500 Series
500 Series
Color Quality Control from Start to Finish
The 500 Series of spectrodensitometers capture density,
color and spectral data. Available with a variety of aperture
size options and configurable for left- or right-handed
use, the 500 Series feature full menu commands, offering
consistent color measurements between different presses,
suppliers, and customers.
The 500 Series family includes:
504 Basic model measures density quickly and reliably.
528 For printers who print special and process colors.
Offering a full selection of densitometric capability,
plus several essential color measurement features.
508 Prepress and pressroom densitometer for
accurately measuring density, dot area, and dot gain.
530 Advanced spectrodensitometer for pressroom, ink
lab or testing lab providing spectral, color, and density
measurements. Connects to X-Rite’s IntelliTrax auto
scanning system, and complements X-Rite’s ColorMaster,
InkFormulation and other software applications.
518 Densitometer for 4-color press operators utilizing
measurement functions such as density, dot gain, dot
area, trap, and print contrast.
2.0 x 3.2mm 4 - color © 2000 X-Rite Incorporated
3.2mm 4 - color © 2000 X-Rite Incorporated
4.5mm 4 - color © 2000 X-Rite Incorporated
Used for micro-spot 500’s aperture
Used for 2.0mm 500’s aperture
Used for 3.4mm 500’s aperture
NEW 528 and 530 models! G7/ISO data sets and digital
PANTONE® Libraries included, new gray color
Each 528 and 530 model spectrophotometer comes pre-loaded with ISO
12647-2 and G7 process control standard databases and characterization data. This new feature offers an out-of-the-box pressroom quality
control tool to help printers achieve ISO 12647-2 / G7 compliance on
their jobs, and allows them to start working immediately with the
knowledge and confidence that all their color measurements will be
made according to IS0 12647-2 standards.
528 and 530 models also come pre-loaded with the digital version of
uncoated and matte are available as a free download from
www.xrite.com or from the CD included with the new instrument.
In response to our customers comments, we’re also replacing the
instrument casing of the 528 and 530 to a gray cover, to avoid
common pressroom soilage.
Rugged Design
X-Rite revolutionized densitometry with the first portable instruments,
and the 500 Series is the industry standard for ruggedness. The targeting
window pinpoints the measurement area, so you get the right measurement every time. You can select from our three standard measuring
areas, or use the microspot measuring area for smaller color targets.
Pick-and-Measure Menu
Depending on your model and its features, you can select density, dot,
color, and other densitometry particulars right from the menu and start
measuring. It’s that easy to get accurate results. You can also let the
instrument auto-pick the right function using Electronic Function Select.
It will select density, dot, or trap automatically based on the color target
you measure.
One-Step Calibration
Each 500 Series instrument comes with a form-fitting white reference, so
calibration takes only a few seconds. Use the built-in reminder to prompt
you when to calibrate, ensuring consistent, accurate measurements each
and every time.
Feature Selection
Select only the features you want to see on the main screen, and change
them back again later. This can be helpful when instruments are used
in multiple areas, or to make operation of the 500 easier for new users.
Managers can even lock a set of selected features to prevent tampering.
Easy Upgrades
Upgrade your existing 500 Series model to a higher model number
as your needs change, maintaining the value of your investment. The
upgrade process simply requires a custom keycode. You can also add
helpful accessories like polarization and UV exclusion or a battery
charging station.
Unrivaled Warranty
All 500 Series instruments come with our industry-leading three-year
warranty. You can be sure of solid, reliable and accurate performance
beyond the warranty period with our long-term service agreements and
ISO certification services.
Dependable Results
X-Rite’s technology produces the highest level of inter-instrument agreement available today. This means you can trust your 500 Series to give
you comparable color measurements between two or more presses
or printing sites, among suppliers, or between the customer and the
printing facility.
*Chinese, English, French, German, Italian,
Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and more
500 Series Product Feature Comparison:
Density Measurement
Density (absolute or minus paper)
Density References (16)
News Density Mode
News Gray Balance Mode
Apparent Dot Area (Tone Value)
Dot Gain (Tone Value Increase)
Apparent Trap
Apparent Trap Reference
Print Contrast
Print Contrast Reference
Hue Error / Grayness,
Hue Error / Grayness Reference
Electronic Function Select (EFS)
Color Measurement
CIE L*a*b*
CIE L*C*h° (ab), L*C*h° (uv)
Hunter Lab •
Yxy, L*u’v’, Yu’v’
Colorimetric Graphing
Spectral Reflectance
Spectral Data Output, Spectral Graphing
Brightness / Paper Cast
Color References
(coated, uncoated, matte)
ISO/G7 Data Sets
3 year warranty
ColorMail Express
Measurement conditions
Illuminant types
A, C, D50, D55, D65, D75, F2, F7, F11, F12
Standard observers
2°, 10°
Response types
ISO Status T, ISO Status E, ISO Status I, ISO Status A, G, Tx, Ax, Ex, Hi-Fi
Measurement technology
Spectral range
400nm to 700nm
Measurement geometry
45°/0° per ANSI, DIN & ISO Standards
Measurement aperture
3.4mm (.13in) standard 2.0mm (.078in) optional
6.0mm (.236in) optional
Micro-Spot: 1.6mm (.063in, H) x 3.2mm (.125in, W) optional
Light source
Gas Pressure @ 2856°
Physical filters
No (incandescent lamp light), Optional Polarized, Optional UV cutoff
Measurement time
Approx. 1.4 seconds per single measurement Approx. 0.9 seconds in Speed Read mode
Measurement range
0.00D–2.5D; 0–160%R
Inter-instrument agreement
±0.01 D or 1% for typical printing processes 0.40 ΔE CMC MAX on 12 BCRA Tiles
Density repeatability
±0.005D for 0.00–2.00D*
±0.010D for 2.00–2.50D*
*Polarized Yellow: ±0.010D for 0.00–1.80D
Micro-Spot: ±0.010D for 0.0–1.8D
Data interface
Serial data interface
RS-232 with baud rates 1200 to 57.6K
Power supply
Power source
Ni-MH battery pack, 4.8v rated @ 1650mAh
Charge time
Approximately 3 hours
Operating temperature
30%–85%RH non condensing
Mechanical data
Physical dimensions
Length: 197mm (7.8in) Width: 76mm (3.0in) Height: 81mm (3.2in)
1050 grams (2.3lbs.)
Training & Education from X-Rite
Do you need help to ensure your team gets the most out of the instruments in your workflow? Whether you prefer
to learn in a classroom, online or at your own facility, Color Experts from X-Rite can help. Are you interested in
obtaining ISO print standards certification? An X-Rite G7- or PSO-Certified Trainer can come to your facility to work
with your staff hands-on to set up, train and qualify your team. For more information, please visit xrite.com.
xrite.com | pantone.com
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