Bulletin 280 ArmorStart with EtherNet/IP

Bulletin 280 ArmorStart with EtherNet/IP
ArmorStart® EtherNet/IP Distributed Motor Controller
Increase critical information exchange and enhance control with EtherNet/IP
Features and Benefits
Lower Installation Costs
• Plug-and-play design for
power, I/O, and communication
allows faster installation
and commissioning
• Significantly reduce wiring errors
compared to Point-to-Point wiring
• Reduce the size and cost of custom
panels and enclosures
• Labor cost reduced by 30%, overall
system cost reduced by 20%
Reduced Engineering Time
• Integrated, pre-engineered,
enclosed motor starter with group
motor and high fault SCCR listing
• Maximize your network speed
and bandwidth with embedded
switch technology
• Enhanced control from front
office to manufacturing with
EtherNet/IP communication
• Beacon based Device Level Ring
performance provides fault
tolerant operation
Ease of Maintenance/Plant
Operation Savings
• EtherNet/IP offers easy access to
parameters, status and diagnostics
• Modular two-piece design
allows for quick replacement and
rapid commissioning
• Embedded Web server allows
access to device status from any PC
without special software
Ideal for motor control applications, the ArmorStart product family
allows you to mount your motor control near the motor.
The ArmorStart Distributed Motor Controller is an integrated, preengineered starter for applications such as material handling, automotive
assembly, airport conveyors, and sortation systems. Ideal for motor
control applications, the ArmorStart Family was developed to improve
productivity by allowing you to mount your motor control near the
motor. Now with the added capability of EtherNet/IP, the ArmorStart can
be configured, programmed and controlled using RSLogix™ 5000.
Ethernet has been the standard for business enterprise systems for many
years. Now, worldwide the industry is witnessing a convergence of the
Enterprise Ethernet and factory floor EtherNet/IP as the standard. This
relationship allows a more efficient exchange of critical information
without additional hardware to optimize your time and help with your
decision-making process.
The ArmorStart with EtherNet/IP incorporates the advantages of
distributed motor control, EtherNet/IP communication, and Embedded
Switch Technology. The ArmorStart EtherNet/IP family includes full
voltage or Sensorless Vector Control AC drive motor starters to cover
most of your critical applications. ArmorStart with EtherNet/IP is a simple,
seamless and cost-effective method of integrating pre-engineered
starters, I/O and network capabilities in your On-Machine™ architecture.
The dual port 10/100Mbps embedded Ethernet switch supports
high performance applications and allows connectivity directly to
your network, helping to reduce overall cost and simplifying system
configuration. Lastly, RS Logix™ 5000 is the preferred software tool used
for commissioning, programming and configuration.
ArmorStart EtherNet/IP Features:
EtherNet/IP network connectivity
Embedded 2-port Ethernet switch
Device Level Ring (DLR) support
End-to-end transparent clock support
IP67/NEMA Type 4 environmental rating
At-Motor disconnect with lockout capability
4 programmable inputs and 2 solid state outputs
DeviceLogix enabled (Local logic)
High fault SCCR rating
Suitable for group motor applications
3 m motor cable included with every ArmorStart
LED Status
and Reset
2 Outputs
4 Inputs
Source Brake
Address Switch
(Dual port)
Ground Terminal
Motor Connection with
Supplied Motor Cable
Optional Dynamic
Brake Connection
Horsepower Range:
Starting Method:
Environmental Rating:
Control Voltage:
Operational Voltage Ratings:
Suitable for Group Motor Installations
Local logic using DeviceLogix™
I/O Capability:
0.5…10 Hp (0.37…7.5 kW)
0.5…5 Hp (0.4…3.3 kW)
Full-Voltage and Reversing
Sensorless Vector Performance
IP67/NEMA Type 4
24V DC
200…480V AC
380…480V AC
Four Inputs
Two Outputs
LED Status Indication
Gland Plate Entry:
Conduit Entrance
ArmorConnect Power Media
Quick Disconnects (I/O, Communications, Motor Connection, Three Phase and Control Power)
Factory Installed Options:
HOA Keypad
Source Brake Contactor
Dynamic Brake Connector
Output Contactor
EMI Filter
Shielded Motor Cable
Faster Time to Market with On-Machine
On-Machine is a design philosophy that moves control
and hardware closer to the application. On-Machine is
a pre-engineered, quick-connect system that simplifies
wiring, speeds up system commissioning, and minimizes
wiring mistakes. This can reduce setup and commissioning
time and provide faster time to market.
Distributed Starter
Sensors &
Reduce your setup and
commissioning time
Advantages of ArmorStart for On-Machine Architecture
Optimizes production floor space
Reduces cost by minimizing panel size requirements
Reduces costs by using plug-and-play connectivity
Faster time to market with increased system modularity
Premier Integration
ArmorStart EtherNet/IP provides premier integration
within the architecture to deliver information with
enhanced control and access to parameter, status, and
diagnostics for faster response to changing environments.
ArmorStart EtherNet/IP supports:
Power, Control,
Network, and I/O
Quick Connect wiring
Device Level Ring
RSLogix™ 5000 Add-On Profile
• Quicker and more efficient program development
• Automatic descriptive tag generation for status,
diagnostics, and command information
• Help reduce mistakes and programming time
Simplify your implementation
and configuration to reduce cost
Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP Support
ArmorStart EtherNet/IP Networks
ArmorStart EtherNet/IP delivers true embedded
dual port switch technology, not just a hub, to
support Linear and Beacon based Device Level Ring
(DLR) topology. You can quickly and easily configure
the IP address to be static or dynamic (DHCP) by
using the local address switches, add-on profile, or
embedded webpage.
Flexible, scalable and simplified
motor control solution
Embedded support of a transparent clock allows seamless
integration into applications with Integrated Motion on
EtherNet/IP – which uses CIP Motion™ and CIP Sync™
technology from ODVA. This is accomplished with no
additional components or performance loss.
• Standard feature at no additional cost
• Faster local I/O processing
• Helps improve control system performance
• Increase system reliability
• Increase system/machine modularity
Embedded Web Server Support
• Uses a standard Web browser
• Offers online status, diagnostic and
parameter configuration
• Receive email notification for faults and warnings
ArmorConnect® Control and Three-phase Power Media
Ethernet Media
ArmorConnect is a plug-and-play connectivity solution for ArmorStart
Distributed Motor Control. ArmorConnect components allow multiple
ArmorStart controllers to be connected quickly and reliably, which
reduces installation time and helps prevent system wiring errors.
Industrial Ethernet Media
Rockwell Automation® offers a complete industrial Ethernet cabling
solution that provides seamless connectivity for your Integrated
Architecture and components. From raw cable and field-attachable
connectors to RJ45 and M12 patchcords, Allen-Bradley® Ethernet
connectivity enhances flexibility while helping ensure network
integrity and performance.
ArmorConnect Media
Motor Branch
Power Supply
Bul 1606
280E or 281E
Ethernet Media
Control Power Media
E-Stop In
E-Stop Out
ArmorConnect Three-Phase
Power Media
* A single channel E-Stop is pictured. It is necessary to perform a risk assessment and determine specific application requirements.
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Publication 280-PP004A-EN-P – June 2011
Supersedes Publication 280PP001A-EN-P – April 2007
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