ABB-free@home® Making home automation easier than ever
[email protected]®
Making home automation
easier than ever
Freedom is a wonderful feeling, as is
taking charge of your own life. Give
your home that personal touch with
ease and live as your heart desires.
That’s just what [email protected]®
offers, home automation for those
who want freedom.
Controlling your own life
Flexible, simple and secure for the future
Totally practical for everyday use. With [email protected]®, the
entire home can be controlled not only with switches, but
also via smartphone, tablet or computer. The system can also
continuously adapt to changing requirements, thus ensuring
security for the future.
The freedom
The possibilities
The advantages
Intelligent home
Personal comfort scenes
Total networking
Presence simulation
The everything-off function
The entire house under control
Easy to operate
Easy set-up
Planning and practice
The range
Individual solutions
Liberating. As innovative home auto‑
mation, [email protected]® offers an
endless number of possibilities for
creative design. This allows the home
to be equipped with endless personal
concepts and preferences. Both today
and in the future.
08 The freedom | [email protected]®
[email protected]® | The freedom 09
Free choice
To live life as desired
Smart. [email protected]® transforms the house or the apartment into an intelligent home. Whether blinds, lights, heating,
air-conditioning or door communication – comfort, safety and
efficiency can finally be controlled remotely. Via a switch on
the wall or with a smartphone.
10 The freedom | [email protected]®
Open for new ideas
With [email protected]® all functions in the house can be managed automatically – according to time plan, temperature and
movement detector – or be called up at the touch of a button.
And here, every combination of the various functions is possible.
Door communication
Many advantages for operation
More pleasant living. The [email protected]® home automation
makes daily life easier. With the right app, you can use your
smartphone or tablet as a remote control at home. In the morning, you can raise the blinds at the press of a button without
leaving your bed and switch on the radio in the kitchen – or
switch off all the lights and appliances at once when you
leave the house. Optionally, a conventional wall switch will
serve the purpose as well. Setting these scenes is also
conceivably simple. Simply comfortable. Simply practical.
Simply energy-efficient.
[email protected]® | The freedom 11
Total network
Blinds, lights, heating, air-conditioning,
door communication
Comfortable right from the start. It begins with commissioning
and continues later when used as a part of daily life. With
[email protected]® all applications in and around the house are
amazingly easy to combine.
Whether blind, roller blind, awning or roller door – with the
[email protected] ® home automation, sun protection and
energy-saving could not be easier. Opening and closing as
well as adjustment of slats can be controlled with a switch,
[email protected] or app for smartphone or tablet. In
addition, a conventional weather station for protection during
a storm, a timer or astro function can be used. It automatically
adjusts the blinds according to sunrise and sunset.
» » Flexible options for control
» » Storm, rain and wind protection
which responds to the weather
»» Simple operation
»» O ptimised energy efficiency due to
improved insulation when the blinds
are lowered
»» Optimum timing
Blind switch
Ready for all operating modes. With either a short or long press
of the button for roller blinds, exterior blinds or awnings as well
as adjustment of slats. Together with a wind sensor the roller
blinds, exterior blinds and awnings close up completely and
are locked during high wind.
12 The freedom | [email protected]®
Light control
Life begins with light. With [email protected]® it can be optimally
used, whether for illuminating individual rooms or the entire
house. For example, with striking light scenes – for different
moods and to suit the occasion. A pleasant side effect here
is the cost-saving and environmentally friendly use of energy.
»» Easy-to-adjust light scenes
»» Central or remote control
»» Fast activation of emergency lighting
»» Support of energy efficiency
»» Flexible use
Dimmer and movement detector
With [email protected] ®, rooms or entire buildings can be
illuminated according to your requirements. Each situation
receives suitable light – whether striking light scenes or
emergency lighting. All lights are switched on at once.
[email protected]® | The freedom 13
Heating and air-conditioning
Providing comfort and energy-saving. The optimum room
temperature can be adjusted with [email protected]® individually or according to the specific requirement, depending on
the time of day and the function of the room. In ECO mode,
the temperature is automatically lowered at night or when the
house is empty. The heating can be automatically shut off
when a window is open. This reduces the consumption of
energy – whether for conventional heaters or in floor heating.
The timing of the temperature can thus be perfectly adapted
to your personal rhythm of life. In the morning, for example,
the bathroom is already preheated. During the day, the rooms
are unheated when no one is home. And when you get home
at night, a comfortable living room awaits you.
