Battery Life Expectation for Comark Thermometers

Battery Life Expectation for Comark Thermometers
Battery Life Expectation for Comark Thermometers
Comark thermometers are battery powered and will have a battery life expectation before replacement is required.
What does the battery life actually mean in real world use?
Comark C22 Thermometer is one of our most popular thermometers and one with the longest
quoted battery life of up to 14,000 hours. What does that mean?
When a C22 thermometer is fitted with a standard Comark probe and used in continuously ON
mode, 14,000 hours equates to 18+ months!
Why don’t I get 18 months’ battery life?
Battery life quotes are based on a calculation from the battery manufacturer’s datasheet along with measurements
taken from a test instrument, all at 23°C ambient temperature. Taking all these values into account we arrive at a
notional battery life, however, real battery life may be less. This is due to a number of factors that are out of
Comark’s control such as:
Extreme Low
Constant use of the
Not switching off the
thermometer when not in
Using Cheap or Low
Quality Replacement
Is there anything I can do to improve the battery life?
If you are regularly using the thermometer is very low ambient temperature environments such as walk-in
refrigerators or freezers then you may experience reduced battery life. Some thermometers are fitted with AA
cells (Alkaline cells). Lithium cells cope better with low temperatures so switching to an equivalent Lithium
battery such as an Energizer L91 should improve battery life. These batteries may not provide increased battery
life in normal/ambient conditions but for low ambient temperature operation these will last longer than regular
Alkaline cells.
If you have any further questions about the battery life of your Comark Thermometers, please contact Comark at
[email protected] for more help and advice.
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