Inferno SRPT08 Use and Care Manual

To enjoy years of outstanding performance from your
heater make sure you perform the following maintenance
activities on a regular basis:
Keep exterior surfaces clean.
Use warm soapy water for cleaning. Never use
flammable of corrosive cleaning agents.
While washing your unit, be sure to keep the area
around the burner and pilot assembly dry at all times. If
the gas control is exposed to water in any way, do NOT
try to use it. It must be replaced.
Keep the appliance area free and clean from
combustible materials, gasoline or other flammable
vapors an liquids; not obstructing the flow of combustion
and ventilation air; keeping the ventilation opening(s) of
the cylinder enclosure free and clear from debris.
Visually check buner flames.
At least once a year, the unit should be inspected for
the presence of spiders, spider webs or other insects.
Air flow must be unobstructed. Keep controls, burner,
and circulating air passageways clean. Signs of possible
blockage include:
Gas odor with extreme yellow tipping of flame.
Heater does NOT reach the desired temperature.
Heater glow is excessively uneven.
Heater makes popping noises.
Spiders and insects can nest in burner or orifices. This
dangerous condition can damage heater and render it
unsafe for use. Clean burner holes by using a heavy-duty
pipe cleaner. Compressed air may help clear away
smaller particles.
Carbon deposits may create a fire hazard. Clean dome
and engine with warm soapy water if any carbon
deposits develop.
DO NOT touch or move heater for
at least 45 minutes after use. Allow
all burner elements to cool before
In a salt-air environment (such as
near an ocean). corrosion occurs
more quickly than normal.
Frequently check for corroded
areas and repair them promptly.
wait until heater is cool before