»» Heating to suit specific requirements
»» For heaters or in floor heating
»» Support of energy efficiency
»» ECO mode
»» Local operation or remotely controlled
via app for smartphone and tablet
»» Automatic deactivation when a
window is open
14 The freedom | [email protected]®
Door communication
The ABB-Welcome door communication system can be
integrated into [email protected]®. The door communication and home automation can be used together with
[email protected] 7". For example, the light switches
come on when the doorbell rings to see visitors more clearly.
And for safety reasons, the video camera records pictures
of visitors at the door when no one is home.
»» Large touch display (17.8 cm), to
recognise who is at the door
»» E asy operation keys for opening doors,
mute function and light
»» Integrated picture memory
»» Configuration of “Welcome scenes”
when a visitor rings the bell or the
door is unlocked
Picture directly on the display
Practical and convenient. The picture from the video camera
can be displayed on the tablet or smartphone via the Welcome
app. This allows visitors who ring the bell to be recognised
even when you are not at home (requires ABB-Welcome IP
gateway and an ABB-Welcome outdoor video station).
[email protected]® | The freedom 15
The possibilities. [email protected]®
is easy to operate and at the same
time flexible and adaptable to everyday situations or to those very special
moments of life. And here complete
scenes can be played automatically
or be set or called up spontaneously
to suit the mood.
16 The possibilities | [email protected]®
[email protected]® | The possibilities 17
Atmosphere at the press of a button
With a personal comfort scene
The perfect evening after a day at work. [email protected] ®
prepares a pleasant reception when arriving at home. With
a colourful display of light and ambient room temperature.
Precisely the right atmosphere for relaxing.
Fast change of scenes
A single press of the button on the switch, on the
[email protected], smartphone or tablet suffices
to call up a complete scene. This, for example, allows
a living room to be transformed in a matter of seconds
to suit an occasion – for welcoming guests or for a
pleasant evening of relaxation.
18 The possibilities | [email protected]®
Simply one’s own scenes
To create or change individual scenes is as easy as child’s
play with [email protected] ®. An intelligent assistance function
helps to put together the desired tasks. For example, lamps
and a specific position of the blind plus room temperature
can be called up at the press of a button.
Networking as desired. Different functions
can be combined for scenes.
[email protected]® | The possibilities 19
Present and yet not at home
With presence simulation
Everything is in perfect order at home. Because [email protected]®
brings life into rooms that are at times unoccupied. For this the
system stores the habits of the residents while they are at home
and then calls them up during their absence.
Remote control for everything
Always a good feeling. The presence simulation of
[email protected] ® records the weekly sequence of the
devices. This means that its response is completely the
same whether the residents are present or absent because
of a business trip, away for holidays or gone shopping. Using
the app on the smartphone, a safety check of the entire home
is possible from a remote location anywhere in the world.
20 The possibilities | [email protected]®
Presence simulation
For greater safety. With [email protected] ® the home seems
to be occupied even during one’s absence. Whether in the
evening when visiting the theatre or during a summer holiday
lasting a few weeks – the system can learn and imitate the
daily routine of the residents. Such simulation helps to prevent
Automatic protection against wind
During windy weather or storms, [email protected]® together
with a conventional weather station takes care of the independent upward movement of the blinds. This prevents damage
such as buckling of the slats or broken window panes. This
function is of particular benefit during one’s absence because
weather can change unexpectedly.
[email protected]® | The possibilities 21
Everything off with a single function
The simplest type of switch-off. [email protected]® offers it with
the everything-off function. It is especially practical when leaving
the house. It simultaneously switches off all networked devices
in all rooms.
Be assured
In principle the everything-off function works just like a preset
scene. In this case all networked devices are simultaneously
switched off in all rooms. Aside from safety, this also benefits
22 The possibilities | [email protected]®
energy efficiency. The everything-off function is especially
practical at the bedside. Before falling asleep the entire lighting
in the house can be switched off with just a press of a button.
A very practical function to ensure comfort and safety.
Everything off. Stove, lights, heating,
television or the iron in absence mode.
A reassuring feeling.
Near and far
The central switch for the everything-off function can be located
on the wall near the front door and, of course, at any other
location in the house. And for mobile use it can be displayed in
the app on the smartphone or tablet.
[email protected]® | The possibilities 23
The entire house under control
Simply in the network
Comfortable and user-friendly. [email protected]® is very
easy to operate. It enables the blinds, lighting, heating,
air-con­dition­­­ing and door communication to be controlled from
near and far via computer, tablet or smartphone. And with the
[email protected] also from a central location in the house
or as usual via a switch on the wall.
