Home Decorators Collection 0815000730 Instructions / Assembly

Home Decorators Collection 0815000730 Instructions / Assembly
1) Insert one 1.5 volt "AA" batteries (Alkaline
Batteries are recommended) in the battery
compartment.Be sure that the (+) positive and
(-) negative terminals correctly match with the
symbols on the battery compartment.
The battery should be replaced every 6 months.
2) Set hands to correct time by rotating the hand
set knob on the rear of the movement. ‘
3) Remove the tape to release
the pendulum hanger.
4) Attach pendulum on to pendulum hanger.
5) Gently push pendulum to swing.
Clock irs! te hug an a flat, vertical surface, Ensore back pilote of
clock os Not against the wall after installation, otherwese pendulum
might notfuncition properly,
Hemarks :
Plegso avoir! placing the instrument exposed to direct sunlight for
extended period af time as this will affect the functionality and tie
outlook of Your news time piece.
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