fax, router, and
power device for software-independent UPS management
Order number
Nominal input voltage
Voltage range without battery mode
Frequency (automatic detection)
Current consumption at full load (max.)
Nominal output voltage/AVR technology
Nominal output voltage in battery mode
Frequency in battery mode
Nominal output current (at 230 VAC)
Switchover time in the event of power failure
Voltage wave form
Overload behavior (VI mode)
Overload behavior (battery mode)
Nominal DC voltage (DC link)
Battery management
Autonomy time at 20 % / 70 % usage
Charging time (to 90 % rated capacity)
User interface
Shutdown software (on CD)
Alarms (acoustic/visual)
500 VA
250 W
600 001 7639
2.7 A
2.1 A
B. 500
500 VA
350 W
600 001 6600
B. 750
750 VA
600 001 6601
B. 1000
1000 VA
700 W
600 001 6602
220 VAC / 230 VAC / 240 VAC
176 / 184 / 192 VAC – 264 / 276 / 288 VAC (depending on nominal input voltage)
50 Hz / 60 Hz ±5 %
2.7 A
3.9 A
6.1 A
220 VAC / 230 VAC (default) / 240 VAC -10 % +6 %
220 VAC / 230 VAC (default) / 240 VAC -10 % +5 %
50 Hz / 60 Hz ±0.1 Hz
2.1 A
3.2 A
4.3 A
<10 ms
105 % to <120 % for 300 s / 120 % to 150 % for 10 s
105 % to 110 % for 10 s
B. 1500
1500 VA
900 W
600 001 6603
7.6 A
6.5 A
Sealed, maintenance-free (proprietary brand), hot-swappable
12 VDC
24 VDC
Deep discharge protection, overload protection, automatic battery test
60 min. / 12 min.
27 min. / 4.5 min.
27 min. / 4 min.
30 min. / 5.5 min
27 min. / 4.5 min.
USB as HID power device
LCD display with digital indication of relevant UPS values: Input and output voltage [V] / usage [%] /
consumer load [(k)VA] and [(k)W] as well as autonomy time at current load [min.],
2 additional bar graphs for usage and current battery capacity / illuminated on/off button
5 network licenses for all common OS (e.g. Windows, Linux, Mac)
Acoustic signal transmitter (can be deactivated) and detailed indication via LCD display (power failure,
overload, short-circuit, flat battery, replace battery, fan failure; AVR and charging unit failure
Efficiency (normal mode)
Audible noise (1 m distance)
≥94 %
≤40 dB(A)
Operating temperature range
Operating altitude
EMC conformity
Product safety
Surge protection for data lines
Mains input
Consumer outputs
Housing color
Dimensions approx. W x H x D (mm)
Approximate weight
Scope of delivery
≤45 dB(A)
Speed-regulated fan
0 – 35 °C
0 – 90 %
Up to 1000 m at nominal load
EN 62040-2 Class C1
EN 62040-1
RJ11 (telephone, fax, modem) / RJ45 (Ethernet 10 Mbit/s / 100 Mbit/s)
IEC 320 C14
4 x IEC 320 C13
6 + 2 x IEC 320 C13
Black metal housing / with silver front panel
150 x 209 x 240
150 x 209 x 340
6.8 kg
6.3 kg
6.8 kg
10.5 kg
11.5 kg
Mains connection cable, device connection cable, USB communication cable,
“CompuWatch” management software (CD), 5 network licenses, operating instructions
CE, EN 50581
Protect B Display
Separate bar graphs to
indicate UPS usage and
battery capacity
Retrieval of measured
values for UPS input and
output and consumer load
AEG Power Solutions GmbH
Emil-Siepmann-Str. 32
59581 Warstein-Belecke
Tel.: +49 2902 763 0
Fax: +49 2902 763 169
Status window to display
operating status and
detailed fault indication
UPS input and output voltage [VAC]
UPS usage [%]
Expected autonomy time in battery mode [MIN]
Consumer load [(k)VA] and [(k)W]
AEG PS - Protect B - EN - 09/2015 V2 - - TEMA - Technical data in this document does not contain any binding guarantees or warranties. Content only serves for information purposes and can be modified at any time. We will make binding
commitments only upon receipt of concrete enquiries and customer notification of the relevant conditions. Due to the non-binding nature of these terms, we assume liability neither for the accuracy nor completeness of the data provided here.
AEG is a registered trademark used under license from AB Electrolux.
Classification VI SS 333 acc. to IEC 62040-3
Power type rating
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