24 The possibilities | [email protected]®
Perfectly connected
The 2-wire bus technology allows the
System Access Point to be connected with
different sensors. Via the connection of a
conventional Internet router the home auto‑
mation can be controlled with a mobile
terminal device from anywhere in the world.
Ready to start immediately
[email protected] ® can be made operational in a fast and
cost-saving way. The reason: configuration and operation
is as easy as surfing on a website, thanks to the free app.
No additional software is required. The initial configuration is
performed by the electrician. Later settings and adjustments
can be made by yourself from every commercially available
computer or tablet, with HTML5 independent of platform.
[email protected]® | The possibilities 25
One pointer is sufficient
For the app that is extremely easy
to operate
Home automation has never been easier with the [email protected]®
app. It is suitable for controlling the entire technology in the networked house. And to make adjustments is as simple as surfing
the Internet.
Everything is possible
The unique user interface has been
developed especially for [email protected]®.
It can be used via the Internet browser
on a PC or laptop as well as on smartphone and tablet. An app which
adapts the user surface to the mobile
operation (iOS/Android) has been
developed especially for use with
smartphone or tablet.
26 The possibilities | [email protected]®
» » Easy to install
» » Easy to configure
» » Easy to change later
» » Intuitive operation
Simply installed – even simpler to use
The use of the [email protected] ® app is optimised for use
in daily life. The wizard will guide you through the system.
The most important functions are explained very clearly with
understandable symbols. For maximum security, a personal
password can be activated at registration. The home control
system is thus well-protected against impermissible access.
[email protected]® | The possibilities 27
As easy as shifting your armchair
Easy set-up
Intuitive operation. The [email protected]® app is easy to
understand. To start with, all available devices in the rooms
are activated on the display, allowing the favourite settings
to be made immediately via drag-and-drop.
Simple and time-saving
The electrician performs the initial configuration of the system
by app. Operation is particularly fast and saves cost-intensive
work time.
All off
Floor 1
All off
Dining Hall
Dining Hall
Living Room
Dining Hall
Living Room
Ceiling lamp Living...
Ceiling lamp Dining...
Corridor lamp
Living Room
Add device
Blind actuator
The house
First the electrician sets up the floor
plan with its floors and rooms.
28 The possibilities | [email protected]®
Switch actuator Socket Outlet
Movement detector
Add scenes and groups
Room temperature con...
Then the sensors in the app are integrated in the floor plan and assigned
in the system.
Light group
Blind group
Dimmer group
New scene
Panic scene
All off
All blinds open
All blinds closed
And finally, the elements can be combined according to wish and requirement.
Roller blind control
New Scene
New Scene
Living Room
Living room
Time profiles
Ceiling lamp
All off
Dining Hall
Astro function
Top floor
All off
Livingroom Lamp
Dining room right
Blinds up
Livingroom left
Ceiling lamp
Floor 1
Repetition on these days
Kitchen Lamp
Kitchen Lamp
Top floor
Add scenes and groups
Light group
Blind group
Dimmer group
New scene
Panic scene
All off
All blinds open
All blinds closed
Scene control
The user can easily combine existing
switches and appliances into personal
scenes in every room. A lighting scene,
for example, for an evening on the couch.
Roller blind control
Time control
Roller blinds can be automatically
moved and lights can be switched
at any time or dependent on sunrise
or sundown.
[email protected]
Reset changes
Panel setting
The most important functions can be
controlled from a central location in
the house and easily changed later, at
any time.
Understandable and adaptable
All settings can be changed at any time. Even by technical
laypersons – because the functions are self-explanatory.
Handling is as simple as any other well-known smartphone
or tablet app.
[email protected]® | The possibilities 29
30 The advantages | [email protected]®
Advantages. From planning to efficient
operation. As a result, initial installation
by an electrician saves costs and the
integration sustainably increases the
value of any property.
[email protected]® | The advantages 31
The perfect plan
Possible and affordable
It also impresses professionals. Not only do the numerous
functions and unlimited possibilities speak for [email protected]®,
the system also distinguishes itself due to the ease with which it
can be integrated into every architectural environment.
Ideal for new buildings
[email protected]® requires no additional construction. The
walls are already open for the electrical installation – which
means that the bus cable can simply be added. The system
needs no special cable routings or its own installed cable
ducts. Easy to plan for electricians, because the conductor
routing does not determine the function.
32 The advantages | [email protected]®
Economical right from the start
When compared with conventional home automation
[email protected] ® is worth every cent of its price. Due to
the reduced effort required during planning and installation
the overall costs for [email protected] ® remains financially
within the realm of the inexpensive. The system saves time
and cost, as well as energy during operation.
A safe investment –
a global standard
Value-adding and energy-saving
[email protected]® raises the value of each piece of real estate
due to the increase in comfort and improved energy efficiency.
The low cost of acquisition soon pays for itself. When compared
to the total cost of a newly constructed house it generally
amounts to around 1 per cent. Also the cost of energy can be
deliberately reduced with [email protected]®. For example, with
the intelligent control of the blinds the optimum room temperature can be maintained with less energy. Generally the reduction
of the room temperature by 1 degree Celsius saves around
6 per cent of energy.
Always affordable
For a three-room apartment according to HEA 1-Stern-plus*, an
[email protected] ® system including lighting, heating and blinds
can already be implemented from 2,800 euros, plus the costs
for the standard installation, such as the provision of cable and
outlets and commissioning by an electrician.
Environmentally friendly
with certificate
All devices for [email protected]® are
manufactured ecologically compatible –
according to the RoHS ordinance.
*Equipment rating of the Fachgemeinschaft für
effiziente Energieanwendung (Technical Association
for Energy Applications)
[email protected]® | The advantages 33
The range
Modularity makes everything possible
System Access Point
» The nerve centre of the [email protected]® system
or commissioning and remote control of the
[email protected] ® system
»It provides access for computer, tablet or smartphone
via WLAN
» Allows the execution of Astro and time programs
» Commissioning and remote control is executed via the
Web interface or app
» No additional commissioning software is required
» Easy commissioning via WLAN ad hoc mode
[email protected] 7"
» For [email protected]® and ABB-Welcome
» H
igh-quality colour TFT touch display with a resolution
of 800 × 480 (WVGA)
or the central control of up to 16 configurable functions
and display of the video image of an ABB-Welcome
outdoor station
D card slot for extension of the picture memory
» S
uitable as room temperature controller extension unit
» For surface mounting
34 The range | [email protected]®
onnection to the home network via WLAN client
mode or via CAT cable
» The functions of the system can be defined by the
electrician and also remotely controlled by users
» F or commissioning, the System Access Point makes
available its own WLAN and the software required for
project planning and commissioning
» The electrician is not dependent on the structural
conditions and needs no additional software
future ® linear
01 Rocker, 1gang, studio white
05 Rocker, 1gang, anthracite
09 Rocker, 1gang, aluminium silver
02 Rocker, 2 gang, studio white
06 Rocker, 2 gang, anthracite
10 Rocker, 2 gang, aluminium silver
03 Movement detector, studio white
07 Movement detector, anthracite
11 Movement detector, aluminium silver
04 Room temperature controller, studio white
08 Room temperature controller, anthracite
12 Room temperature controller, aluminium silver
Rockers including icons:
blind, light, dimmer and scene.
[email protected]® | The range 35
Reflex SI
Busch-Duro 2000®
01 Rocker, 1gang, alpine white
05 Rocker, 1gang, white
02 Rocker, 2 gang, alpine white
06 Rocker, 2 gang, white
03 Movement detector, alpine white
07 Movement detector, white
04 Room temperature controller, alpine white
08 Room temperature controller, white
Rockers including icons:
blind, light, dimmer and scene.
36 The range | [email protected]®
Technical accessories
Flush-mounted devices
[email protected]® makes available different flushmounted devices for switching and controlling of
signals, such as light and temperature. They allow
the desired functions to be installed as easily as a
socket outlet.
09 Sensor/switch actuator, 1/1gang
12 Flush-mounted room temperature controller
10 Binary input, 2 gang, flush-mounted
13 Sensor unit, 1gang
11 Binary input, 4 gang, flush-mounted
14 Sensor unit, 2 gang
The [email protected]® actuators receive the signals
from switches and sensors and convert them.
For example, they move the blinds down or lower
the temperature of the heating. The actuators are
installed centrally in the flush-mounted cabinet.
15 Power supply
18 Dimming actuator, 4 gang
16 Binary input, 4 gang
19 Blind actuator, 4 gang
17 Switch actuator, 4 gang
20 Heating actuator, 12 gang
[email protected]® | The range 37
Communicative and competent
The ABB partner close to you
Advice and assistance close to you. Additional information
regarding [email protected]® and individual consultation can
be obtained from a local electrician.
Now scan the QR code to find out more about the
advantages of [email protected]®.
We would like to point out that the illustration of scenes can deviate from the original.
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